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January 7, 2012

Bow brigade

Yesterday I went out with friends and shopped store browsed on Oxford St, had really good chips at Hart's Pub, went to the Guylian cafe and shopped (again) on Pitt St. I wasn't really in a photographing mood though, and I suppose that translated into the photos I did take, because I don't really like many of them. I wasn't going to post these, but I got so sick of seeing the NYE post as the latest one, haha.

Odd face here but I do like my hair in this picture...

I got the dark chocolate milkshake and it was quite nice. Although for $7 (yes, $7) I could probably make a litre of it myself at home.

At the bottom of Westfield Sydney (what I like to call the "peasant level" - the only floor where there are stores I can actually afford things from), there are these little stalls (like a little marketplace), where we got matching bows... as you do.

My posting spree seems to have ground to a halt! I haven't been up to much this week (apart from going out yesterday). I've basically had work every morning and come home to a TV show marathon. I am probably going to do a ranting post about my Europe trip (three weeks!) soon, just a friendly warning. I'm actually almost fully packed, because I'm a freak one of those over-enthusiastic, over-planning people. Although I do have to keep pulling things out of my suitcase so that I can, y'know, wear/use them.

P.S. I'm hoping I caught all the typos/grammatical errors in this post. I'm really tired today!


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  2. Those milkshakes look divine! Yes, $7 is kind of ridiculous, but sometimes you just have to go for the splurge and indulge yourself. It's good for the psyche! Albeit, bad for the wallet.

  3. @ geebambino - Haha "extremely involved", I'm going to be using that description from now on.

    @ Jillian - I like that, you've given me an excuse to be really bad though, haha.

  4. That milkshake!! I've only bought the $1 milkshakes in McDonald's lol. And yay for a trip to europe! I want to travel somewhere so bad :(

  5. nice pics!!!i invite you to visit my blog and if you like it to follow me from google friends and i will be happy to follow you!!
    xoxo from italy
    A_C'est moi

  6. Aaah I really need to visit Sydney! I'm always so jealous of your amazing foodie visits, and I think the Guylian cafe is my type of haunt (: Hope you have a lovely Europe trip!

  7. mmm, i want that milkshake right now. :3 the bows are so adorable too! and only three weeks to your Europe trip! i'm feeling excited for you, hehe. xxx

  8. Methinks I need to visit that cafe...

  9. I think the photos are still nice even if you weren't in a photo taking mood :)
    The milkshakes look SO delicious!

  10. oooh that chocolate milkshake looks sooo good! your matching bowties are so cute!
    you take beautiful pictures! :)

  11. These photos make it look like you had an extremely good afternoon just relaxing. (which sounds divine, i've been actually studying these days (yes, studying I know, I must have gone mad, it's winter break!?) But anyway, those bows on everyone look pretty awesome.

    It's kind of freaky, but my hair kind of looks like yours but... blonde?! Hehe. I like your hair better than mine tho. :')

    Oh and I'm all in for your ranting post. I wonder where you're going and what you're up to when you're in Europe. I think you're incredible, already having packed. I am so terrible bad at packing early. So bravo. *do not mind my cheesyness, I am tired too. :p

  12. ahhh soo cool! i've never been to the Guylian cafe, that would be sweeeet! i especially am a big fan of dark chocolate, and that drink looks sooo good right now x

    pretty lil' bows too!

  13. nice hot chocolate;)

  14. It looks so yummy, and those bows are lovely!

  15. Such a great post dear! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  16. Your hair does look lovely on that picture :) Please check out my blog!

    Laura x

  17. awesome pictures! :)

    please visit and follow my blog:

  18. $7?? Ouch. There's a chocolate restaurant in Harrods which sells chocolate shots. Believe me, they're amazing, but last time I went they were £5.50. For a shot! I love the little bows (:

  19. lovely photos, that drink looks so good xx

  20. I tiny contrasting bow tie is something I need to look in to, pronto.

  21. That milkshake looks yummy! Following you now hope to hear from you soon as well :)


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