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December 20, 2010

Online shopping wishlist

What better way to kick off a blog?

Lately I've fallen into the trap of online shopping. Not only is there so much more online than at my local shopping centre (or any in Sydney), everything is much cheaper so that, even when combined with the ridiculous shipping costs to Australia, it's still worth it.

I've still got some things sailing/flying/teleporting over the seas from Asos, so I'll do a post of what I've actually bought in the past few weeks later on. This post, however, is what I want/would buy if I were a millionaire (actually, no, if I were a millionaire I would buy designer everything. I would buy all this if I had a decent-amount-of-money-to-spare).

Left to right: Dress, Dress, Dress, Romper, Coat, Jacket

Dress x 3 (can't decide which I like best)

I was lurking Forever21's site (we don't have F21 in Australia), and I began to have winter clothing cravings. Everything's really really cheap, meaning that the clothes probably aren't great in quality. Generally, I don't mind if something isn't very well made (as long as it fits adequately) because I've never actually worn anything over and over until it's fallen apart. But I'm a little more wary while internet shopping (it would cost me less to throw something in the bin than ship it back to the US or UK).

Left to right: Cardigan, Cardigan, Jacket, Coat, Coat, Jacket

Other bloggers blog about things they actually own. I own these clothes... in my imagination.

I promise I'll come up with something better to talk about tomorrow.


  1. Ohh I love that cream dress and red trench. defs black dress with the's classic :) I have a forever 21 skirt I think, it was actually amazing quality in comparison to my dangerfield/myer skirts. And they fit really well too :)

  2. The black dress with collar is now sold out in my size :(
    Awesome, I suppose I'll order some stuff from F21 when I've increased my $$$.


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