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December 21, 2010

Books and hats

After food, books are my favourite things to buy, even though borrowing from the library would make more sense. I'm not quite sure why; there's just something about keeping a book after I've read it that appeals to me. I don't mind when they become dog-eared, or if a cover gets bent or ripped, because it makes them feel more personal, like I'm documenting something (maybe I just need to take better care of my belongings). To me, library books feel impersonal (and sometimes they're pretty gross as well).

Last week, I had a $30 gift card to spend at a bookstore, and I bought two books after a bit of deliberation.

I've loved paper bags ever since I was a kid. They're so nice and... crinkly and papery.

Okay, okay, I'll show you what's inside.

Grimm Brothers' Complete Fairy Tales and Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift (I swear I did not buy this on account of the new movie that's coming out).

I'd been curious about the Grimm fairytales, and seeing as I had a gift card, I figured I'd splurge (the book was quite expensive). I've been making my way through the stories, and so far, they're okay, but not that great. I know they compiled the tales from folklore and such, but the stories don't seem to be as well-rounded as what I'm used to. They have really abrupt endings, and too-convenient complication-solvers. I think I prefer Hans Christian Anderson's stories.

I'd decided that I really needed a hat this summer, since I've been out in the sun a lot and my skin got quite splotchy after going to the beach last week. I came across one I really liked at Dangerfield, so I bought it. It's a big, red floppy hat.

I love everything Dangerfield carries; I only wish the clothing was less overpriced. Their bags and accessories are worth it though, I got my favourite handbag (it's black with studs) from there for about $45.

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