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September 2, 2014


UNIQLO top / UNIQLO jeans / Dune chelsea boots.

I've started liking this top again. Because it's sturdy, comfortable, and goes with everything, I always take it when I go travelling (so I wear it for like a week at a time, apparently this is gross) and then when I get back home I relegate it to the bottom of my long-sleeved tops drawer. It's been making more of an appearance lately, I like wearing it with my hair up to show off the boat-neck - it makes me feel elegant (like a ballerina).

Spring has not sprung yet (it attempted to yesterday), we're getting at least a week or so more of rains and cool weather, which I don't mind. I'm still refusing to accept the fact that it's probably too warm now to wear my heavy outerwear so I'm currently walking around everywhere a just a tad overheated.

August 31, 2014

Hunter Valley

The other day I took a day trip up to the Hunter Valley with some friends. Hunter Valley is famous wine country, about a two hour drive north of Sydney; we took a train and a bus (had to leave the house at 5am). I haven't taken a regional/longer distance train from Sydney since I was little, so I was pretty entertained.

Apparently, to taste wine, you should 1) take a sip to cleanse your palate, then 2) take another sip and hold it in your mouth to release the flavours (or something like that) and then 3) take another sip, and at which point you can finally appreciate the taste.

The weather was very erratic all day; sunny one minute, pouring rain the next.

The Audrey Wilkinson winery/cellar door is probably the nicest one we visited. It's a beautiful old house on top of a hill, with a view all around the Hunter Valley.

Stopped at Hunter Valley gardens for lunch; we ate at this restaurant with lots of signs for sale and cow puns everywhere.

We then went to a distillery, where they had these cute test tubes for tasting. I'm not the biggest fan of drinking spirits straight.

We ended the day at a chocolate shop, where I bought some fudge that I promptly ate.

Afterwards, we went straight back to Sydney, feeling extremely sleepy from all the wine and food. I can't say my taste in wines changed much, I'm still not big on red wine; although I did find that I liked port, which I hadn't tried before. All in all, was a really good day; nice to get out of Sydney for a change of air and frame of mind.

August 28, 2014

Click these: Working out, travel, & more

A photo I snapped after a run a few weeks ago. I'm itching to get running again but I've still got a horrendous chest cough. I guess I'm sort of enjoying just having a bit of lie-on-bed-and-read time in the afternoon when I usually go for a jog.

Click these I'll be having an early one tonight, because I'm leaving the house at 5.30am tomorrow morning to catch a train up to the Hunter Valley for a day of wine tasting. I don't really drink wine (I only like the pink fizzy kind) but I am expecting to come back very cultured. Hope the rain holds off!