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January 13, 2011

Trinkets + The King's Speech

WL came back from a holiday in Hong Kong, and she brought some little gifts for me. That vampire-thing is, apparently, a "forest ghost" (see below). It's so cute, I have to find something to attach it to.

She also got me a mirror in the shape of a cookie. It's actually made of this scented, foam-like material which actually smells like cookie!

On Tuesday, I went out with a couple of friends. We watched The King's Speech, which was quite good. Colin Firth did a really good job, and it was nice to see Helena Bonham Carter play a character who isn't as psycho as Bellatrix Black. I appreciated the Australian accent of Geoffery Rush's character and quips about Australia, haha.

(Stills from here)

We then had Italian for lunch (no pictures, because of course I didn't take my camera) and then went to karaoke, which was fun. Here is a photo of me, courtesy of one of my friends.

Of course the first picture of myself that I post on this blog would be one of me looking dopey while singing some Katy Perry song. At least you guys know I'm a real person now.

ETA at the request of YY: Yesterday, during swimming, YY taught me how to do a backwards roll in the water. For some reason, in the past 14 years of swimming, I've never thought of attempting one, and when I tried to, I just couldn't do it. I refused her offer of physically flipping me over, for fear I'd knock my head on the floor and die, but I finally got it in the end.

Also, I hope everyone's heard of the flooding in Queensland right now. It's quite scary, especially when you look at the pictures and they look like a scene from a movie. Currently, there's also bad flooding in Brazil, and Sri Lanka as well, I believe.


  1. You haven't blogged about how I taught you how to do a back flip in the water... or how long it took for you to learn.

  2. Interesting little trinkets. The Forest Ghost is quite cute perhaps attach it to your phone or the mirror in your car, I always place necklaces and key chains around the mirror in my car.
    That is a cute cookie mirror, I've never heard of plastic being made to smell like anything! Very interesting.
    I'm a big Colin firth fan and want to see The King's speech badly.
    cute blog

  3. I love your photos! I looked through your blog, and you truly are amazing at it! The vampire thing is definitely cute, but a little bit creepy (haha). PS - I love the polka-dots in the last post! Very cute :)

  4. Kinsey - I think it was made to be attached to a phone, unfortunately mine doesn't have a hole for it to be attached to. If only I had a car!

    Amaris - thank you so much!

  5. lovely!!

  6. I hope the floods haven't affected anyone close to you, it's scary how Mother Nature has been rearing her head lately.

    On another note, everyone looks silly singing karaoke. Which I love.

  7. No one I know has been affected, luckily!

  8. OMMMGGEE i'm in your post :D

    ahah guess who?


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