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May 29, 2011

Vivid Sydney

On Friday evening, YY and I met up to have dinner at Moo (burger place in Newtown), which spontaneously turned into a let's-check-out-Vivid-Sydney outing. It was only meant to be a dinner since I had an assignment to finish, so the slightest shadow of guilt hounded me all night - but I enjoyed it all the same.

I mentioned Moo a few entries back, but I didn't have my camera on me that time. Their burgers are nice, pretty average, but their chips are amazing and pretty much the main reason we decided to eat there. As you might be able to tell from the name, the place is cow themed, and has a pretty cool if not slightly unhygenic vibe.

My chicken burger.

YY's lentil burger.

We then caught the bus across the city to Circular Quay to check out Vivid Sydney. If you haven't heard of it - it's a festival where there are light installations all around Circular Quay and the Rocks. We started at Customs House, walked up to the Opera House, and back around to the Rocks.

Installation and... someone else's feet.

They decked out the Opera House as well, so it was covered in moving light designs (I have no idea what else to call them). Here's a gif.


The Rocks had a great atmosphere, helped along by the night markets.

View of the Opera House from across the quay.

Well that was a super long post! Hopefully it didn't take to long to load this page. Well, I'll probably be back here in a week, since Sunday night seems to be the best time for me to post.

May 22, 2011

Sad Sundays

I always find myself feeling a little down on Sundays - probably a mixture of regret for not having done enough on Saturday and a slight dread of the working week ahead. So I like to put on my favourite clothes of the moment, drive to the mall (since I got my Ps I just love driving everywhere) and pretty much just drown my sorrows in food and buying things (mostly food).

My favourite dress, red cardigan and birthday present bag you might remember from a few posts back. When combined with the shipping from Modcloth, the cost of the dress was monstrous, but I love it so much it was worth it.

Haul from two Sundays ago - coke (I'm addicted to the stuff), blackcurrent licorice and Rainbow Valley (L.M. Montgomery's Anne books have a special place in my heart, they always make me feel better).

From today - big block of dark chocolate Toblerone (didn't even know this existed?).

Other things that cheered me up during the week:

There were more, but they didn't survive long enough for a picture...

My textbooks finally came a month after I ordered them from Amazon. Any other med or science students here? Pharmacology is possibly the bane of my existence so it annoys me that the book stands out so much, haha.

And finally, I found this key in the lock of my closet the other day. I've never seen it before, and I like pretty keys. Mysterious!(Although it's likely that my dad found it somewhere and put it there).

Hope you guys are enjoying/have enjoyed your weekend!

May 17, 2011

Crashing waves

I'm sorry for going AWOL! I just haven't been finding the time to blog or comment lately. These pictures are from last last Saturday, so this post is more than a week late, oops.

Anyway, last last Saturday I drove my family down to Kurnell, which is near Cronulla, on the coast. It was a really nice place.

Couldn't resist gif-ing it!

My life has been pretty boring in a hectic, busy sort of way. I got landed with the worst possible timetable this term, so I'm at uni from 9 to 5 three days a week.

Off the catch up on my blogroll now, while listening to a lecture I missed today, no less.

May 7, 2011

Tiny recap

Another short post - I haven't been up to much! I meant to put this up in the middle of the week, but once again, procrastination uni got the better of me. Nicer quality pictures in the next post guaranteed, because I took my camera out with me today.

On Sunday, a bunch of us went to the city to hang out. I never get to see my most of friends from high school much anymore (I dread losing touch with everyone), so it was nice. We went to Pancakes on the Rocks (at Darling Harbour this time). To the shock of everyone, including myself, I was feeling healthy and ordered a salad.... a Caesar salad. It was nice, especially the chicken, but not that great or satisfying.

Thanks WL for these pictures!

I bought this coat online (from F21) in the summer, and I've been waiting for it to get cold enough to wear it. An opportunity arose on Tuesday, but it still ended up a bit too warm during the day.

If you're wondering about the awkward pose, the purpose of it was to block out the mess of my room behind me... haha.