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September 22, 2011

Golden hour

These pictures are from last Thursday, so they're a week late. YY, Jenny and I had another one of those "let's traverse the city looking for things to eat" days. We actually started off on top of Westfield Sydney, but I didn't take any pictures. Our ultimate aim was this pub, Hart's, which according to YY, had chips we just had to try.

Dropped into Max Brenner on our way there. Everything is super-duper expensive, and the hot chocolate I got was nice but not $5 nice.

I'm not really sure why they name their cups/how they come up with these names.

Because it was still a bit early, we decided to chill out in the Botanical Gardens and on the Opera House for a while. The late-afternoon light was really nice (hence the title of the post), so I snapped loads of photos, which is why this post is so picture-heavy (at the risk of having visitors exit in frustration due to the long loading time).

YY and Jenny. It was a tad windy.

Picture of me, courtesy of Jenny. Even backlit photos look good during golden hour.

YY's creepers.

YY's sunnies x2.

I've probably mentioned this before, but no matter how bored I am of Sydney, I still think our Harbour is beautiful.

At this point we walked back to the Rocks. I don't have any pictures, because, well, I felt awkward pulling out my camera. I actually still feel all-around awkward in pubs, to be honest. Obviously, I don't go to many. The Rugby World Cup was on the television (USA vs. Russia) and none of us being rugby fans, we played "spot the player who looks like he belongs in Game of Thrones".

Afterwards, as you mightn't be surprised to learn, we felt like Pancakes on the Rocks, so we trotted (or tripped, rather. It was dark, okay!) down several sets of stairs (I love the way The Rocks is set out) to get there.

Devil's Delight... not really for the faint-hearted - I couldn't finish the second chocolate pancake.

Wedges, because the chips from before weren't enough.

Then we sat by Circular Quay for a while and had a good old high-schoolish gossip. It was pretty empty, being a Thursday night.

And thus concludes this giant post!


  1. I definitely agree with you, I think dusk is the prettiest time of day to take photos :)

    ps. I think the max brenner cup is called 'alice' because of alice in wonderland (ie. drink me). don't quote me though, I could have just made that up in my head! x

  2. Rachael - Haha, that would make really good sense!

  3. All the food you always eat in Sydney always looks so good!

  4. I've never been to Australia and even if you're bored of Sydney... this post really makes me want to visit.

    I haven't given up on creamy salad dressings yet. Not even a little.

  5. yay for photo-heavy posts! <3 and food and girlfriends. ah sounds like you had the most wonderful day. (: i love the golden hour photos, the buildings and the Opera house! such beautiful photographs, be still my heart. xx

  6. Wow, fantastic photographs! :)
    Sydney harbour really does look beautiful, I hope i'm able to visit one day!

    xo Samantha Grace

  7. Wow such amazing photos. That cup looks so unique too!!

  8. I love the photo of Sydney Harbour and I do agree with you that the Harbour is beautiful. Pancakes on The Rocks looks delicious, I've never been there before since I'm not so much of a sweet tooth but it's making me hungry now. Haha!

  9. Haha, I was just craving potato wedges! And that pancake looks super delicious:)

    I love your pictures!

  10. Beautiful photos =)

    Thanks for the comments on my blog =)
    wanna follow each other? ^^

  11. Aw, hurrah for picture-heavy posts. I love the atmosphere in yours... that devil's delight looks mouthwatering. (dayum gurl!)

    You and your friends look awesome, sounds/looks you had a lovely day. :)

  12. oh my word I love how they keep their chocolates. We have a place here that makes drinking chocolate so thick it's almost like a melted truffle. super heavy. and yes hard to justify for $5 at times.

  13. Love seeing Sydney through your eyes Jane!
    Ronnie xo

  14. Oh my goodness, I have fallen in love with your blog! <3 How can your photos be so amazing and your writing so intriguing?! I can't find the follower button on your page - but I'm definitely following you once I refresh the page another 50 times to find it! :D muhah

  15. Oooh, I love Max Brenner's! They are a bit on the pricey side, but once I get my hands on the hot choclolate, it's all worth it. I also love the cocoa-dusted praline (a must-try!).

    That photo of the harbor is gorgeous. Love that you took the color out of it. Looks like something out of a magazine.

  16. love these pictures!
    your fancy hot chocolate sounds neat.
    this is all so fun!

  17. such beautiful photos!
    I love your blog :)
    I was meant to answer this agesss ago but with ASOS, sometimes I believe it can be quite overrated. This is because the quality isn't all that great, it really has to depend on what you buy. I reckon the shoes are not too bad though and I believe it is true to its size.

  18. Such lovely pictures! You and your friends are beautiful. :)

  19. looked like such a peaceful day xx


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