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April 19, 2014

New wheels

Presenting my new baby, this bicycle my dad got me as a birthday present. I think he was more enthusiastic about getting me a bike than I was about wanting it - and I love it lots. It's from Reid Cycles, which I think does the cheapest vintage-style bike around here. It's a beautiful dark green (less blue than in this picture), such a good bicycle colour (in my opinion).

Currently I'm not using it to commute anywhere, so it's just going to be my corner store/post office/lunch run transport. I did take it out for a leisurely cycle down the beach yesterday, but I took a load of photos from that so it'll be a whole other post!

April 18, 2014


Monday was my 21st birthday, so I rounded up some friends and we went to eat and karaoke at Mizuya. I wouldn't count Japanese food as one of my favourites but I like how you can have a room and order food off a screen (don't even have to interact!). Somehow I always do karaoke for my birthday, it's just feels like a good birthday-ish activity to do.

Test tube shots... the strength of which I'm doubtful of.

We all had our coats on to begin with because it was freezing in there!

The unusual number of pictures of me in this post (sorry) are thanks to Wai Lam and Carrie who took over my camera for a bit.

Didn't get many pictures of food but here are some little chocolate mousses.

I've been meaning to post more, I've been taking and editing pictures and everything but there's always a block when it comes to writing it up! I have a bit of a backlog now, which I will work through. Have an awesome (long long) weekend! I finally finished off that paper I'd been working on and I'm going to force myself to make the most of a bit of temporary freedom.

April 10, 2014


Well I have certainly managed to drag the Europe trip posts out. This is the last one (phew), from Edinburgh, before we left in early January. I didn't get many pictures, because on one of the days I forgot to put the battery back into my camera after charging it (oww). It's very pretty city, and felt very small especially after London. We spent two and a half days there (half a day was spent drying off after a morning of particularly horrible weather), and we saw most tourist type things. We actually took the sleeper train up from London, and I got so many kicks from sleeping in a bunk on a train. Wai Lam, who had become sick, was less impressed.

Bathroom in The Elephant Cafe, one of the cafes in which JK Rowling worked on the first Harry Potter book. The HP-related graffiti is awesome, the toilet seat had "Ministry of Magic" written on it.

Victoria St, which apparently inspired Diagon Alley.

Greyfriar's Kirkyard.

J.K. Rowling took inspiration from some of the names on the gravestones, like Thomas Riddell's.

Edinburgh Castle.

Because Edinburgh is built on hills, there are a lot of small staired lanes to link the streets at different heights - I loved them.

View of the city from Calton Hill.

On our last day, because it had stopped raining, we thought we'd conquer Arthur's Seat.

View of the city from somewhere near the top.

It was really, really big - you can't get a good sense of scale from this photo.

Well that was a marathon of travel posts! I haven't even posted anything from my trip to China yet - might save those for a rainy day, or when I'm away again... e.g. in July, when I'm going to New Zealand! Woohoo, roadtrip! We're there for a short while, only 9 days actually, because we had to sync up all our break dates. But it's only 3 hours away, not like the US/Europe where you want to make the most of a 24 hour flight. Super excited because this will be different and more about natural scenery, like fjords and glaciers (and Hobbiton, at my friend's insistence).

April 5, 2014

Fun food lately

Best breakfast food in Shanghai - pan fried dumplings, spring rolls and fried dough sticks. Fry anything and I'll eat it.

Vanilla gelato with honeycomb pieces, with a chocolate top and a syringe full of caramel syrup from N2 Gelato. Is this everything I love or what?

There's this place in Darlinghurst called Mr. Crackles which sells cups of pork crackling on its own?! I got the nacho fries with pork crackling.

For the rest of my food round-up from the past two months or so, check out my guest post on Daisybutter!