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June 25, 2011

Post-exam and an award

Hey all. Sorry about the extended lack of proper updates. I did my exam, and it didn't go quite well - I'm just hoping I managed to pass. It served as a good wake-up call though: uni's harder than I expected and I've got to stop slacking off!

My mother was cleaning and she unearthed a bag of marbles from when I was a kid - I'd totally forgotten about them! I don't remember any of the marble games I played. I really should chuck these things out, but I'm pretty sentimental, which leads to hoarding.

I did my customary post-exam shopping trip in the city, but I didn't have the patience to sort through clothes. So I bought a book instead (continuing on from my current Sherlock Holmes obsession). I really like the cover art for this one. Sometimes I feel guilty for buying so many books instead of borrowing them from the library, but I tell myself that it's an investment (I think one of my friends came up with this), since I generally buy classics.

I've got a few more shifts at work than usual this break, a party or two and a Harry Potter movie date with friends, but apart from those my calendar is blissfully/sadly (depending on how you look at it) pretty empty so far.

Regular readers of this blog would already know my weakness for nice (discounted) chocolate.

The conditions
Link back to the blogger whom had given you the award and thank them / Write 10 interesting facts about yourself / Award four recently discovered blogs that you love / Contact these bloggers and notify them about their achievement

Anita gave me the stylish blogger award. I love going on her blog, it's especially fun because she also lives in Sydney.

10 facts about myself
  1. I'm quite high-strung, and I get easily worried over small things.
  2. I watched the two seasons of Miranda yesterday and today, which leads into the fact that I love British comedy TV/movies.
  3. I'm at university full time but I have a job as a swim teacher, which is probably the best one I've ever had - I love swimming and kids.
  4. I really want to visit London, and Europe in general. I even have a "Europe fund" set up in my bank account. I hope to be able to go sometime this year or next year, and I really want to study for a while somewhere there as well.
  5. I'm a fast food junkie. I eat entirely too much of it. I have developed a liking for salad in the past few months though, which is a good sign!
  6. I'm a Sydneysider who prefers Melbourne over Sydney.
  7. I'm a bit awkward around strangers, but I've learned to laugh at my occasional social hiccups.
  8. I've kept online accounts and sites since I was about 12. I even had one of those doll sites that used to be all the rage! I still love tweaking layouts and such, even though I've forgotten a lot about coding from scratch.
  9. I'm not often seen in public without a headband on.
  10. I've never seen snow. YY and I had tiny, tentative plans to go to the snow this winter break, but we never really got enthusiastic enough to pull it through.

As for recently discovered blogs, it's a bit difficult because I've been too busy to do much discovery of blogs lately! I don't really follow "style" blogs per se so I've just picked blogs that I like. Here they are:

Well this has been rather a hefty post! You might have noticed that I've done up a new layout, hope it's working alright for everyone.

//ETA: I've been having some trouble commenting on some Blogger blogs lately, sometimes it refuses to work. Hopefully this sorts it out soon, so I can comment on your blogs properly!

June 16, 2011


I've neglected this blog in the past week, haven't I? I've been quite busy doing boring things - finishing up assignments, studying and doing a (really time consuming) first aid course. I don't have any new pictures for you guys this time, so I figured I'd post some of my favourite pictures from 2010 that I rediscovered while cleaning out my flickr account (I'm over the limit of pictures). I don't consider it recycling, because I didn't have this blog back then!

YY and I paid a trip to Sydney Wildlife World and Aquarium right before school started in January. It's actually quite fun taking pictures in the tunnel thing - the second one is one of my favourites from the day.

love game
Went to the Lady Gaga concert in April, it was amazing. I'm definitely getting tickets for when she comes back to Australia.

The QVB and Lindt macarons. This was the day after my last trial exam, and I went out on a picture-taking spree in the city.

The Rocks and Botanical Gardens, after finishing my HSC exams.

I've got an exam next Thursday, and I'll probably be studying up til then, so I don't expect to post again until that's over. I promise there's good (I hope) stuff coming up, though! I'm also dying to change the layout of this blog, I'm so sick of it. Until then!

June 5, 2011

221B Baker St

Just a small post today to top off a fairly uneventful week.

My mother bought me these cute wedges. I don't usually divide my clothes into winter/summer unless it's by warmth, but these shoes are quite summery, so I'll have to wait for a while before I wear them out!

Last week I read through The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Hound of the Baskervilles, so I bought these two books to get my Sherlock Holmes fix. I'm not usually into detective/mystery books, but I really love these stories. Probably something to do with the fact that they're set in 19th century London!

In other news, I baked some brownies last night and I must have eaten at least half the pan since then. Feeling slightly over full right now but it was worth it!