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February 9, 2011

Melbourne, part 1

So I'm back! I really enjoyed my week in Melbourne. It seems we had good timing as well, since we skipped out on Sydney's heatwave (40C is definitely not my preferred temperature). Since I have a ridiculous number of pictures, I'm breaking them into two posts; even then, these are the minority of the ones I took.

To weigh into the Sydney vs. Melbourne debate: I think, overall, Melbourne is a classier city. It's much more laid back, has a nicer atmosphere, the people are more polite and better looking, has better weather (less humid), and the CBD itself is very neatly set out (Sydney is a total mess in comparison). That being said, I'm not sure if I'd rather live there, since it's quite a bit smaller and there's less to do.

On the plane. I don't take to planes quite well (I get travel sick on cars, buses, etc as well) but both plane rides this time were okay.

Tiny window of our tiny motel room. We were quite lucky with our motel; it was small, but clean enough and was close to pretty much everything.

On the first day (Tuesday), we just explored the surrounds to get a feel of the place - we walked up Swanston St, explored Chinatown, and came back down to Federation Sqaure and Flinders St Station. We found Retrostar, which we were really excited about, but it was a little disappointing. The prices were quite inflated and I couldn't find anything I liked that fit me.

One of the many little laneways with really cosy-looking shops and cafes.

Comfortable clothes and the trusty chucks that I wore almost everyday.

On Wednesday, we started the day off with the City Circle tram to Melbourne Museum. I think, with the free transport (Tourist Shuttle bus as well), Melbourne is more tourist-friendly as well.

On the tram. I'm on the left, YY is on the right.

The Royal Exhibition building. I love big, fancy buildings like this, and there are many of them in Melbourne.

We had fun posing with the displays.

That night, we headed to the Night Markets at Queen Victoria markets, but I didn't take my camera so there are no pictures of that. It was pretty crowded, so we didn't get a very close look at the stalls - we only bought food.

On Thursday, we went to Scienceworks, which is basically a science museum. It was super cool - aimed at kids, so everything was easy to understand and there were heaps of fun interactive things.

This picture of me cracks me up everytime.

For lunch, we went to the Pancake Parlour, which is similarly themed to Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney. I think I liked these pancakes more. We just had the basic pancakes with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and their fries.

We also chilled on a bit of grass for a bit, and then did some exploring of the arcades.

This is Jenny.

My chipped black nails.

Gog and Magog at the Royal Arcade.

We had peking duck for dinner, since it was Chinese New Year (but apparently we were meant to have it the night before?).

Part 2 coming soon. For now, there are more pictures on my flickr which I couldn't fit into this post. By the way, did this page take ages to load? I don't think blogger has an option of putting a "read more" thing.

Off to catch up on your blogs now!


  1. I love Melbourne! Although I have to say I do prefer Sydney more out of the two. :)

  2. Another great set of images, your life seems so full of excitment! Really inspiring.

    I'm going to berlin soon so I don't think I'll cope well with planes either, you'll comforted me a little! The weather seems beautiful, this british weather is awful at the moment!

    Those ice cream pancake look yummy! Very jealous!

    Katie. x

  3. Michelle - I'm still undecided as of yet!

    Katie - my life isn't really that exciting, I just post about the exciting stuff. Good luck and have fun in Berlin!

  4. I haven't been to Melbourne, but I was enchanted by Sydney. I like any city that has large bridges that you can cross on foot.

    Macarons aren't cheap in the U.S. either. I think they're the cheapest in Seoul. Not even Paris can beat some of the prices I've seen.

  5. I've never really thought about the bridges in that way, I suppose I've been taking them for granted!

  6. I really like the photo under the one of the spiders! & LOL the photo of the head coming out of a fruit platter made me laugh :)

  7. Thank you! It was a room full of animals, it was really cool.


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