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April 30, 2015

Sydney noir

"This feels very film noir," Jenny mentioned as we were slightly lost in The Rocks last night, which is why these are in black and white. It makes the Opera House look a bit like an ominous lurking character.

I'm glorying in the rain we've been having. It makes everything feel atmospheric and I like the way it makes the ground reflect the lights at night. I walk home in the dark, wearing my trench coat and pretending I'm a detective. Not sure if I should be sharing that online...

April 26, 2015

Change of scene

On Friday afternoon I decided to drive down to the beach and go running along the bike/walking path there. It made for a nice change, and was definitely easier on the eyes than my usual route through the neighbourhood. It's too much of a bother to do this every time I want to squeeze in a run, but if I have a spare afternoon I'll make the effort. I do like listening to the sound of the waves as I do my cool down walk!

April 23, 2015

Weekend chill

UNIQLO t-shirt / Just Jeans jeans / Saltwater sandals.

Just an outfit from last Saturday, for a weekly study session. Since nowadays I have to look presentable on clinical placement Monday to Friday, I like to give my casual clothes some love on the weekends. I definitely could not have worn this outfit in the past few days though - Sydney's just been battered by a huge storm. Hope everyone around here got through unscathed!

April 19, 2015

Cheese & Wine Room

I've never actually been in the GPO before - it's that big fancy building on the corner of Martin Place and George St, with all the swanky-looking restaurants on the outside. There are also swanky restaurants inside it, one of them being the GPO Cheese and Wine Room. I love cheese, and since going to the Hunter Valley last year I've developed a taste for wine, so I rounded some people up for the first of my birthday get-togethers, and ordered way too much food (but only split one bottle of wine because we are poor).

The truffle cheese board - the hard cheese was so good.

The truffle cheese fondue.

I was my usual classy self and went for mac and cheese...

... which was all right, a bit dry. That's what the wine is for, right, to wash things down?

Making this post is has me salivating, I would totally go again for the truffley cheesey things and more wine. If you're looking for it, go downstairs to the food court and follow the signs (it's kind of tucked out of sight).