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November 30, 2011

Sun drenched

Summer's really starting to kick in - it's been super hot these past few days. On Sunday, we spent the afternoon at YY's new place, hanging around and taking photos (and of course, complaining of the heat).

This is my current favourite dress (I think I might've posted it before), even though the sleeves are quite badly cut and I can hardly move my arms in it. It has the nicest swishy skirt (not good for windy days though!). I've been meaning to show it off properly but I find it really hard to take outfit photos without someone to help. Thanks YY for being a dear and taking these/sending them over.

A couple of pictures I took of YY and the backyard (fun for me, since I don't have one - I live in a flat).

Here's another picture of me (thanks again to YY).

I've actually got a backlog of posts to make, because I've been going out a lot/buying things and not having enough time to edit and update. I really should stay home more often and save money for... EUROPE! We've bought the plane tickets and we're going to be there in late January/early February for 3 and a half weeks (a couple of days in Paris, a two week tour and a week in London). I really, really wanted to go in Christmas but the price of everything is just ridiculous at that time. I daresay I'll be ranting and raving talking about this a lot more in the next few months!


  1. How awful is travelling around Christmas! I was planning on visiting my boyfriend in America for these holidays, but the price markup is unbelievable for it.

    Also, you definitely need to tell me where you've gotten your sunglasses from. They are sublime.

  2. Love a good red dress. Have fun in Europe. I am a tad jealous. I want to go back so badly!

  3. These pictures are so gorgeous! The red in these really pop - just lovely! ^^

  4. I agree with summer really kicking in! Urgh, I hate this weather though!!!! :(

  5. @ j. - the sunnies were from ASOS, but they don't stock them anymore. They're pretty cheap and unbranded so you can probably get them off ebay.

  6. these photos are beautiful, Jane! :) i hope your friend is settling in well at her new place. the backyard looks so lovely with the bright sunshine. aahhhh i am so excited for you for going to Europe! <3 i plan to go myself in a couple of years or so. xxx

  7. haha, but this amazing dress looks a little kind of festive, don't you think? i really love it.

  8. Lovely pictures, we always have to complain about the weather right? :D I'm complaining about the cold. It's not too bad yet though!

  9. that is a lovely dress, especially love those boots!!


    PS: Beautiful silk scarf giveaway on my blog, please pass by to enter!

  10. That is SUCH a cute dress, love it with the boots. Hurrah for visiting Europe -- let us know when you're in London! x

  11. Yay! I love that dress so badly! Annnd you sunglasses, and in general all your photos look so summer-y and nice!

    It's awesome your coming to Europe, what countries/cities will you visit during the two-week tour? I'm excited for your pictures of Paris in London! Such picturesque and lovely places. If I could, I would go there any time. So nice you're staying a week in London! :D

  12. @ Louise - we're going to Lucerne, Florence, Rome, Venice Salzburg, Heidelburg and Amsterdam! It's a lot for two weeks haha, I'm going to be exhausted.

  13. Gorgeous photos ;x That hair bow is amazing !!

  14. Hey Jane,
    I love how you've captured that beautiful sunlight in the top photo. Can't wait to get more of that light once this rain and cold clear up.
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. That's a very cute dress!

  15. Summer for you and winter for me! How I wish we could trade :)


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