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September 9, 2011

FNO: Sydney!

When YY asked if I wanted to go with her to Vogue's Fashion's Night Out, the first thing I said was something along the lines of: "Well, sounds good, but what exactly is it?". Now that I've realised that it's kind of a Big Deal, this sounds a bit silly. But, basically, it's kind of a promo night for most of the big stores, and it's happening in lots of cities around the world. I'm glad I went, because it was a pretty fun night!

First stop: filling up the tank, so to speak. Snag Stand, the fancy hot dog place in Westfield's food court; I've been there a couple of times now and I'm quite partial to the American Classic one (I like my basics). YY got this mushroom vegetarian one, shown in the picture. The chips there are quite nice, they have a different sort of flavour.

Pitt St. was pretty busy! The atmosphere was nice - I liked it, even though crowds can freak me out sometimes.

We picked up some fairy floss at Sportsgirl.

Slighty break in the pictures here, I was basically running around Sydney Westfield with YY and Vivian, collecting loads of free stuff (mainly food) along the way. We went to Burberry, where George Craig was DJ-ing (I had no idea who he is at the time, this post is really demonstrating how clueless I can be), and Vivian + YY got a picture with him (he has a posh accent).

A lot of stores had photobooth things/people taking polaroids, here are some of them.

Tiffany... popcorn?

Sample of the new Burberry perfume, which YY likened to air freshener.

Haul of stuff at the end of the night!

You guys may have noticed that I've changed the layout - I'm still doing some tweaking, because it still doesn't look completely "right" and it feels a little cluttered.


  1. The layout looks really adorable!

    And I both giggled and made grabby-hand movements at the Tiffany and Co popcorn box. How whimsical, silly, superfluous, but.. wonderful !

  2. Love the pictures, thank you for the insight. I'm awaiting blog posts on the london's FNO - so jealous of everyone who particpated! x

  3. Aw no! Vogue's Fashion Night Out sounded amazing but unfortunately I was too busy being a nerd at home, studying last minute for my maths yearly's examination the for the following day. I can tell from your photos that it was a surely a great night! I am already looking forward to next years one, haha!

  4. Gorgeous photos!! Looked like a great night x

  5. those fries look delish!

    also, really like the pictures. good job :)

  6. Dayum gurl! You just did it again! It looks like you had an awesome night out! Everything looks spotless and nice and cool and awesome and... you know. The pictures are great.

    I like the new layout too, very fresh and sweet!

  7. These photos are truly fantasic! I love the pictures, and I love your blog header, so pretty and floral and very Harry Potter! aha.

  8. Love the new header - and it looks like you had an incredible night!

  9. Wow, FNO looks amazing! These photos are so stunning. Would love to have a peek inside that Hermes bag.

  10. Hi, I'm new to your blog, and I really like it so far. You take lovely photos. Following:)

  11. Ok after seeing this, my biggest regret would have been not attending the vogue fashion night out. Tiffany and co popcorn and Burberry perfume?! sounds like such an eventful night ! :P

  12. ah amazing array of photos! the chips look divine and i agree, the tiffany box definitely reminds me of popcorn too :)

  13. I enjoy this post really much. Beautiful pics and the tiffany popcorn is cute somehow :)

  14. What a fantastic event to be invited to! I am loving the look of that tiffany popcorn but on the other hand I'm like that's very out there!

    I'm so drooling at the food, you always post the most mouth watering food I've ever seen!

  15. Your pictures are aways so colourful! love your blog :)


  16. everything looks so awesome!
    gahs I wish we had a FNO here in boring adelaide lol.
    Love your blog :D following and I'm your 100th follower! yay


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