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December 10, 2011


On Thursday it was a YY's birthday, so we went to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic. The weather's been miserable for summer lately but luckily the rain held off (we sat in a gazebo just in case). Too bad there was no golden hour because of the overcast sky.

Pretty weird to have to carry around an umbrella this time of the year. This is YY's Cath Kidston one, it's transparent with planes.

This really nice punch YY mixed up with fruit juices (and rum).

It was pretty near closing time when we decided to leave the gardens (imagine getting locked in...). We decided to go to McDonalds (no, really) and walked through Martin Place on the way, where the Christmas tree is up.

Hey guys! Wait up!

The ever fashionable Jasmine. I think that's her phone she's staring at intently, not the umbrella.

Birthday girl.

Alice and Jasmine.

It was cold (I hadn't dressed for the weather), and when the clock started chiming, I felt a bit festive for the first time in years. I haven't been in the spirit for the last couple of Christmases, possibly because I've been warped by images of "white Christmas" and it's usually blazing hot here, haha.

I've got a backlog of planned posts, which never happens while uni is in, so look out for those. I do feel like I've been spending too much time on the computer, though. I usually online shop or watch TV show/movies until my eyes get sore, which can't be a good thing. I should get out more. Tell me I'm not the only one?


  1. that must be a little weird being so hot at christmas, but those lights are amaze! couldn't be more festive if they tried! love your umbrella x

  2. Gosh, Jane. This really looks incredibly festive. The brownies look yummy, your friends look pretty and awesome, the Christmastree looks amazing and I can actually almost hear the clock chiming. (and that umbrella is the coolest of all)

    By the way, about Amsterdam. Please do visit the Van Gogh museum at Museumplein! (it's near Rijks Museum, which is nice too, but I like Van Gogh better). If the weather is nice enough, take a boattour through the canals, it's lovely to see Amsterdam from there. Maybe go eat some pancakes or 'poffertjes'. (poffertjes are one of the few things I like in Dutch cuisine) Also, try out some cafes for some nice beers (in case you like beer, which I don't but whatever) there is a really cute and small (and dusty but not gross) one called 'De Dokter' in the Rozenboomsteeg (a sidestreet of the Kalverstraat, which is the main shoppingstreet of Amsterdam. You can google it. ;)

    And eh, well... you can visit the Anne Frank house. I will think for things you might want to see/do when you're here! (even though you might not be here for long, hehe)

  3. your pictures are lovely :) Looks like the birthday girl had fun!

    I LOVE Cath Kidston! xxx

  4. Your umbrella looks so so cute and those brownies look delicious, super photos <3

  5. these photos are stunning, Jane! <3 thank you for all your kind words on my blog btw. :) one of my favourite things about Christmas is all the beautiful outdoor decorations and trees. i love how it gets everyone in the spirit. the b&w photos are sooo lovely. happy belated birthday to your friend! ;) xxx

  6. LACE DRESS! So pretty!
    Love the Christmas lights :)
    Those brownies look delicious!

  7. Dont worry your not the only one i do all the same things as you :) what would we do without the internet haha

    cool photos those brownies look so good!
    Thank you for visiting my little blog! Im now following your blog :)

  8. Wow these photos are gorgeous! Love the decorations that pop up around Christmas time. That lace dress looks incredible.

  9. love the christmassy atmosphere! still missing that somehow in stockholm, cause it's raining the entire time...

    xx mika

  10. I love how festive it looks, the lights are so pretty and those brownies look so good ^_^ xoxo

  11. i love the bokeh is second last photo! so lovely x

  12. Looks like fun! I am now CRAVING brownies, I've been craving them for a while now, I seriously need to get around to making them!

    The weather here has sucked, super light sprinkles for December...and then my friend tells me it's supposed to get up to the 60's. Weird, but, I'm not complaining :)

  13. it's so funny, that's exactly what's been going on in my mind lately. it's good to disappear and have time away from all of this. what else will you be posting about right? xx

    and the weather! at least it's nice and warm over there. LA is now in it's winter months and it's absolutely horrible ;(

  14. I absolutely love your pictures - seriously, they have a nice candid quality about them. And I love the bokeh in the last two, I need to buy a lens that can let me do that.

    I loathe winter weather, the novelty of snow has gone. Maybe we should just swap countries? I'd love to be somewhere that has fairylights wrapped around palm trees. :)


  15. ohh yum, those brownies! and i hate carrying an umbrella round in summer, it makes me so sad. :(


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