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January 27, 2011

Round-up of sorts

I haven't posted for a while! (Okay, six days.) Mainly because I haven't really been up to anything, since it was so hot and humid this past week I didn't want to step outside.

I said I'd show everyone the clothes I ordered from Forever21, but the pictures weren't too great so there's only one of the skirt and a bit of the cardigan:

The buttons are meant to go down the front, but I don't really like them there so I wear them to the side.

I also got a nice red coat, which you will probably see on this blog when winter finally comes.

I spent some of the week cleaning out my room and rediscovering things. I always buy jewellery for occassions which I never wear out again. I suppose I'll try to remember to accessorise more in the future?

I also found some nice watches I wore when I was younger. I intend on taking them out of retirement, after their batteries are replaced.

I took some time out to "fix" my headbands (involving taking the bows off the broken bands and supergluing them onto new bands. Not sure how long they will last).

Read Anne's House of Dreams...

And tried to plan for Melbourne (I have no idea what to pack).

Received my new iPod! I ordered a 5th generation refurbished one, because I don't really like the tiny new nanos with their touch screens. I don't usually have orange things, but there wasn't too much choice and it's nice and bright.

Most of the time, I chilled in front of the computer.

I leave for Melbourne next week for seven days, so if I don't post again before then, you'll know why. Expect a megapost when I get back!


  1. nice watches, they look vintage~
    PUMPED FOR YOUR MELBOURNE POST. take lots of photos!

  2. Maybe I should bring them out in ten years time so they're actually ~vintage.

    I will! Hopefully I'm not a dope and forget my camera (or worse, bring my camera but forget to put the battery in. It's happened.)

  3. Sounds like a constructive day! Those watches are beautiful, definitely get 'em fixed.

    Have a wonderful time away x

  4. I love discovering old things! Recently, I found an old pair of skinny jeans I never really liked. Tried them on and now they are my favorites! lol

    Have fun in Melbourne!

  5. hi jane!!!!!
    love your blog! i love how ~crisp all your pics are :)
    cute clothes from f21!!!
    and man you find such cool things in your home!!!
    and lol FINALLY you get a new ipod (Y) lovin the colour!
    have soo much fun in melbz!! defs go to retrostar, it's srsly the best place EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!! youll defs love it :D

  6. Emma - I will! Hopefully all they need are new batteries.

    Erica - Lucky! Hoping that something similar will happen when I clean out my closet some time.

    Millie - Thanks :) So excited for Retrostar!

  7. Hi there,

    Nice blog!
    Please come and have a look at my fashion blog PRETTY PORTOBELLO

    Hope to see you soon.

  8. Hah! I think you actually did get up to quite a look this week. Love your orders from F21. And trust me, I know how you feel with the heat down there! But since moving up to England, I can't say I enjoy subzero temperatures, either...

    Your mug, by the way, is too cute! What a great way to chill in front of the screen, haha. x

  9. nice blog!

  10. You always have such interesting photo's! I really like the skirt, its beautiful!

    Katie. x

  11. Michelle - I like the cold better than the heat, and I'd kill to go to England, but I'm not sure how I'd deal with the subzero temperatures...

    Katie - thanks so much :)


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