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December 30, 2011

Blue boots

I meant to post this a few weeks ago but other entries got in the way. I bought these boots in anticipation of my trip in February: I needed comfortable and somewhat weatherproof shoes (I didn't even have any suitable pairs for Sydney winters! I spent too many days with wet feet this year). A lot of people seem to love Doc Martens, so this is me hopping onto the bandwagon pretty late with my navy 1460s. I picked this colour because it's subdued enough to match most my clothes, but a bit more fun than black.

I got them on ebay, and despite my reservations about buying shoes online (they never fit well) and from ebay (which can be pretty dodgy), they're perfect (slightly loose, but the next size down was too small!). I'm in the process of breaking them in right now.

And with this being the 9th post this month, I've broken my monthly posting record, haha. I don't think I'll be posting again before the end of the year (which has gone by really quickly and I'm glad to see it ending. I'm ready for a fresh start). Do you guys have New Year's resolutions? My main one for 2012 is to be less socially awkward e.g. stop hiding from people I know to avoid small talk. Er, not that I've ever done that.

Hope you have a great NYE!

December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas (no special lunches or dinners, no family gatherings), but we usually have a family day. This year we drove to La Perouse. It's got a French name because the French landed here a couple of days after the First Fleet. The weather finally realised that it's summer, and turned out a really hot and sunny day - I was wearing boots and I thought my feet were going to fall off from being too hot!

The mouth of Botany Bay.

It was... super windy on the coast.

One of their two nice beaches.

Bare Island, which I think was used as a fort.

The second beach.

This was my outfit. I found the silk blouse in my mum's wardrobe. She's actually got some nice clothes that she nevers wears anymore (some of it is a bit too 80s for my taste though!). I wore it with my current favourite skirt and favourite small bag (which I can't usually carry cause it doesn't fit my camera).

Well there's my Christmas all wrapped up! I went to the sales again yesterday, and again bought nothing. I suppose that's a good thing though, since I'm supposed to be saving for Europe (one month to go!).

Next up - to tackle New Year's Eve! Although I haven't got any plans yet. What are you guys doing?

December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eves in the last few years were pretty uneventful for me, so this year I figured I'd round up a bunch of friends (who didn't already have family commitments) and go out to dinner. We picked out Jamie's Italian (Jamie Oliver's chain restaurant which recently opened in Sydney) - I'd heard about the queues, but we got there quite early and it was pretty empty. Most of my pictures turned out badly because of the low lighting but YY was there and her hands are steadier than mine, apparently.

I had pasta carbonara and it was really nice! Better than your basic carbonara because the flavour of the sauce was pretty intense.

The "posh chips", which are chips with parmesan and truffle oil (Charlie and Co in Westfield do them as well). They were okay, I suppose; pretty cheesy but the chips weren't that great and the portion was tiny.

Dessert: chocolate brownie with raspberry, amaretto, and vanilla ice cream. It was way too much; I couldn't finish the brownie. Definitely should be shared!

Carrie had the right idea and got sorbet for her dessert.

Afterwards, we wandered down to sit by Circular Quay for a while (we always end up here, or in Maccas, but we were way too full for McDonalds). Carrie and Mel left early but YY and I sat until it was almost dark (it was past 8 - the days are so long, it's getting confusing).

Melany and her owls.

Carrie and her camera.

Full shot of my Christmassy outfit, thanks to YY again (sorry for the massive picture - I have this thing where I need every picture on this blog to be 700px wide). We all agreed to add a bit of festivity to our outfits; the others just wore touches of red but I went in with the green as well. I felt a little over-Christmassed, but then I saw a bunch of girls dressed like Santa (if Santa ever wears minidresses), which reassured me a bit.

I have pictures from Christmas Day, which are coming soon. Hope everyone's having a fabulous holiday season! I braved the Boxing Day sales today but I came out with nothing to show for it... I'm too impatient to deal with crowds and lines of that size.

December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

Just thought I'd drop in with a baby post to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

This is me posing awkwardly with a candycane to make this post more Christmas-themed. How do you guys eat your candycanes? I break off the little curved bit first, eat that, and then start on the rest of it.

This is what I wore to a Christmas Eve dinner with a couple of friends. The cardigan is greener in real life, I swear (I tried with all my photoshop powers to stop it from looking blue in the pictures). We all agreed to dress Christmassy except I overdid it with the red and green combination... I looked like some Christmas freak.

The clock's just ticked past midnight so it's officially Christmas here in Sydney, Australia! Have a good one!

December 19, 2011


I'm not that big of a make-up fan. Just give me any black eyeliner and something to make my skin look somewhat passable, and I'm happy. A couple of years ago though, I went through this "lipstick phase" and it's been revived in the past few weeks. My favourite lipstick (well, the only one I owned at the time) was running out so I took to ASOS and got two of the Kate Moss for Rimmel ones. By the way, for my fellow Australians (if you haven't realised already): makeup is way, way, cheaper online.

01 is a red. 04 is a dark purple, which I got cause I was feeling adventurous. I wish they had better names for the colours (puns are always good).

Here are two webcam pics from when I wore them out (notice the same dress on different days. Please don't judge me). To make up for past indiscretions, I haven't been wearing lipstick with any eyemakeup (when I was 15 I honestly believed heavy eyeliner with bright lipstick was a good daytime look).

I can't say that the "feeling adventurous" gamble paid off because 04 is really hard to wear - it makes my skintone look odd when my clothes are anything other than black. So then I end up looking like some 13 year old mall goth (although judging from my last post, this is probably my true self).

So 01 is basically... red (blue red I think?). I think I like more orange-reds better.

The eagle-eyed of you will noticed that I've cut my hair (literally. I cut it myself). My hair has a complicated and tragic past (I'm just being dramatic here) that I will explain after I grow it out a bit more and get it done by an actual hairdresser.

In other news, Deluminators turns 1 today! Thanks for reading and following, I've greatly enjoyed oversharing blogging this year. It still amazes me when I lurk my stats (haha) and see people from places on the other side of the world visiting my blog!

December 14, 2011


I've always had this thing for bones. Seeing this sweatshirt from Topshop reawoke my 13-year-old self's desire for skeleton print tights, so I took to ebay and found the nicest (i.e. most anatomically correct) pair. Featuring Billy Bones, who I put together last summer (I told you I liked bones).

In keeping up with the theme of this post, here's a clip I bought at the Rock'n Roll and Alternative markets a couple of Sundays back. It's a red bow with white polkadots and a skeleton cameo... which is basically everything I love. YY got a matching purple one.

I've bought a heap of things, which I mean to show off, that post is coming up soon!

December 10, 2011


On Thursday it was a YY's birthday, so we went to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic. The weather's been miserable for summer lately but luckily the rain held off (we sat in a gazebo just in case). Too bad there was no golden hour because of the overcast sky.

Pretty weird to have to carry around an umbrella this time of the year. This is YY's Cath Kidston one, it's transparent with planes.

This really nice punch YY mixed up with fruit juices (and rum).

It was pretty near closing time when we decided to leave the gardens (imagine getting locked in...). We decided to go to McDonalds (no, really) and walked through Martin Place on the way, where the Christmas tree is up.

Hey guys! Wait up!

The ever fashionable Jasmine. I think that's her phone she's staring at intently, not the umbrella.

Birthday girl.

Alice and Jasmine.

It was cold (I hadn't dressed for the weather), and when the clock started chiming, I felt a bit festive for the first time in years. I haven't been in the spirit for the last couple of Christmases, possibly because I've been warped by images of "white Christmas" and it's usually blazing hot here, haha.

I've got a backlog of planned posts, which never happens while uni is in, so look out for those. I do feel like I've been spending too much time on the computer, though. I usually online shop or watch TV show/movies until my eyes get sore, which can't be a good thing. I should get out more. Tell me I'm not the only one?

December 6, 2011


On Saturday, a couple of friends and I went to Cronulla Beach (you've probably heard of it in a bad light, but it is a nice beach). Time passes so quickly at the beach - I'd be bored out of my mind just lying on the ground at home, but on sand by the sea it's fun, somehow. It wasn't a typical beach day (only about 23C) but it was warm in the sun while not being overly hot. The water was so cold but after getting used to it hit was quite refreshing. I also managed to evade major sunburn (which is the worst).

Were you expecting more pictures? Too bad, haha. There weren't many pictures to take and all the other ones are happy snaps of my friends and I'm not sure if they want their photos on here.

This has been... a terribly short post. I just wanted to keep the (posting) ball rolling. I'm not bored of holidays yet - even if it's just a day at home online shopping (I love setting the view to "200 items" and just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling) while watching Geordie Shore (I couldn't help it. That show was addictive).

December 3, 2011

Night out

On Monday night (yes, my posts are lagging) I went out for dinner with a couple of friends, some of who I hadn't seen in an age. Everyone's finished uni for the year now, and I'm hoping to do more catching up around people's work commitments and overseas trips. We ate at this Japanese noodles place (you might remember I generally don't like Asian food, so I complained a little bit) and then had dessert from Mother's Crepe.

Me on the left, and WL. The reason there are always blurry pictures of me is that my camera doesn't autofocus prime lenses, so that it's a bit hard for my friends (who aren't used to them) to use.

Afterwards, we headed to Darling Harbour. They've finished with renovating Darling Walk, and it's called "Darling Quarter" now. I'm not sure I like the new one, I'll need to see it in daylight to pass proper judgement. But they've got this cool new interactive water feature and an awesome new playground, complete with giant slide.

Unfortunately, there was not much clambering around for me, since I was wearing a really short floaty skirt and wasn't fond of the idea of showing the world my undies. I'm definitely gonna throw on a pair of shorts if we're going again!

They've thrown up the Christmas tree in QVB. I'm looking forward to the lead-up to Christmas when all the shops are open super late; I love the busy atmosphere.