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December 27, 2010

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

On Christmas Day, I drove my family up to West Head lookout in Kuring-gai Chase National Park. It was a sunny day, and the views there were quite nice.

Yesterday was Boxing Day, and in the morning I made a last-minute decision to brave the sales. I was there at about 10am, and it wasn't too crowded. I only bought one thing, though, from the Dangerfield section of Myer.

It's a long-sleeved shirt, $30 (marked down from $58). It's stripy all over, not the most flattering of patterns, (I'll make it work somehow), and also pretty thick, so it's more of an autumn or winter shirt. My favourite part is the collar.

Hope everyone had/is having a good holiday season!


  1. hey can i ask how you got rid of your blogger header with the B sign and everything? cute top btw :)

  2. I used the steps here:

    I think it has instructions for both the old template and the new ones :)


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