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April 23, 2011


Well, I'm finally on my mid semester break! Although, conveniently, I've forgotten everything that I'd wanted to do while I was meant to be studying during the term. I was itching to change this blog's header, add an about me page and a blogroll, but now that I've got no serious academic commitments none of those things seem appealing to do anymore! Oh well.

As you'll probably be able to tell from the lighting in these pictures, the weather was kind of dreary today. But no matter, I wasn't planning on going anywhere, and it was the perfect excuse to sit around and eat Nutella out of the jar.

Here are the better pictures of the bag that I promised in the last post (it's by French Connection, if you guys were wondering). It's hard to see the size of the bag, but it's a small one, perfect for fitting a few necessities and maybe a novel.

I got some more birthday presents recently, such as this adorable measuring set from YY, which matches my mug.

These open up into measuring cups with the measurement inside.

These are measuring spoons with the numbers on the back.

And a badass atheist t shirt from Alice:

The other day I popped into the city, my main intention being to check out the new Zara store that opened in Sydney Westfield (the first in Australia, hence all the fuss). I liked what I saw (especially with the reasonable pricing), but there was a ridiculous amount of people inside (there were actually lines to get in), and I didn't want to deal with all the waiting, so I'll probably go back in a couple of weeks and blow some cash. I think having Zara open is a really good thing: nice clothes, for one, as well as forcing other clothing stores to lower their ridiculous, inflated prices. I could go on a rant about how much more expensive things (not only clothes) are in Australia compared to other countries, but I won't.

I did end up buying some stripy long-sleeve tops from Cotton On in preparation for winter, though.

Yesterday was my friend Janet's birthday party - it was super fun, because we had an amazing race/scavenger hunt type activity in the city, where we had to take pictures of ourselves doing silly/embarassing things and collect clues which led us to the place where we had dinner. It was pretty awesome!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes in the last post. Hope everyone is having/will have a good weekend!


  1. That party sounds amazing! And you have reminded me to get a jumbo jar of nutella in the supermarket in France when I go for a pitstop trip there in June - it is so cheap there and you can get it it so much bigger jars!

  2. Ah, that party sounds nice. I really like the nutella picture, your other presents and the bag really is stunning.

    Have fun on your shopping spree at Zara in a few weeks. :P

  3. Gosh, I know what you mean about suddenly not wanting to do anything once you don't have any work due! Your measuring sets are super cute, lucky you :)

  4. Those ceramic Russian dolls are beyond cute!

    xx THE CHEAP

  5. That bag is absolutely adorable, as are the measuring sets! And I really love Zara too, I wish I had one closer to me so I could go there more often.

  6. Those Russian Dolls are brilliant, so sweet!

    CRAVING Nutella now... x

  7. I really like your header :) and I love Nutella too!

    That's a pretty cool shirt. I love that bag, it's the perfect size + color. & That sounds like a fun dinner!

  8. Man I want everything that you blogged about! :-)
    And also Zara has more than one entrance so maybe try going in not the main way.. If that makes sense haha. But yeah when I went in it was way too packed to do any proper shopping, probably best to just wait for the hype to die down :-)

  9. these photos are gorgeous. What do you take them with / edit them with? Really nice lighting.

    Thanks for your comment, I'll be back soon :).

    Helen, X

  10. I love the bag, and I love Nutella!

  11. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Helen - I use a Nikon D40 and I edit with photoshop :)

  12. That bag is excellent. It looks like the perfect size and I love that it's neutral while still being unique. Also I have wanted those measuring cups for ages! I also saw that they came out with some containers in the same shape so I want those too. Eep!

  13. I'm dying for your bag. I only wear over the shoulder small bags now. I just hate carrying things and shoulder bag is easy :) glad i stumbled across your blog. enjoying your posts. happy weekend!

  14. the spoons are great!!

    xx, Sabinna and David


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