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October 23, 2014

Sydney Tower

Or, the Sydney Tower Eye, as it was rebranded a few years ago, presumably along the lines of the London Eye (so unoriginal). Last weekend I went up to the viewing deck, which I haven't done since I was little - it's not really a thing locals do (I've never done Bridge Climb either). But I actually got a free ticket playing McDonald's Monopoly (don't judge me), so I thought I may as well cash it in.

The QVB from above.

You can see the Here, Now mural I posted about a few entries back.

I'd forgotten that the city centre and Eastern Suburbs is practically surrounded by water on three sides.

The shadow of the tower over Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral.

There weren't direct good views of the Harbour Bridge or Opera House because there are too many buildings in the way.

Never noticed the colour of this turquoise building before!

All in all I had so much fun taking photos! It's a little difficult because it's all enclosed by glass, so you get some reflections here and there. Seeing the view of a place from a high point is one of my favourite things to do when I visit a new place, and it was nice to see a different perspective of my own city. Sydney city is actually a lot smaller than what I always imagine in my mind - probably because I spend a lot of time on ineffective public transport, ha.

What's the best vantage point of where you live?

October 21, 2014

Midi, stripes

UNIQLO top / Topshop skirt / Dune boots.

I bought this skirt last year thinking that it would go with so many things in my wardrobe but I was wrong. It looks really matronly with my button-downs and just looks awkward with half my t-shirts. If I were handy with a sewing machine I'd put some pockets in and take it up above the knees but alas I am not, so this is me trying to make it work for the Night Noodle Markets last Sunday with my other breton top (which always gets thrown over for its navy-striped sister).

October 20, 2014

Night Noodle Markets

We hit up the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park tonight. This happens for about a fortnight every year as part of Good Food Month, and is supposed to emulate an "Asian hawker market" (I guess that's what all the supposedly "Asian" decorations were for). It's pretty overpriced and overcrowded - there are many cheaper places to get whatever kind of Asian food you're after - but you go for the novelty and atmosphere. We managed to snag a table but it was crowded, so it might be a good idea to bring a picnic blanket if you want to sit down.

I went for Korean BBQ tacos (tacos?!) from Poklol which were actually really good. I liked the beef, the pork was a bit too spicy. I also added two pieces of Korean fried chicken, which weren't very impressive (better fried chicken at Arisun!).

Thank YY for this very well composed picture of me gazing longingly at my tacos and chicken.

My dorky friends eating their tacos.

YY with her nasi goreng (there was nothing vegetarian at the Korean stall), dressed in all black with her black bowl. My camera was confused and it overexposed.

I got some curry puffs from Chinta Ria (I have a weakness for curry puffs, I've found). The pastry was really good.

Afterwards we went down to Hot Star in Liverpool St and split a giant piece of chicken, fried mushrooms, and sweet potato fries, and then finished off with churros at Oliver Brown.

So in terms of life news, I handed in my paper on Friday and then skipped town for the countryside for a couple of days to celebrate/unwind with some friends. Now that the research part of my year's over, I'm actually going to be busier because I'm starting class again and have a set timetable to follow (what do you mean I have to show up somewhere every day this week?). I'll see how I go!

October 16, 2014

Here, Now

This mural by Numskull went up over September for Art & About. I'd been looking at it from the bus stop for about a month, but today I finally bothered to cross the road for a good shot of it. You can read about it here.

Sydneysiders, how insane was that weather last night? We had a massive storm here, with flooding and cyclone strength winds. It snowed in the Blue Mountains where, last year this time, there had been raging bushfires. Lighting struck the Sydney Tower and blacked it out. I was sort of enjoying it, all cosied up in bed with a new book on my Kindle (Gone Girl), but it would have been terrible to be on the road or public transport. Hope everyone got through unscathed!