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August 7, 2011


Quick post before I go and lie in bed and think about how much I dread going to uni tomorrow. Last week, I got new furniture for my room, which means we had to remove everything and then put everything back. I managed to rediscover some nice things.

I love this box. I used to do a paper run on Sundays, and a nice old lady would always give me fruit of some sort, but one time she gave me this tin of Harrods candy. The lollies were eaten very quickly, of course, but I kept the box because it's so pretty. Inside it:

... I store my sticker photos! From those Japanese photo booths - the official name escapes me, but a few years back, when they were super popular in high school, everyone called them "capitols" or "caps" because if you want to take them in Sydney, you go to the Capitol building. The ones on top are from just last Sunday - YY and I were in the city, reminiscing about sticker photos, and she found a dollar on the ground and we decided it was fate (they're actually $10-$15 a set but you pay in dollar coins). She was also better at decorating them than I was.

Piano-shaped music box decorating my bookshelf.

Current guardian of the books on my "favourite books" bookshelf (which basically consists of the Sherlock Holmes, Anne Shirley and Harry Potter books). This kitty's been with me a long long time now.

Currently reading The Age of Reason by Sartre - I got this book as a gift. I know there's a deep philosophical exploration of freedom underlying the story that I'd be forced to analyse if I were reading it for school, but I'm not, so I'm just enjoying the plot at the moment. It's pretty interesting, but moves slowly and I get all the characters mixed up.

Remember how, just a fortnight ago, I was complaining about the cold and rain in Sydney? Well, this past week has been ridiculously warm - think 25C/77F - for winter. It's been smelling all summer-y and I've been finding it quite distracting, so I'm glad it's cooling down again this week. In any case, I do prefer winter over summer, so I'd been feeling a bit cheated!


  1. these are the best things: small little, and beautiful treasures x great photos xx

  2. I find each of your treasures interesting; The Japanese photo boots are so fun.

    Love the way you captured these small things :) And I agree with you, I prefer winter over summer!

  3. The little box is too cute!

    Sartre is amazing; I loved reading his works, even after my philosophy class ended!

  4. aw, love all of these! the little tin is adorable, and I agree about the book thing haha x

    ramz and the flock

  5. Cute tin. I miss sticker pictures! So many fun times in those photo booths!

  6. Aw caps! The prices have gone up so much now, I remember when it was $10, it's now $18 I think. And I hope you have fun back at uni :)

  7. that candy tin is so cute, I love the bear on it!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  8. i absolutely adore forgotten and found again treasures. <3 especially their sentimental value! and oh, how much i need to read right now. xxx

  9. beautiful the Harrods box :D cool blog, I'm following

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me! :)



  10. That tin's adorable!
    We don't have a lot of those photo booths in London, but it looks like fun :)

  11. You sure have a lot of penguin books! I spotted the music box once in Singapore. how does it sounds?
    lovely pictures as usual :D

  12. You rediscovered some lovely little treasures! I'm loving that kitten. The face is so adorable and expressive.

  13. i miss little things like that... old treasures that have gone missing (in my case) )'; )':

  14. totally love the photographs above
    i need some new book to read as well!
    have just followed your blog dear


  15. I love each and every one of these photographs; they're fantastic! They really are treasures. The Harrods tin is stunning, that'll be a keeper for a long time I suspect. It has a lot of character about it and plenty of charm.

    Good to know the rollovers are working! I haven't used my html/css knowledge in quite a few years so it was a hassle getting them to work in the beginning haha!

  16. Love that little piano music box!! what a great little treasure

  17. Following your blog, I love your photographs! xo

  18. owww, such a cute things you rediscovered! Love this everything :)


  19. N'aw pretty trinkets - I love that little sweet tin. Nice book taste, too! And ha, I'm exactly the same re: weather! Bring on the cold, I say. x

  20. Loving the nostalgic feelings in these photos. The cat looks like faithful guardian in fact she reminds me a bit of gargoyles, which I do not think are ugly =)

  21. Oh, I love these! I really enjoy rediscovering things I once was quite attached to and seemingly forgot about ever since.

  22. Hi Jane,

    I think Camberwell Market is definitely worth a visit! There are soooo many stalls and I always end up leaving with a whole bag of stuff! Next time you're in Melbourne, I highly recommend you check it out :)

    I like that Harrods tin! Soooo cute. All your photos are so pretty. And oh, I'm jealous that it's warm up where you are! Melbourne is FREEZING!

    x x x


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