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October 30, 2011


Note the quotation marks in that subject line.

Exams are just around the corner (again. I feel like they're always around the corner), so that means:

... not having time to bake my own cake... or go to travel expos for my Eurotrip... or do anything for Halloween. But, somehow, I do have time to:

... arrange ordinary objects in my room in new and interesting ways... download and become addicted to Instagram (more on this in the next post)... and doodle pictures of myself looking angry. And, of course, update my blog.

I really am quite disappointed that I'm not doing anything for Halloween this year, even though it's not that big in Australia. Have fun for me, you guys!

October 23, 2011

Dotted dresses

A few weeks ago, I learned that my bank account never, ever stood a chance against the combination of 2am-itis (you know, the weird lonely feeling you get when you're up in the middle of the night because you can't sleep), a credit card, and a Modcloth sale.

Well, technically, only one of the dresses I bought were on sale, but I'd had my eye on the other two for a while and combining shipping works out better (can you tell I'm still trying to justify buying all this to myself?). I didn't realise until afterwards that everything was polkadotted!

They even gave me a little gift of this headband (polka dot as well!) with the rest of my order. Modcloth are probably one of the nicest online stores - not only because they carry cute clothes and have a good review system, but because their customer service is the best ever (and I've bugged them a lot). I'd definitely shop there more often if the shipping wasn't so expensive.

#1. I finally worked out a way I could get a whole outfit (maybe not shoes) into a shot: putting my camera in an open cupboard and jumping up onto my bed - hence the weird, teetering pose I'm striking. It took a while to get a good shot, so I gave up on the method for the next two dresses. I know what you're thinking - how could I take outfit pictures standing on a bed without taking at least one jumping shot? Well, I did try, but the dress is too light and kept flying up to reveal a lot more leg than I'd like to show on this blog... maybe next time.

#2. None of the full-body shots of this dress came out focused... too bad! It's basically a shirt dress with a circle skirt. I have this dress in solid purple, I love it (obviously. I mean, if I hated it I wouldn't have bought another one). Also showing off my starry ballerina bedsheet.

#3. And finally, the dress I never meant to buy. It's a Tofu brand dress, and they're generally pretty pricey, so if it hadn't been on sale I would've looked, admired, and moved on. Except it was about 70% off and in my size, so obviously, fate meant for me to have it. I'm not entirely sure where/when I could wear it, because, as you can see, the front and back are pretty low cut, so it's more of a party dress. The thing is... I don't go to parties. I never get invited I would rather stay home... with a cup of tea... and blog. (Yes, that rogue bra strap in the picture of the back detail is killing me, I did consider photoshopping it out). Also, my hair's looking pretty ratty, isn't it? I'd make an excuse, but, well, that's what it always looks like.

Thus concludes what may be the most awkward series of outfit shots you've probably seen today. Fashion bloggers, how do you do it? I'm still feeling very guilty over this haul, so I'm banning myself from buying anymore dresses and shoes. Although I'm probably going to somehow find exceptions to this rule.

I'm off to bed now, hope you guys have a good weekend!

October 16, 2011

Night Noodle Markets

On Wednesday night, we hit up the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park, which are running as part of Sydney Food Festival. I'm not actually into Asian food, but it was a good excuse to catch up with friends.

Er, yeah, my knees.... I got pretty bored waiting for my friends to come back with their food.

Posting this blurry picture of myself because it was the only picture of me from the night.

Had Shanghainese spring onion pancakes, which is totally not the point of a noodle market, but I like them... probably because they're fried. My family's from Shanghai, so I wasn't really stepping out of my comfort zone.

It was a bit too chilly on to sit there all night, so we sat in McDonalds (everyone else got dessert like normal people. I, of course, wolfed a chicken and cheese burger) and talked for a while.

I've been terrible at returning comments, I'll try and get onto that ASAP!

October 10, 2011


Note: I published this last night, but weirdly enough it didn't work. So I deleted that one and posted this again, sorry if it comes up twice for anyone!

I haven't posted for quite a while! I've been quite busy with uni-related stuff, and I'm freaking out slightly about how much work I've got to do to see the semester out. Weirdly enough (or not), the more I panic, the less I do.

I picked up a skirt and a cardigan at Glassons today (who've really upped their game lately). I'd been eyeing this skirt in red, but it sold out while I was deliberating whether or not to buy it. Navy is good too, and it was on sale, so I suppose everything worked out nicely. It's not a very good picture, but it's this one. I adore the buttons.

It's definitely been jeans-and-jacket weather down here lately, which is really odd for the Australian mid-spring. I'm pretty sure the UK somehow stole our weather last week! Anyway, the temperatures are going to be hovering aorund 20C for at least the next week or so - although I prefer it cool, I'm really sick of my winter clothes and I want to bring on the dresses!

Speaking of winters, I'm planning a possible trip to Europe for February with YY. I could write a giant paragraph about how excited I am about it, but I'm going to refrain because it will almost definitely make me sound crazy. We're probably going to hit up generic tourist places in Western Europe (think Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome) and we're leaning towards doing a tour right now, since it's our first time going. We're definitely going to inflict our presence on London for a week (at least), though! I'm spending so much time researching and reading and watching Eurotrip I'm probably going to fail my exams.

That's all from me, hope you guys had a good weekend!

October 1, 2011

Dear diary

I bought myself a journal the other week. I hadn't kept a personal diary for more than a year, but recently I've had a hankering to write in one again. It's basically for my complaining, whining, ranting and raving that none of you would particularly enjoy reading on this blog (I have a lot of feelings, okay!). I can already tell I'll be embarassed to re-read everything a few years down the track. As you can see from the pictures, it's got this fold-over flap thing, and you can close it up with a string. It's not particularly functional, because there's really not much point to the complicated cover, but I like it because it feels different. I also really love the unlined pages. It was $10 from Typo (because I'm cheap).

Also, this marks my 50th post. I feel like I've done so many more, I'm afraid I don't update enough!