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January 24, 2012

Pink hair

One last post before I leave for Europe on Thursday! A bit different, more along "hair and beauty" lines.

The other week YY linked me to this product called "Color Bug" by Kevin Murphy. It's basically temporary hair colour in powder form (which you apply over some product, and hairspray it to make it stay). I've liked the idea of pink hair for ages, but since my hair is basically black-brown, I would've needed to bleach it and then keep dyeing over that, which is too much commitment for me. After seeing that it actually works on dark hair, I went out and bought some, and tried it out yesterday.

You get several uses out of one can.

It worked really well in that the colour came out pretty intensely. I didn't like how the pink looked in my hair though, it was almost purple-ish and not in a good way.

There was a bit of fallout. I went out to run some errands, and by the time I came back there was a light dusting of pink all over my shoulders - wasn't too noticeable but it was there. This may have been because I'm not too skilled with the hairspray can. It washes out easily, though.

I wanted to wear it out again today, but I was short on time (and it had taken me ages), so I just put one streak in, which only took a second. It's a bit hard to tell, though. All in all, it's pretty fun to use but I don't really like walking around worrying about whether it's on my clothes or not.

I've thought about it and I won't be updating here while I'm away. I'm not taking a computer and won't be able to upload my nicer photos to the net, and I hate the idea of doing a whole string of text-only/phone picture posts on here. I've scheduled some entries though, and I'll be updating about my trip at my tumblr, if you care to follow (leave your username here if you do, I never know who's who on tumblr). So that's it from me for a while, probably until I get to London in three week's time!

January 22, 2012


I leave for Europe on Thursday, and I've been half packed for a month - that's how excited I am. I don't know why people find packing a chore, I love it. Anyway, whenever I see packing posts on other blogs I go crazy with envy, so I figured I'd do one of my own, ha. I'll be going to London, Paris, the Swiss Alps and parts of Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The weather there will be probably be freezing to me, seeing as it never really drops below 10C here.

Here's the gist of what I'll be wearing... I'm obviously taking other things, like underwear and socks, as well as leggings and a thermal to wear underneath everything. Oh, and of course, gloves/hat/scarf.

My wool coat, my mum's down parka and my dad's windbreaker/rainjacket (it was a coincidence that all three are red). Truth be told, I don't really need to take the wool coat because I really don't think it'll be warm enough half the time; my excuse is that it just looks nicer and I'm going to wear it whenever I can.

I've also picked out my reading material for the plane, but I think I'll be glued to the little entertainment system most of the time. I've also got some guidebooks. Jenny lent me the Wallpaper Paris one - they look nice but they are the worst - not helpful at all, so I probably won't take it.

I will probably post again before I leave, so don't say your goodbyes yet! Also, any cold weather tips? // Happy Chinese New Year to anyone who celebrates it!

January 20, 2012

Thursday night

On Thursday night I had dinner with Wailam. She took me to this place with really good chicken schnitzel, because she knows how much I like it, haha. Partly celebratory as well, because she managed to get a transfer into a uni course she wanted.

Quick outfit shot before leaving. The dress came with a necktie but I felt like it was too much.

My docs, almost completely broken in. I feel so stomp-y when I wear them, I love it.

Lemon lime and bitters, my favourite drink right now. Thanks WL for the picture on the left.

We then strolled down to Darling Harbour to catch the end of golden hour.

Macarons from the Lindt cafe. They are actually $3 each now! $3.

I put this together while swivelling to and from the TV screen - I've randomly gotten into tennis and I've been watching the Australian Open. I even got WL to explain the points system yesterday, but I'm still a little confused.

January 16, 2012

By the sea shore

Technically, you could say that my Sunday was a failure of a day. We'd planned on going to the beach, but, as forecasted, the morning turned out chilly and drizzly. We decided to go to Bondi Beach anyway, so that we could check out the markets - but it had closed early and we got there too late. So we wandered up the main road and had lunch at Moo. The area's got a nice vibe, but it's too beachy (well, its main attraction is the beach) for my taste. We then plopped ourselves on the grass and pretended that it was what we'd meant to do all along.

The weather actually got a little sunny, and we cursed ourselves for not having brought our swimmers. Then again, the water would've still been freezing.

WL's bag.

I think there's a bit of fashion photographer potential in Jenny, she's always so snap happy when I ask her to take pictures of me. And she takes good ones too! Unfortunately they're ruined by my... face (squinting in the sun is not a good look).

WL's Dali watch, which we got her for her birthday. Yes, the hands are his moustache.

A big storm started rolling in, proving the weather forecast right after all, and we bailed. All in all, not a bad day. This week's meant to get warmer so we've planned a proper beach trip, fingers crossed it goes ahead!

January 14, 2012

2012 diary

Just showing off this red Moleskine diary I nabbed for cheap at Glebe Markets last week. I generally wait until the new year starts before I buy a diary, because that's when they're all discounted (living the high life). I never really got the hype about Moleskines, but I liked the look of my 2011 one sitting on my desk so much, I decided to get another. I got a weekly one because I've no need for a daily (the pages just went to waste).

I love the format: it's a week on a page and then a lined page opposite (perfect for to-do lists, shopping lists...).

Comes with stickers too.

What do you do with your old diaries? I don't want to bin the nicer ones but they're not exactly reusable. I'm not into the idea of keeping them for sentimentality, because a couple of years down the track I'll just find them and get really nostalgic and sad.

P.S. I'm so glad Blogger came out with threaded comments (the option to reply to comments). Can anyone tell me if you get an email notification if someone replies to your comment?

January 11, 2012


Today I had a picnic planned with Janet (who lives literally two streets away) at a local park. We've always mentioned how weird it is that we've never hung out in our neighbourhood even though we live so close. So today, we finally got around to doing that. It was really sunny and I forgot to put on sunscreen, so unfortunately my arms got a bit sunburnt.

Janet's got a new camera and was playing around with it today. I had fun with her video function (since my camera doesn't have it).

We ate crackers and drank creaming soda, I'd forgotten how sweet it is.

The wind made sure that my hair didn't look good for the rest of the day.

We then decided to drive to the beach (yes I drove to the local park, to be fair we had to go to the shopping centre to buy food beforehand). I love having the use of a car, you can go anywhere (anywhere you know the way to and has parking, that is). We stuck mainly to this grove of trees by the sand.

After that, we decided to drive all the way to IKEA to get a $1 hot dog. That's summer holiday aimlessness for you. We also checked out the massive Salvos store next to it, but neither of us are that into thrifting so we didn't come out with anything.

On an unrelated note, the sky looked really nice at sunset today. I use to always take pictures of the sunrise/sunset, but I haven't been paying them much attention lately.

January 8, 2012

Glebe Markets

Yesterday I went to Glebe Markets. The markets are better than I remembered (I'd only been once before, more than a year ago); there were a lot of nice things for sale. It was a proper summer day, pretty hot and sunny. I didn't buy much, but I think I'll visit more often - it's pretty easy since it's close to the city and on every week.

Started off with obligatory thai lunch in Newtown. Apparently I am the only person in the world who isn't into thai food. Let me tell you, my friends are worse than my parents when it comes to nagging me about my picky eating (Jane, if this was pizza you'd eat twice the amount in half the time well yes, but this isn't pizza, is it?).

I've just noticed... that girl in the background is wearing a really cute dress.

Carrie buying a book.

Setting up a stall would be such a good way to get rid of some stuff, but I don't think people will like my old things enough to cover the cost and bother of getting one.

I liked how no one told me I couldn't take pictures of things, which happens in some other markets. I'm still not quite clear on what the etiquette/rules are about this?

Really nice vintage dresses that were reasonably priced. I was tempted but I've put myself on a dresses ban (I have way too many, I don't even wear all the ones own).

This stall had some adorable dresses and some awesome funky jewellery, but I didn't buy anything. I kind of wish I had, though! Maybe next time.

Afterwards we sat at San Churro across the road and had this really unimpressive caramel fudge parfait.

Chatime for the walk up Broadway. I used to get these teas all the time from EasyWay but apparently Chatime is the way to go nowadays. I usually get a flavoured green tea (grapefruit this time) with aloe vera pieces (the best part).

As you might be able to tell from this massive post, I was happier with my pictures this time around. Although halfway through the day my viewfinder got really blurry, while the photos were turning out fine. Turns out I'd accidentally reset the dioptre (there's this slider thing which you can use to adjust how things look through the viewfinder), which I didn't know existed until a google search. The things you learn !