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December 3, 2011

Night out

On Monday night (yes, my posts are lagging) I went out for dinner with a couple of friends, some of who I hadn't seen in an age. Everyone's finished uni for the year now, and I'm hoping to do more catching up around people's work commitments and overseas trips. We ate at this Japanese noodles place (you might remember I generally don't like Asian food, so I complained a little bit) and then had dessert from Mother's Crepe.

Me on the left, and WL. The reason there are always blurry pictures of me is that my camera doesn't autofocus prime lenses, so that it's a bit hard for my friends (who aren't used to them) to use.

Afterwards, we headed to Darling Harbour. They've finished with renovating Darling Walk, and it's called "Darling Quarter" now. I'm not sure I like the new one, I'll need to see it in daylight to pass proper judgement. But they've got this cool new interactive water feature and an awesome new playground, complete with giant slide.

Unfortunately, there was not much clambering around for me, since I was wearing a really short floaty skirt and wasn't fond of the idea of showing the world my undies. I'm definitely gonna throw on a pair of shorts if we're going again!

They've thrown up the Christmas tree in QVB. I'm looking forward to the lead-up to Christmas when all the shops are open super late; I love the busy atmosphere.


  1. You always seem to have the most delicious food on a night out!

  2. yay! :) i always look forward to a new post from you, Jane! hehe thank you for your comment, love. :) the food sounds delicious, as always. and your photos are beautiful. i love the bokeh! i'm sure i asked you this before but i never found out, what lens do you use? hehe i've got that same situation when my friends/family use my camera! lul i feel bad cause sometimes they seem intimidated and just don't want to take any photos (thus there are barely any photos of myself). the playground looks amazing! the nighttime shots are lovely. xxx

  3. Ohh is that iced coffee with ice cream? Yum! And that water slide is soo sweet. Is it warm where you are?

  4. Oh my Lord at all the yummy looking treats! I'm dying over here! c;

  5. I want to check out this "Darling Qaurter" Every time I head to the city... I never get the chance to thoroughly explore! But then again, wit Sydneys bipolar weather, we can't really do much. Well, I can't anyways, bwahaha! But the drinks looks so yummy!

  6. you're photos are so beautiful! how do you do it?? lol
    aw I love asian food! and I sooo think you should get a bento box!

  7. Mmmm looks yummy! Love the title of your blog by the way...I hope it is a reference to "Harry Potter"? =)

  8. I reckon they've done quite a good job with that new playground. We were they were with our boys and I can see them enjoying that giant slide when they're a bit older! Glad that you're making the most of your post-exam freedom.
    Ronnie xo

  9. This looks like so much funnnnn! Photos are amazing as usual. The food looks so lovely.

  10. @ Tasha - I use a 50mm f/1.8 lens :)

    @ Sewon - that's not a water slide, just a normal one, unfortunately, haha. But yes, it is warm where I am, since it's summer here.

    @ Hope - yes it is, haha.

  11. The food looks delicious ! I've never visited darling harbour during the night but it does look peaceful in your photos :)

  12. Oh yes! I love these photos, it always seems like you have the best, and most fun, times!

    I hope you'll enjoy Europe! The places you're visiting are great, and that are indeed a lot of places to visit in just 2 weeks! Please visit the good places in Amsterdam, it's not all bad. Heidelberg, Florence and Rome are the best. I hope you'll enjoy your stay there! :D

    I can't actually wait for you to go, you must be really excited! :O

  13. i hate the busy atmosphere, but that's because i'm working in retail, haha. but i'll have to go to the city and check out the QVB christmas tree, it's always so pretty! & i've never heard of this crepe place, but yum! it looks so good.

  14. lovely pictures - looks like lots of fun! will be following you from now!

    all the best from stockholm,
    xx mika

  15. Looove your photos - looks like you had a great night :)
    Yumm the food is making me drool!

  16. Looks like so much fun! That dessert looked fantastic!

  17. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great night out! And I'm a bit jealous when I see the pictures in your most recent post, THE BEACH! I need some BEACH time right now :)

    Take care! //Niina

    (Just realized I'm not following your blog yet, why not?? I'm doing it right away :))


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