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December 19, 2010

New here

I think, sometime in between making my Twitter and Tumblr accounts in the past year, I told myself that I would never get a blogspot (something about being done with public blogging and the fact that I already have a Livejournal).

Apparently, though, I hadn't taken into account the devastating effects of post-HSC boredom, mixed in with my love for making accounts on sites like these just so I can make a new layout (one of my greatest pleasures in life. I used to design websites. For fun). So sometime last night, when the cooler people of my age were out celebrating the end of HSC-related things, I made this blog. And I seriously spent the whole day today re-coding one of the blogspot templates (only to realise I'm using one of the older ones, making everything harder). I still don't really know if I like this mainly-white-with-some-black minimalist thing for a blog layout, though.

I'm still trying to find my way around (for example, I have no idea what this Google friend connect things is, or how it works, only that everyone has it. So I spent about half an hour trying dig around for the right code to get it on my sidebar).

I suppose I should introduce myself a little more? I spent the past two years trying to balance my study load with my "social life" (by that, I mean internet time). I love to read, expecially classic novels (my favourite is Dracula). I have a soft spot for the Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables series. I also like photography (my favourite is fashion photography). I watch Gossip Girl, Merlin (although these shows haven't been that great lately) and Misfits (recently started, so funny). I love clothes, but I don't have enough money to dress that well, so this isn't going to be a fashion-centric blog (cameras make me look uglier and fatter anyway).

Contrary what you might have concluded so far, I do have friends, who I shop with, watch movies with, exercise with (shout out to YY) and talk football with (I won't be blogging about that much here, because I'm new to the sport and it probably shows. Although I do know the offside rule).

So I'll see you later, if I end up sticking around.


  1. Hell yes, I got a shout out in the first post!

    That google friend connect thing is for following blogs. See how you followed mine, my posts should show up on your blogger dashboard. It's like bloglovin' only really basic.

  2. Riiight I see. I kind of gathered as much, only it really confused me with all the new popup windows and taking me to the profiles and such.


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