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July 15, 2011

Potter post

Well, I finally saw Deathly Hallows II today! While the movie was great, I liked the book much better (obviously) and in general I like the HP films that have more light-hearted moments (like movies 4 and 6). I started getting teary about a third of the way through, just because it's the last one. We saw it at IMAX in 3D, but unfortunately they weren't doing the Harry Potter 3D glasses!

So this is how my tie turned out. I didn't really think of the fact that I'd tuck it into my cardigan, so I painted the whole thing. It was the first time I'd managed to tie a tie properly, too. The crest pin that I'd intended for my tie ended up on my cardigan.

The HP themed sweets bags I mentioned in the last post. Two pictures because I'm crazy and really proud of them. I was bored, okay?

I also had my trusty Flourish and Blotts tote bag.

The whole effect! That's me on the right, and Carrie on the left, who actually had proper robes and a scarf and tie. I was wearing a grey skirt with it. I managed to scrounge everything from my existing wardrobe except the tie and crests, so the cheapskate in me is pretty proud. I'm totally digging it out again for Halloween this year.

Jenny's Slytherin pride, as demonstrated by her tie and drink.

YY didn't dress up but she was wearing a cool DIY torn shirt thingy which could pass for Azkaban rags a ghost costume I suppose.

I can't believe it's all over! I already feel a HP shaped hole in my chest. Although there's still Pottermore to look forward to, I'm so glad JK Rowling threw us that bone.

How's that, two posts in two days!


  1. Watch Kingsley's latest video, it's got be laughing and plus it's Harry Potter related! Your costumes look great :3

  2. oh wow! <3 i am totally in love and a little envious of your outfit! ahhh, plus i so adore those HP candy bags. kudos for all your effort, love! oh, if i may ask, where did you get that flourish and blotts tote? i want one! xxx

  3. You guys are so sweet! Glad to hear you enjoyed the film. :) x

  4. I want to see the film, but a part of me really, really REALLY doesn't want to because it means that my childhood will be over!

  5. Everyone was going Potter crazy on my facebook feed yesterday night, I watched a couple when they first came out but never had much interest in them but it is sad since its like an end of an era! Harry Potter has been around since I was about 10 and now I'm 20.

  6. Somehow I'm not in rush to see this movie :) But soon I'll go.

    Love all the photo :)


  7. Fantastic costumes! I should have dressed up when I went to see it! x

  8. This is such an awesome post! I'm watching HP on itv right now, now i've just switched to itv+1 to watch it again fro the beginning! x

  9. You had fantastic dressing! I loved Deathly Hallows 2, - even though I like more books than movie versions. Anyway, it was awesome. Great end for the story.

    Your blog is very sweet! I just found my way here and fell in love immediately. Wonderful!

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  10. at last! Someone who doesn't think Slytherins suck! I mean, why throw them away from the great hall? Book freak: Jo never wrote this one -as far as I can remember! Whatever, great pictures :)))

  11. I think I love you......
    Absolutely adore your outfits and those little lolly bags!
    Just a question - where would you get those boots from? I've been looking for ones like those for ages now and I can't seem to find any.

    fleeting moments

  12. I think the outfit is really nice, you did a great DIY.
    I wish I could see the movie too, unfortunately they are no theaters in Tunisia :( I guess I will have to wait for the DVD. But I am glad you had fun ^^

  13. wow so many posts:D Don't work too hard! Love the jumper that's shredded!
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  14. love, love, love it! you guys look so cute :) the best i did was wear an owl necklace.

    hey - bad news - the wittner boots are on sale! hahaa ;)

  15. I change my blogg URL address

    Btw I am zou new follow :)

  16. I'm going to watch it tomorrow! Can't wait.

    And is that a green tea frap? I want one!!

  17. wow - i LOVE that you dressed up! that's true devotion :)

    i loved the movie - you're right, obviously the books are better, but it was pretty much the way i imagined it, so i was happy.

    oh, and i had to pay a couple of dollars extra, but i got the harry potter 3D glasses! SCORE.

  18. Nice that you are in harry potter style! It looks so great!
    Want to see the movie too ^-^

  19. hehe those are cute potter outfits!!

  20. What an awesome outfit! I'm excited to see the movie when i get a chance!

  21. LOVE your outfit (as well as your friends')! i wish i could have gotten to dress up when i saw the movie but didn't have time...i have a HP shaped hole in me too.

  22. The Harry Potter glasses at the premier are sooo awesome! sucks u couldn't get any! Loved your costume though, looks quite realistic.
    I loved the movie hehe :)

  23. Ahhhhhhhh!!! I still need to see it!!!!! O_O
    But that aside, that outfit is bloody brilliant. I think you and your friends were a great Potter-ensemble together. I wish I had friends who'd do that.. haha :')

  24. I really enjoy this post about HP from you. such a really interesting thing to do in order to watched the end of HP. I grow up watching this movie :')
    great pictures & you're very creative!

  25. Looks like you made a great event of it!!

  26. wow you wore such a cute preppy outfit :)
    a little bit envy cause the Harry Potter is still coming soon in my city

  27. Loving your Harry Potter outfit! I love the red vest and creative badge! =D I've yet to see the movie yet T_T


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