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November 17, 2011


Mel, YY and I were in the city yesterday and decided to hit up Outpost. It's a street art exhibition on Cockatoo Island, one of the Sydney Harbour islands. It has a bunch of old, abandoned industrial sites, so it was the perfect setting. I'm not into street art, but I really enjoyed it. It's free (well, you have to pay for the ferry ticket), so if you're looking for something to do in Sydney, check it out!

The ferry ride over was fun (apart from the touch of nausea I got from the boat). We kept wondering what it'd be like to be rich enough to live in one of the houses on the harbour!

Paintings in Dogleg Tunnel.

I loved the use of the old warehouses, it was really atmospheric (fs) / T shirt exhibit (fs) / skull on a house (fs) /outdoor sculpture.

Warehouse (fs) / paintings (fs).

Bit of a gloomy day, really, but it was fitting.

After we got back to Circular Quay, we grabbed something to eat/drink at Hart's Pub (best chips) and went to the Guylian Cafe at The Rocks. Generally, we don't go to places like that because it's just so expensive, but I suppose we were in a bit of a splurging mood.

We shared the degustation plate, which means you get a little bit of everything. It was amazing, we were basically in a chocolate coma afterward. My favourites were the hazelnut ice cream and the dipping chocolate (which we proceeded to put on everything).

Then we caught fireworks (I'm not sure what they were for) as we walked to Circular Quay station. Best day!

Some gifs to top the post off: hot chocolate/fireworks.

I finished my exams (relatively unscathed) on Monday, so I'm free for an entire 3 three and a half months now! I'm so pumped.


  1. wow wow wow. this post was the exact kind of inspiration i was looking for. such beautiful photographs Jane! :) and an even more beautiful day. i love the dark, brooding albeit colourful artworks. wish i could be in Sydney to visit this place! and ahhh that platter of chocolate, heavenly. xx

  2. As always, I heart your photos. The story is so easily told in each one. Just beautiful.

  3. oh my word, this post has got to be the most amazing post ever. it's filled with so many of my favorite and beautiful things! <3 and the art is my most favorite part, so beautiful.. i love street art! :3

  4. hey there, randomly ran into your blog and want to let you know I really enjoy your photography style. FOLLOWED. Keep it up!

  5. hmm interesting event. would love to see that. so the art on the walls were freshly painted for the event?

  6. Looks like an amazing exhibition. Funny how I never did anything interesting like that when I was younger and had the time and availability to! We had some of Guylian Cafe's coffee this week too and it was delish. Go the mocha. Congrats on finishing exams - now you can relax and enjoy the summer. :)
    Ronnie xo

  7. @ a, yeah I assume so. We were wondering if/how they were gonna take everything down afterwards!

  8. Dear Jane,

    Wow great photos , thank you for sharing this i have never visited there before but its almost like travelling through your photos so its really nice :)



  9. Wow! These are lovely! What city is this? Sydney?

    Love the light in your melancholy!

  10. awh, lovely images! the paintings look wonderful and i'm practically drooling over the degustation plate haha. cute gifs too :)

    mollie from musicandmollie

  11. Such lovely photos, you have a great eye x

  12. You always have the most incredible photos! These are so gorgeous.

  13. Some interesting shots and the place looks very inspiring ! :)

  14. Free for an entire 3 and a half months?! You lucky bastard! I love love love your photos by the way, and the firework gif is totally amazing!!
    I really like the old houses and the solitude they carry. I'm excited for you to be free of uni! I hope you'll share loads of pictures and stories!! :D

  15. This really sounds like an amazing day! Little "day trips" like that are lovely! The exhibition looks nice too! :)


  16. your day sounds like so much fun! the exhibition looks interesting too :-) i want to spend a day with some friends too, but no one has time at the moment. enjoy your months of freedom! and oh i love your (new?) layout~

  17. cute gifs! i love seeing them in photo posts :)

  18. this has got to be one of my most fave posts from you so far. i looooove exhibitions (evident in my blog) and am soo envious you were able to go to this!

  19. Um...
    Excuse me...
    But your pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!

    I especially love the one of the river front, and theres the brick building with the animals painted on it (ok... BEST DESCRIPTION EVER? no, I think not... but maybe you know what i'm talking about)

  20. I always adore your photos Jane! The first set are so atmospheric and eerily beautiful (: Congrats on finishing your exams, and I looove your new blog layout. xo

  21. Thats cool that you're going in Febuary. Where are you going exactly?
    If you can, I'd defintely suggest going to Canterbury, it's simply BEAUTIFUL there and they actually have really cool shopping and cafes... And London is awesome... All the museums are free too, so make sure you stop by a few. My favourite is the National Art gallery!

  22. What a fantastic art exhibition, I love the paintings on the house. We have a few industrial sites like that an hour away from me and a lot of artists have got involved and used their creativeness to create some works like in your images.

    Wooo! Glad you've finished your exams, now enjoy yourself :)


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