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October 10, 2011


Note: I published this last night, but weirdly enough it didn't work. So I deleted that one and posted this again, sorry if it comes up twice for anyone!

I haven't posted for quite a while! I've been quite busy with uni-related stuff, and I'm freaking out slightly about how much work I've got to do to see the semester out. Weirdly enough (or not), the more I panic, the less I do.

I picked up a skirt and a cardigan at Glassons today (who've really upped their game lately). I'd been eyeing this skirt in red, but it sold out while I was deliberating whether or not to buy it. Navy is good too, and it was on sale, so I suppose everything worked out nicely. It's not a very good picture, but it's this one. I adore the buttons.

It's definitely been jeans-and-jacket weather down here lately, which is really odd for the Australian mid-spring. I'm pretty sure the UK somehow stole our weather last week! Anyway, the temperatures are going to be hovering aorund 20C for at least the next week or so - although I prefer it cool, I'm really sick of my winter clothes and I want to bring on the dresses!

Speaking of winters, I'm planning a possible trip to Europe for February with YY. I could write a giant paragraph about how excited I am about it, but I'm going to refrain because it will almost definitely make me sound crazy. We're probably going to hit up generic tourist places in Western Europe (think Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome) and we're leaning towards doing a tour right now, since it's our first time going. We're definitely going to inflict our presence on London for a week (at least), though! I'm spending so much time researching and reading and watching Eurotrip I'm probably going to fail my exams.

That's all from me, hope you guys had a good weekend!


  1. That skirt is awesome - red would have been such a good colour for it. Definitely think that the UK stole our weather too. It has been on/off rainy and miserable in Brisbane. You will love your life in Europe, just sayin' haha

  2. Keep the skirt! Navy goes with everything and it's so cute :)
    Sorry we stole your weather here in the UK, I'm happy to report we've gone back to grey skies and windy weather again if that makes you feel any better lol xoxo

  3. love the skirt! i hope the weather looks up soon over there. (: and ah! i'm so excited for you and your friend, i hope you guys get to travel there! heh it sounds fabulous, i'm a little jelly. :3 hope you're well, love. xx

  4. OH HELL FUCK YEAH! You're coming to Europe!!! :D What date are you planning to go?

    I love the skirt, it's great. I love the blue-ish colour and dayum.

    Aw yeah, the famous-people-from-the-past thing in Midnight in Paris was marvellous. I loved Hemingway and DalĂ­ so much.

  5. Hi there! I just found your lovely blog and wanted to say hi! Here in the states summer is ending and we are starting to wear jackets for the long haul. :) Love that skirt too, by the way!

  6. Haha, travel plans are the best excuse for not studying!

  7. Louise - we haven't arranged the dates yet, but probably sometime between the second half of January and the end of February!

  8. so nice to hear about your trip to europe. i've only been to spain and england, but would really love to go and see the rest of it! when you finalize your plans, please remember to take lots and lots of photos! xx

  9. LOVE the skrit! So pretty :)
    EUROPE sounds like so much fun - i want to go someday.

  10. Europe?? You should absolutely visit Paris, London and Milan. Oh! And Prague! Athens is pretty good too!
    AND WATCH EUROTRIP it's the most hilarious film!

  11. cute this skirt!! <3

  12. I love the detailed shots. Hope you are able to chill out this weekend, uni sounds like it's keeping you busy. x

  13. Loved the skirt in navy :) 20C sounds lovely! We have had adround 0C the last couple of days...brrr :(

    Have a nice weekend!

  14. aha, please don't judge Europe on Eurotrip! Have fun (: And I adore this skirt, I think navy's better than red ;)

  15. When I was at University I panicked all the time, and never got anything done! It's totally normal. Your Europe trip sounds fun! If you go to England, try to explore a bit more that London. Don't worry about your studies.
    Amy xxx


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