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June 28, 2016

From the boys

When I look for clothes, I usually have a peek at the men's section as well. In general, men get more basics, fewer weird embellishments, better quality, and functional pockets. My friend (who is also an avid men's section shopper) and I were discussing what clothes are best to buy from the men's section and which to stick with women's, and here is what I concluded.

Jackets. You probably know this as my favourite jacket, it's from the men's section at Uniqlo. It fits me almost perfectly. There's an inside pocket which can fit a small novel and all the outer pockets are velcro shut so I can put my things in there without worrying (and there are also open side pockets underneath the lower two which you can put your hands into). So yes, check out men's jackets, if only for the pockets. When the time comes to replace my wool coat or trench I'll probably look in men's first as well, but I suspect those might look a bit too masculine.

Button down shirts. This is another from Uniqlo. At the time I bought it I liked my shirts slimmer, and because I have quite wide shoulders, all the women's shirts that fit would be loose for the rest of my torso. So a slim men's shirt gave me the fit I wanted. The sleeves are a bit too baggy though, and the button placement is a little awkward for wearing it open (two buttons undone doesn't look undone enough but three is too many). Since I like my shirts more relaxed nowadays, I think I'll stick to women's button downs from now on.

Jumpers. The left is a Jack and Jones one I got on sale on ASOS. It was pretty cheap from what I remember, and it's held up really well after all the hell I've put it though as my go to travel jumper for the last few years. I find it okay to wear on placement over a more formal looking outfit. The right is a Ralph Lauren one my dad gave me. I love it but it's too casual and oversized to wear on placement. Yes to men's jumpers for something chunky and oversized; for thinner, more work appropriate jumpers I think I'd stick with women's jumpers.

T-shirts. Both from Uniqlo. I actually prefer the fit of men's tees over women's, with a higher crew neck, longer sleeves and and straighter in the body. I took both these travelling with me, and I think the stripes on the shoulders have faded from being in the sun all the time in Tanzania. Another yes to the men's section.

In terms of jeans and pants - men's pairs definitely don't work on me. "Unisex" jeans don't even work on me. There's so much material but not enough space? I have no idea. As for shoes, I've never particularly wanted men's shoes (I guess my Docs are technically unisex though).

That is my men's clothes summary. For reference, I'm an AU/UK size 10-12 (US 6-8) and I wear a men's XS or S. I'm 5'3" so things are a bit long but that goes for most women's clothes as well. I've worn the pullover, cardigan and parka in this outfit roundup if you want to see them on me.

June 26, 2016

Powerhouse Museum

This past weekend was free museum weekend, so YY and I went to check out the Powerhouse Museum, which is part of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. I hadn't been there since I was a kid, so I didn't even remember what was in there. It's kind of a mix between London's V&A and Science Museums.

June 23, 2016

If cities were people

Copenhagen. A really tall girl wearing a black wool coat, Acne felt scarf, and Stan Smiths.

Paris. Beautiful and elegant, but I always feel kind of self-conscious around her, because she's definitely judging me.

Barcelona. That person everyone thinks is really awesome but you're sceptical of, til you get to know them and you realise they're alright.

Rio. The really attractive guy who's being really nice to me and I'm like, why are you acknowledging my existence, is this a prank?

New York. You have to be sure of yourself before you try to be friends.

London. The friend I don't catch up with regularly, but there are no awkward silences when we do.

Melbourne. The close friend of a close friend who for some reason I still don't know very well.

Shanghai. Like my parents, we'll never really understand each other, but they still feel like home.

Sydney. The best friend (a tier, not a person), always up to hang out, your devices automatically connect to the WiFi at their house (and you know exactly where the toilets are too), who you sometimes hate but always come crawling back to anyway because at they're part of your identity now.

June 21, 2016

Click these & days off

While days at the GP this term have generally been long ones, one upside is that I've been regularly getting at least one day off a week. I've got a good going routine happening for that day: attempt to get up as early as possible, make eggy bread for breakfast, try and get some study in, go for a run at around midday (I love that now it's cold I don't have to wait for the sun to go down to run), shower, have lunch... and then at this point the sunshine angles perfectly into my room, so I lounge on my bed and read a little bit, before getting back into the books (in between YouTube videos, group chats and blog reading) for the rest of the afternoon.

Click these
  • Confessions of a cafe leech. My friend linked this to me, and it's true... I'm a total cafe leech. It looks like I have cost various cafes around the world hundreds of dollars of potential profit.
  • 35 practical tools for men to further feminist revolution, because there's more to it than lip service and slogan shirts.
  • If you liked my Katoomba post, check out Natalie's Blue Mountains photos.
  • I'd never heard of the Dordogne Valley before, but it looks amazing, especially Rocamadour.
  • This interview with Constance Wu.
  • How much should ethically made jeans cost? (via Seasons and Salt). I don't think I'll need to buy jeans for a few years at least, but I think I'll look into Levi's if I do - they seem the most accessible of the brands mentioned, and while Nudie sounds great, unisex jeans just don't work on me.
  • I came across Jaime's blog recently, and she takes some beautiful photos!
  • It's coming up to the federal election for Australians. As demonstrated by what's been going in the past few weeks, the state of this world is absolutely insane and it's more important than ever to put thought into how we vote, especially as young people. You can use Vote Compass to see which of the biggest three parties align with your values, and here's a good explanation for why that in Australia, voting for a minor party doesn't mean you waste your vote (this is Australia-specific).
On Deluminators
  • If you missed out on Portugal week, Sintra was my favourite of those posts.
  • If you read, liked, or shared my long-ass post on internalised racism and Asian representation - thank you. And especially to the people who commented with their own thoughts and experiences - if you saw the post earlier on, it would be worth going back and reading the replies as well.