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January 8, 2011

Wardrobe envy: Movie/TV characters

Yesterday, I went to the city with WL for some shopping. I didn't take my camera (my thought process went something along the lines of it's too hot to be dragging around this giant-ass camera, I won't end up taking any pictures anyway, one of my shoulders will end up lower than the other...), so I don't have any shots of the things we did, like sharing a giant icecream sundae from Passionflower and washing it down with a hot dog (me) and a meat pie (WL) from Harry's Cafe de Wheels, then checking out the new Galaxy World (I owned her in air hockey).

Since I haven't got any pictures to show, I figured I'd do something (else) fun. Quite often while watching TV or a movie, I'd be wishing that I had a character's wardrobe. So here are my top 5, in ascending order.

5. Morgana, Merlin
Okay, so maybe her dresses aren't particularly era-appropriate for now, and getting around in those long skirts would be a bother. But I'd like to swish around like her, for maybe a day or two at the very least (especially in that gorgeous red cape of hers).

4. Violet Baudelaire, Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events
I loved the whole aesthetic of this movie, Violet's clothes especially. I need want that blue coat of hers.

3. Lolita, Lolita (1962)
I'm a sucker for 50s fashions. I really like the shapes - full skirts and nipped in waists.

2. Wednesday, Morticia, Gomez, The Addams Family (yes, I'm counting them all)
Can they adopt me already? (I only watched the first movie and the sequel late last year, and I loved them. I found the humour hilarious.) If I were Wednesday, I'd wear that same dress everyday too.

1. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl season 1
Blair's season one wardrobe was to die for. Since the show's progessed and she's graduated form high school, her clothes have moved away from that preppy look with the blazers and blouses (not to mention the loss of The Headband), and I'm not really a fan. I think my favourite ever outfit of hers was the one from 1.07 (second row, first and third images).

(Images from

Oh well. I suppose I'll survive in the on-sale chain-store clothing I own.

Food post next! I will be introducing this amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe I discovered.


  1. I *just* bought a coat like the first one Leighton is wearing - the bright yellow one - from! Check it out if you want one just like hers! I believe it's called the Tell the Chartreuse coat.

  2. At $58 it isn't too expensive for such a pretty coat, but unfortunately I still don't think I can justify spending that much right now :(


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