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January 10, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Forever 21

This is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever that I've ever tried - and it makes the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted. You get big, fat, chewy cookies, the kind that's sold in cafes and bakeries. Get the recipe here at allrecipes. What do you guys like to bake, if you do? I know some people like it because it can be therapeutic, but when I bake, I bake so that I can stuff my face with the end product. Now that's what I find therapeutic.

In other news, YY and I did a big Forever21 order today, so we could split the shipping ($35 to Australia). Everything on that site is so cheap, especially with the exchange rate so good right now. Here are the things I ordered:

Left to right: Jacket, Skirt, Cardigan, Shirt, V-neck top x 2.

I can't wait till everything comes. Maybe I'll actually post pictures of myself wearing these clothes.

We both got this bag:

It's a men's bag, and YY found it (I never think to look in the men's section). I'm hoping it's nice and sturdy so I can use it for uni this year.

Right now, YY and I are planning a trip down to Melbourne in February. I'd wanted to go to London, but my plans fell through (almost broke my heart). Melbourne should be cool as well (and cheaper). I'm now planning on spending my Christmas in London/travelling the UK this year (a white Christmas, finally!), so I better start saving...


  1. We should record a video of us unpacking when I get the parcel!

  2. Can you imagine? We'll be trying to make sure we're getting the best angle of ourselves while trying to unpack it haha.

    Also, I tweeted you a possible hotel/motel for Melbourne, have you checked it out?

  3. I absolutely adore Forever 21.
    -Allison Kaye

  4. I love it too, I wish they had a stores in Australia, though!

  5. Oh lots of red and black items!
    I love it ^^ it's one of my fave combinations in winter.

    I like to make cake! Also.. boys in general like cake?! dunnow, but all my male friends are like: "you're backing cake *-* I'm coming over right now!" so I guess that my cakes are famous and loved haha

  6. Red, black and white are the dominant colours of my wardrobe, I really should expand!

    Your cakes must be good! I haven't baked a cake in ages, I should try it again soon.


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