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February 28, 2012

Pies and chess

A break in the Europe posts. On Saturday I caught up with Alice, Carrie and YY to go to Glebe Markets (no pictures from that because I've posted about it before and it's basically the same every week). First up was lunch at the Pie Tin in Newtown.

I got the steak, bacon and cheese pie - damn right, that's two different kinds of meat. It was pretty good. I didn't have any of their amazing-sounding dessert pies on the day but I went again today with Jaz and got an apple/blueberry one, it was nice.

After the markets, we went to the bookstore/cafe across the road to play chess. My strategy was "move a random piece and hope for the best". Needless to say, Carrie won.

Forbidden love.

"Hm, I wonder what will happen if I move my knight here?"

We were then in the mood for Monopoly (Spongebob Monopoly, apparently), so we went to Norita, which is a cafe that has a load of boardgames.

I'm finding it really hard to get back into the grind of university (and getting used to Sydney after Europe!). This past summer has been the best one ever, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to have one as epic (my holidays get shorter from now on). I'm glad I blogged throughout it all, to have something to remember it by. I don't know how my posts are going to compare now that uni's started, they're going to get a lot more boring!

February 27, 2012

Florence and Rome

Here are pictures from Florence and Rome. They're both pretty cities but I didn't feel any special connection to them. Apparently it's crazy that we saw snow in Rome - the most snow in 25 years, I think it was. It made it really hard to get around, because it all melted to slush and I was afraid I was going to fall on my face.

The Vatican was a definite highlight. All the artwork in there is amazing. E.g. in this one, it's actually a just a flat painting which has been made to look 3D. What??

It looked like the entire population of Rome was out and about checking out the snow.

Roman forum ruins covered in snow.

I'm back at uni now and I'm exhausted after just one day. I'm hoping I can get myself organised enough to keep posting regularly.

February 26, 2012

Swiss Alps

This was probably my favourite place, because it was so, so beautiful. We stayed on Mt Rigi, and it was both awesome and scary (we almost got lost in the snow). It was also the first time I've experienced snow, and I just couldn't get over it (like how weird it was to have my hair freeze and that snowflakes actually look like cartoon snowflakes). There was actually about 1.5m of snow, apparently, and it was crazy seeing things like benches buried under it (the snow was too dry for snowball fights, but I did make a snow angel). We also visited Lucerne, a small town nearby.

In the cable car.

The Lion of Lucerne.

Rosti for lunch. Anything with potato and cheese gets an A+ in my book.

Mt Rigi

Florence and Rome next!

February 25, 2012

Paris II

The first part is here.

I loved the Notre Dame, even though the outside didn't look as big as I expected it to. Inside it was beautiful.

Shakespeare and Co was closed when we were there. I was so disappointed.

It was a bit of a hazy day when we went to Sacre Couer, so the views weren't quite clear. It was still lovely, though.


The old Opera House.

Of course, a sparkling Eiffel Tower. I remember it being super chilly and windy, I don't think I'd ever been that cold.

Next to the Pompidou centre. There was lots of shopping around this area.

Up next, Switzerland!