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August 24, 2011

Leopard + red

A midweek post! Amazing, right? Well, not really, since I put this together on the weekend and all I'm doing is press "publish" right now.

On Friday, some things that I ordered off ASOS came. Since then, I've bought another dress from there. One of the definite downsides of online shopping is that you're always ridiculously tempted to buy things.

I'd been meaning to buy a leopard print belt and darker red tights for a while. The tights are good, but the belt is a little thinner than I would've liked. Oh well, I'll work with it somehow.

Featuring a pair of shorts I bought in Melbourne earlier this year. I'm not sure why I got them (they were down to $20 from $200, probably a contributing factor), since they balloon out slightly and are a bit unflattering. The top I'm wearing? My pyjama top. This is how lazy I get on weekends.

I got my eyes tested the other week, because I've been having trouble seeing the board in lectures, and I'll be getting a pair for uni. I've looked around in stores and tried a few pairs on, I can't say I really like any of them. I'll have to keep looking. Who here wears glasses, and where did you get yours from?

August 21, 2011

Belgian beer cafe

On Wednesday evening, WL, Jenny, YY, Carrie and I went to the Belgian Beer Cafe (at The Rocks) for WL's birthday. Not many photos, because the lighting was very low and everything ended up blurry (I hate that).

Birthday girl.

One of YY's favourite beers, I'm not much of a drinker but I got one anyway. Partly because it's called Hoegaarden.

YY and her beer.

I got a chicken schnitzel with chips and a salad. It was pretty good, except it was massive, so it got a bit much towards the end.

We then ended the night standing in rain-soaked Martin Place and reading the newsreel on the Channel 7 studios. Exciting.

Don't know if it's noticeable, but new posting format! (Larger images, ditched the centered text, changed spacing.) The main reason I didn't change it earlier was because it would change the format I've been using for ages, and make it inconsistent, and I'm really fussy about these things.

August 16, 2011


This is meant to be my sensible outfit for formal workplace environments, but I can never resist a colour-coordinated bow headband.

The retail therapy spree continues. I bought a new pair of shoes: loafers from Wittner. I'm really into loafers right now! These are kind of like my other flats, but they're falling apart and I figured I should get a new pair to break in in time for summer. I'd learned my lesson - to buy better quality shoes! - but I didn't have to splurge for my new ones, because I grabbed them on sale ($50 down from $140!). Bad picture, though:

Speaking of shoes, remember those chelsea boots I posted about? Well, I wore them for a day, and it was horrendous! I had chunks of skin scraped off the back of my heels, and I had to wear thongs (flip-flops to you Americans) for a week. I wore them again today, and I found that putting sticky-tape on my skin, where the rubbing is, worked pretty well! Any tips for breaking in new shoes without shedding blood?

I discovered the "overlay" setting on my camera the other day and I've been having lots of fun with it. For example:

Pure artistry, right?

August 7, 2011


Quick post before I go and lie in bed and think about how much I dread going to uni tomorrow. Last week, I got new furniture for my room, which means we had to remove everything and then put everything back. I managed to rediscover some nice things.

I love this box. I used to do a paper run on Sundays, and a nice old lady would always give me fruit of some sort, but one time she gave me this tin of Harrods candy. The lollies were eaten very quickly, of course, but I kept the box because it's so pretty. Inside it:

... I store my sticker photos! From those Japanese photo booths - the official name escapes me, but a few years back, when they were super popular in high school, everyone called them "capitols" or "caps" because if you want to take them in Sydney, you go to the Capitol building. The ones on top are from just last Sunday - YY and I were in the city, reminiscing about sticker photos, and she found a dollar on the ground and we decided it was fate (they're actually $10-$15 a set but you pay in dollar coins). She was also better at decorating them than I was.

Piano-shaped music box decorating my bookshelf.

Current guardian of the books on my "favourite books" bookshelf (which basically consists of the Sherlock Holmes, Anne Shirley and Harry Potter books). This kitty's been with me a long long time now.

Currently reading The Age of Reason by Sartre - I got this book as a gift. I know there's a deep philosophical exploration of freedom underlying the story that I'd be forced to analyse if I were reading it for school, but I'm not, so I'm just enjoying the plot at the moment. It's pretty interesting, but moves slowly and I get all the characters mixed up.

Remember how, just a fortnight ago, I was complaining about the cold and rain in Sydney? Well, this past week has been ridiculously warm - think 25C/77F - for winter. It's been smelling all summer-y and I've been finding it quite distracting, so I'm glad it's cooling down again this week. In any case, I do prefer winter over summer, so I'd been feeling a bit cheated!