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December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

Just thought I'd drop in with a baby post to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

This is me posing awkwardly with a candycane to make this post more Christmas-themed. How do you guys eat your candycanes? I break off the little curved bit first, eat that, and then start on the rest of it.

This is what I wore to a Christmas Eve dinner with a couple of friends. The cardigan is greener in real life, I swear (I tried with all my photoshop powers to stop it from looking blue in the pictures). We all agreed to dress Christmassy except I overdid it with the red and green combination... I looked like some Christmas freak.

The clock's just ticked past midnight so it's officially Christmas here in Sydney, Australia! Have a good one!


  1. Merry Christmas! Love how festive this look is :) nothing wrong with pairing green and red around the holidays xoxo

  2. Haha, 'Posing awkwardly with a candy cane to make this post more christmas-themed.'

    The red green combo is cute though. I was just laughing at my dad cause he was wearing a green sweater and red trousers, but by accident. Also, the dress is very nice :)

  3. Merry Christmas Jane! Love this little outfit, your dress is so sweet (:

  4. Aw yay, Merry Christmas Jane! I dig the outfit, it's so cute and Christmas-y!

  5. CUTE outfit ! It's adorable and I love how your pictures are Christmasy :)

    I start from the bottom, and when I get to the curved part I just chew on it. I haven't had candy canes in a long time

  6. aww i love your christmas freak outfit! :') and have a great christmas! <3

  7. I adore your outfit, it's gorgeous! Merry Christmas, Jane. <33

  8. Love your outfit! So festive! :)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!! //Niina

  9. that is a darling dress. I actually tend to pass on the candy canes at Christmas and go straight for the chocolate :)

  10. Eee this is so pretty! I love the color of the dress <3


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