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September 3, 2011

Parcels and other nice things

As a result of my incessant online shopping, I feel like I'm always waiting for packages to come in the mail. In the last week, two more have come: a dress from ASOS and a book from the Book Depository.

The dress is really nice, and perfect for our upcoming summer, with a catch: it's impossibly tight across my chest. As in, there is no way I can make it work. I'm not quite sure what to do with it now - I feel like it'd work as a halterneck, but I have no idea how to sew. The shipping cost of returning it to ASOS would be more than half the value of the actual dress. I think I'll chuck it up on ebay when I have the time, although I've never sold anything from there before.

As for the book, I bought The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein. I only recently heard of it due to the fact that a movie version is being made with Sarah Bolger and Lily Cole. As soon as I realised it was a vampire-story set in a girl's boarding school, I had to read it - that's basically all the themes I love, in one book! It didn't disappoint. It's basically the diary of a 16-year-old girl who suspects that the new girl at school is a vampire, and follows her thoughts as she develops (what we're meant to think is) a mental illness. I loved all the references to Dracula and Carmilla, two of my favourite classic vampire stories - I think the author worked them in really well. I also liked the tone of the story - it was realistic and I found that I could relate to the main character. It gets a bit disjointed and hard to read towards the end, though, which is the point, I suppose. Anyway, I'm seriously looking forward to seeing the film adaptation.

Other things I have been up to this week include:

Putting together a birthday present for a friend, with a bunch of shows/movies I think she'd like.

Catching the moment when the sun hit my "sun catcher" and made baby rainbows on my wall.

Well, that's it for me this week. I have an exam coming up this Thursday, and obviously I've left a lot of studying to the last minute (I never seem to learn) and I've really got to knuckle down if I want to be an improvement on last time's. Hope your weekends are going well.


  1. I love that dress - adorable but chic!

  2. Good luck on your exam... I really like this post d I think your friend will love your gift.. Your sun catcher is really nice too, it's a cool thing

  3. Oh, that dress really looks nice! I hope you can fix something because it's so nice!

    The book sounds pretty nice too, I suppose I'm reading that soon too!

    And good luck of course, on your exam!

    ( oh and the gift looks brilliant, you're one of those people who give awesome gifts... aren't you? ;) )

  4. The dress looks lovely (: Just a quick thought if you (or you know someone) who is handy with a sewing machine, you could cut the dress on both sides, sew a pretty lace panel in to add the extra few inches, et voila! The present for your friend looks amazing, so thoughtful (:

  5. ha- you sound like me, always waiting for parcels to arrive, bringing new stuff in the mail! such a pity about the dress :(

    i keep hearing about "game of thrones" and now i see it in your picture-- might need to watch it :) x

  6. Michelle - That's a really good idea, actually, I hadn't thought of that. I'll look into getting it done. Thanks!

  7. Good luck for your upcoming exam! I feel your pain. I have yearly's coming up in the next couple of weeks and here I am .. procrastinating. I always seem to find another alternative to studying. Anyway, I hope you have a great week!

  8. ahh when parcels arrive, it's like the best day of my life. xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  9. such a cute dress, pity it doesn't fit =/ at least the asos australia website will be up soon so maybe it'll mean free returns in the future :D xx misstea & co.

  10. I love the dress !good luck for upcoming exams ! :) mine are coming up very soon to :(

  11. what gorgeous photos! <3 i want to read a good book so much but exams are restricting. ): and oh, the film adaptation sounds amazing, love lily cole! that pressie for your friend is adorable btw. :3 best of luck on your exams, mine are this week too, sigh.
    +i hope you could help me spread the love about the giveaway on my blog, it'd mean lots to me! (: xxx

  12. Don't you just love receiving packages?! I do! Love that dress! Good luck on your test! xo

  13. Packages in the mail= my form of heaven!
    I love the anticipation and the sounds of door knocks, and bells ringing. There is something magical about opening a box you've ordered. Everything seems prettier in person, doesn't it (^.^)

    Good luck with exams! Love!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  14. That dress looks gorgeous, what a shame it doesn't fit quite right.

    You know, a few months ago I would have sworn blind that vampire stories just AREN'T FOR ME but I seem to be swaying... let us know what you think of it!

    Good luck with your exam! x

  15. I love that dress. It's a perfect little black one. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


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