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May 29, 2011

Vivid Sydney

On Friday evening, YY and I met up to have dinner at Moo (burger place in Newtown), which spontaneously turned into a let's-check-out-Vivid-Sydney outing. It was only meant to be a dinner since I had an assignment to finish, so the slightest shadow of guilt hounded me all night - but I enjoyed it all the same.

I mentioned Moo a few entries back, but I didn't have my camera on me that time. Their burgers are nice, pretty average, but their chips are amazing and pretty much the main reason we decided to eat there. As you might be able to tell from the name, the place is cow themed, and has a pretty cool if not slightly unhygenic vibe.

My chicken burger.

YY's lentil burger.

We then caught the bus across the city to Circular Quay to check out Vivid Sydney. If you haven't heard of it - it's a festival where there are light installations all around Circular Quay and the Rocks. We started at Customs House, walked up to the Opera House, and back around to the Rocks.

Installation and... someone else's feet.

They decked out the Opera House as well, so it was covered in moving light designs (I have no idea what else to call them). Here's a gif.


The Rocks had a great atmosphere, helped along by the night markets.

View of the Opera House from across the quay.

Well that was a super long post! Hopefully it didn't take to long to load this page. Well, I'll probably be back here in a week, since Sunday night seems to be the best time for me to post.


  1. Wow these photos are amazing, I went to Vivid last year but I didn't manage to get any decent photos. :( Also the moo place sounds interesting I think I'll try it one day. :)

  2. The burger and chips look awesome! I love the name Moo as well!

  3. This all looks so good - why are there not places like that near me!?

  4. ah, oh my gosh! i was literally ogling every photo, especially the one of the Opera House, for minutes. <3 oh, how beautiful these photos are, love. i wish i could have been there! xxx

  5. Pretty photos! The opera house looks SO pretty!

  6. Wow, the lights look beautiful! You've captured it so well :) Looks like a wonderful night out :) xx

  7. wow, such very pretty photos :) i love random adventure nights x

  8. Oh my gosh! The photos look amazing, I am so jealous you went to Vivid Sydney. I had totally forgotten about it.

  9. All of these photos are so incredibly amazing. That light show/festival looks like so much fun!

  10. WOW, your pictures are really great!

  11. you photos are awesome!!!!! and the food :) I want to visit australia so bad. my hubs was there in 2000 for the olympic games... he says its his lucky place.

    Beautiful. thanks for sharing :)

  12. mMmm food.. *drools* n neon lights *o*

  13. the festival looks really interesting, and you make me crave for some burgers :D
    great pictures, looks like a very fun trip.


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