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December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas (no special lunches or dinners, no family gatherings), but we usually have a family day. This year we drove to La Perouse. It's got a French name because the French landed here a couple of days after the First Fleet. The weather finally realised that it's summer, and turned out a really hot and sunny day - I was wearing boots and I thought my feet were going to fall off from being too hot!

The mouth of Botany Bay.

It was... super windy on the coast.

One of their two nice beaches.

Bare Island, which I think was used as a fort.

The second beach.

This was my outfit. I found the silk blouse in my mum's wardrobe. She's actually got some nice clothes that she nevers wears anymore (some of it is a bit too 80s for my taste though!). I wore it with my current favourite skirt and favourite small bag (which I can't usually carry cause it doesn't fit my camera).

Well there's my Christmas all wrapped up! I went to the sales again yesterday, and again bought nothing. I suppose that's a good thing though, since I'm supposed to be saving for Europe (one month to go!).

Next up - to tackle New Year's Eve! Although I haven't got any plans yet. What are you guys doing?


  1. LOVE your outfit :) Super cute bag!
    Your Christmas was totally different from mine, seeing how you were somewhere nice and warm and I was in the midst of a snow storm!

    I'm going to Pittsburgh with my friends for NYE, staying at a casino resort. :)

  2. that place looks great! I hope I'll get to know it someday! yout outfit is lovely!

  3. Wow, the place looks amazing. It's great that you get to see Botany Bay and everything - it's like revisiting a piece of history.
    In absolute love with your skirt! Been looking for one like that for yonks now!

  4. OOh, these pictures are so gorgeous! Meanwhile, what a lovely look! I am jealous you are able to borrow your mother's clothes - my mom got rid of most of her 80s wardrobe!

  5. oh, what a beautiful place! <3 i want to go to the beach so bad. your outfit was so lovely. :) glad you had a wonderful day out with your family, Jane! xx

  6. Your post makes me itch to come visit Sydney again, I haven't been in so long.
    I hope that you have a happy and safe new years! I'll be heading up to the mountains with a close friend, apparently for one of my first NYE's at 'home' I'm still avoiding the city's hustle and bustle at all costs.

  7. Ohhhhhhh, I love the blouse! :D It seems you had a nice Christmas day! The place is beautiful, and the warmth radiates from the pictures. It's a lot, LOT, less sunny over here. I'd love to have summer back, oh well, just 5 months away. :')

    I hope the weather will be nicer when you're in Europe!!

  8. beautiful bag! I like the place :) visit my blog if you want, xoxo

  9. The location is so gorgeous! And your outfit is fabulous, the colour of the shirt is so beautiful <3

  10. Ohh cute outfit, looks like it suited the weather perfectly. I love that our weather has started to be a bit summery!

    Botany Bay looks so nice, I hope I can get there one day.

    Hope you had a great New Years Eve :) I'm roadtripping with a few friends and staying at a place called Bridgewater for a few nights, can't wait!

  11. wow I miss summer.... great pictures and lovely outfit. Following you now. Will you follow back?

  12. My family never celebrated Christmas either, which I think is what lead to my insane love of the holidays in adulthood. Also, I am happy to take that tacky late 80s stuff off you if required (or you could sell it, trust me there's a market for that shit).

  13. Love the fact that you have a nice family day even if you don't really celebrate Christmas! And it looks like a lovely day! Oh gosh! I miss the beach haha!

    Have a lovely new years weekend Jane!

  14. Ohh I LOVE the red blouse on you! I rather like the 80s feel. I can't believe it's summer there! But it looks like you had a lovely holiday with your family. :]


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