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June 16, 2011


I've neglected this blog in the past week, haven't I? I've been quite busy doing boring things - finishing up assignments, studying and doing a (really time consuming) first aid course. I don't have any new pictures for you guys this time, so I figured I'd post some of my favourite pictures from 2010 that I rediscovered while cleaning out my flickr account (I'm over the limit of pictures). I don't consider it recycling, because I didn't have this blog back then!

YY and I paid a trip to Sydney Wildlife World and Aquarium right before school started in January. It's actually quite fun taking pictures in the tunnel thing - the second one is one of my favourites from the day.

love game
Went to the Lady Gaga concert in April, it was amazing. I'm definitely getting tickets for when she comes back to Australia.

The QVB and Lindt macarons. This was the day after my last trial exam, and I went out on a picture-taking spree in the city.

The Rocks and Botanical Gardens, after finishing my HSC exams.

I've got an exam next Thursday, and I'll probably be studying up til then, so I don't expect to post again until that's over. I promise there's good (I hope) stuff coming up, though! I'm also dying to change the layout of this blog, I'm so sick of it. Until then!


  1. Lint macaroons, I need some of them in my life! And congrats on finishing your trial exams, I finished my actual ones this afternoon, and its such an amazing feeling!

  2. Congrats on finishing your exams, I like the old pictures you found. It's always nice to discover old pictures. I really like the quality of your pictures they are amazing

  3. Gorgeous photos. Those macarons look delicious!

  4. That first photo and the last photo. Swoon!

    Love your little corner here...

  5. Beautiful photos! I've been caught up in my assignments, I'm so glad it's the weekend! xo

  6. I seriously love the second aquarium shot (the light !!!) The macarons look delicious, i quite enjoy your photography if I may be so bold to say... :) I hope you're doing well on the exam(s)!

  7. hi jane :)
    i lovee your blog the pictures are beautiful!
    im following now :) havee a great weekend xx

  8. Ahh, so jealous that you went to see Lady GaGa! I've been wanting to see her in concert for forever. She must have been amazing. Good luck with your exam!

  9. hello jane. I hope all is well with you(: and good luck with that paper (;

  10. love these photographs! <3 best of luck with your exams, Jane! xxx

  11. good luck with the study! it's such a drag :) but i'm sure you will kill your exam. not long now!


    love letters to lola

  12. These are amazing! I LOVE the photo of the fishes and rose.

  13. Oh, and I'm liking the new layout! :D

  14. Whatt? I like this layout! It's so clean and fresh. But I get you, I'm totally sick of mine too. You make Sydney look so pretty (actually all of your photos are pretty). I'm from Melbourne and whenever I go up to Sydney I just stick right in the centre...I don't really know where to go! Any suggestions for cute hang outs? x x x

  15. Gorgeous photos. Those macarons look delicious!


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