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April 30, 2011

Not quite eventful

As the title of the post might have given away, I didn't get up to much this past week. I spend most of it sick (again), so it was pretty much me, lying in bed, watching movies on my laptop (like St. Trinians 2, shown up there).

The other day I managed to get out for a shopping day in Newton/the city with WL and YY though, and we had an amazing lunch at this burger place called Moo (fantastic chips). I also bought part of a birthday present for a friend - this cool mug with a design that's heat-activated:

I know everyone's been talking about it, but: the Royal Wedding. I thought I didn't care about it, until a few days ago when I started getting excited about watching it on TV. Will and Kate are a really cute couple, they both looked lovely (okay despite Will's bald patch) and super happy.

Hope your week was good!

April 23, 2011


Well, I'm finally on my mid semester break! Although, conveniently, I've forgotten everything that I'd wanted to do while I was meant to be studying during the term. I was itching to change this blog's header, add an about me page and a blogroll, but now that I've got no serious academic commitments none of those things seem appealing to do anymore! Oh well.

As you'll probably be able to tell from the lighting in these pictures, the weather was kind of dreary today. But no matter, I wasn't planning on going anywhere, and it was the perfect excuse to sit around and eat Nutella out of the jar.

Here are the better pictures of the bag that I promised in the last post (it's by French Connection, if you guys were wondering). It's hard to see the size of the bag, but it's a small one, perfect for fitting a few necessities and maybe a novel.

I got some more birthday presents recently, such as this adorable measuring set from YY, which matches my mug.

These open up into measuring cups with the measurement inside.

These are measuring spoons with the numbers on the back.

And a badass atheist t shirt from Alice:

The other day I popped into the city, my main intention being to check out the new Zara store that opened in Sydney Westfield (the first in Australia, hence all the fuss). I liked what I saw (especially with the reasonable pricing), but there was a ridiculous amount of people inside (there were actually lines to get in), and I didn't want to deal with all the waiting, so I'll probably go back in a couple of weeks and blow some cash. I think having Zara open is a really good thing: nice clothes, for one, as well as forcing other clothing stores to lower their ridiculous, inflated prices. I could go on a rant about how much more expensive things (not only clothes) are in Australia compared to other countries, but I won't.

I did end up buying some stripy long-sleeve tops from Cotton On in preparation for winter, though.

Yesterday was my friend Janet's birthday party - it was super fun, because we had an amazing race/scavenger hunt type activity in the city, where we had to take pictures of ourselves doing silly/embarassing things and collect clues which led us to the place where we had dinner. It was pretty awesome!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes in the last post. Hope everyone is having/will have a good weekend!

April 15, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday, so I'm finally 18! I seriously don't feel like an adult though, and I don't really want to be one either... although I can finally get a debit card from the bank, so I can now shop online to my heart's content! (Or until I run out of money...) Most of my friends had uni during the day yesterday, so we went out for dinner.

YY finished earliest so we hung out at Darling Harbour for a while. Got a macaron each from the Lindt Cafe - it's becoming a tradition (we used to get two each, but they've raised their prices!).


It was a nice day, but uncomfortably hot in the sun and too chilly in the shade.

One-legged seagull

My shoes, plus patterned stockings that were probably overpriced but I love anyway.

Her shoes.

YY sewed these sequins onto her dress herself. They were being all shiny in the sunlight.

Then Janet came along, bearing a gift - a gorgeous bag that she, Jessy and Canny bought me.

It's probably the classiest thing I now own... so I don't really know what to pair it with (I'll just wear it with everything). It's not a very good picture, I'll probably end up dedicating a post to it later on.

After I managed to round everyone up (YY, Janet, Jenny, Mel, Alice, Jaz, Canny, Jessy, Carrie - in that order) we had dinner at Criniti's, this Italin restaurant in Harbourside. I mainly liked the idea of their metre-long pizza:

Half of it was margherita, half pepperoni. It was pretty good, but, apart from the novelty of the fact that it was a metre long, wasn't that much better than other pizzas.

We had the apple crumble and nutella dessert pizzas after that, but I didn't get any good pictures. In fact, I really need to work on my indoor/low-lighting situation photos because almost all of them came out unfocussed/blurry. Or maybe I should just give in a use flash next time. So I didn't get many good pictures of everyone, unfortunately.

Poor Jasmine was exhausted.

Afterwards, we walked (or I hobbled in my new shoes) back into the CBD for some karaoke, which is always fun (too fun, apparently, because I don't have any pictures of this part).

You guys might have noticed that I changed the layout. The header and colours that go with it are just in place until I get time to make something fancier. I've been studying (or trying to) for an exam I have this monday, it's exhausting! After that I'll be on my Easter break for a week and a half, and I'm looking forward to working on this blog a bit more.

April 10, 2011

Time flies

Has it honestly been a week since I last blogged? Here I am again on a late Sunday night, trying to get an entry in before I go to bed and get some sleep - which I really need, since some virus decided it liked the look of my upper respiratory tract (my throat feels like it's bleeding and I can't really breathe). This often happens to me when the seasons change, no matter how healthy I try to keep (well, not very - but I've been eating salad more often).

It finally got cold enough to wear this shirt. I wore it with a red trenchcoat I bought two years ago at the height of my Blair Waldorf obsession. I don't think it was money quite well spent, as it's one of those coats that never seems to be thin or thick enough when you want to wear it.

Today, along with a bunch of friends, I hauled ass went out to Newington Armoury, near the Olympic Park, to see Alice's HSC artwork which had made it into ArtExpress - pretty much, the best of the HSC Visual Arts works get picked and showcased. WL and Carrie made it in as well, which is awesome, but theirs are displayed in other places. I drove a few friends there and back, and it was probably the first time I'd driven without a supervising driver for that kind of longer distance. It was pouring rain, which made it a little harder.

Alice and Jasmine.


Millie (I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS) was wearing a really cute outfit but the photos didn't turn out well.

Until next time!

April 3, 2011

Pretty much about me buying things

Eek, it's been two weeks since my last post! My life has been pretty eventful, but I just haven't been able to set aside the time to update because of all the uni work I've had to do. I also recently got a job, so that'll take away even more free time. I'm hoping I'll magically turn into one of those well-rounded multi-tasking people (we all know a few), but I'm thinking they're not as addicted to the internet as I am.

Last Sunday, I got to shoot with a model, Andrea, which was super fun but harder than I expected. I'm pretty bad at composing full body shots. I haven't been able to go through all the pictures yet, but here are two I like (if you look out, the rest will end up on my flickr eventually:

On Monday, I finished classes pretty early so I met up with YY in the city and went on a mad spending spree. Highlights:

1) We bought lip tars, which we'd been wanting for a while. I got NSFW and I'll probably buy a more orange-red one in the future.

2) (Went went to the Lindt cafe and got a macaron each, but there are no pictures...) She then came with me to buy a laptop (I need moral support when I have to blow large amounts of money). I actually love using it and making notes on it (shock horror!)... when I'm not camwhoring with the webcam, that is.

3) I found the perfect backpack at General Pants. Unfortunately, the zipper broke as soon as I pulled on it the next day, so I had to return it. Oh well, the backpack hunt will continue. Have a picture anyway.

4) I got home quite late at night, very exhausted, my shoulder about to drop off from carrying the laptop, to find my new lens waiting on my table. I used it to take the last few photos, and I'm still trying to get used to it - mainly the fact that I keep forgetting there's no zoom. Some shots I took to try it out:

Another day, another... three cups of tea.

Until next time! (Who knows when that will be, really.) Off to quickly catch up on your posts.

ETA: a shout out to thank Michelle of Daisybutter for featuring me on her blog!