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February 4, 2012

Back at Bondi

This is a scheduled post (which Blogger is hopefully publishing at the right time). I'm currently gallivanting about Europe and posting about it occasionally on my tumblr.

On the Sunday before I left, a bunch of friends and I went to Bondi Beach, hoping for better weather. In the morning, it was cloudy, and then when we got there it started pouring with rain. We decided to stay at the beach and hope for the best, and after an hour or so, the rain stopped and sun appeared, so it turned into a good beach day after all.

Not many pictures, because I'm usually in the water at the beach. I get serious kicks from being thrown around by the crazy big waves (I don't think Canny appreciated being flipped right over and losing her sunglasses though).

When this posts, I should be shivering in Italy. Missing me?


  1. such beautiful beach photographs. this reminds me, i'll be going to Gold Coast in April! :) it'll be my first time on the East Coast of Australia. hehe. i hope you're having a swell time! xxx

    1. That's awesome! I've only been to the Gold Coast once but I had great fun at the theme parks, haha.

  2. Bondi is so beautiful! I actually haven't been there since last year because it's always so crowded and ugh, but it seems as though whenever you go it's not as crowded, haha. I hope you're having a blast in Europe! Can't wait for you to get back and post about it :)

  3. oh this is beautiful! hope you're enjoying your travels! shivering in italy is a lot better than shivering in MA ok? LOL

  4. I've always wanted to go to Italy! Hope it's not too cold for you there

  5. ahhh these are soo lovely + simple. i like the first pic too. you are soo lucky to live near Bondi! i love the icebergs swimming club and their infinity pool overlooking the ocean x sydney is such an incredible place.

    i hope you're having fun with your travels. post some european pics when you have the chance! looking forward to it xx

  6. Oh, the weather in those photo's are seriously different than over here in Europe. Glad you had such a good time, I love the beach too!

  7. These photos are so lovely, looks like such a fun & beautiful time!

  8. lucky you being in italy right now! looks like a nice day at bondi, i'm glad it stopped raining the day you went! hope your trip is amazing. :)

  9. love your blog
    such style


  10. Incredible photos as usual! Hope you're having an incredible time in Europe and I'm really looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing the gorgeous photos that you'll undoubtedly take!

  11. I absolutely love going to Bondi during the summer, but unfortunately this summer, the cool days and rain-threatening-clouds put me off. You take beautiful pictures. I hope you're having a good time abroad!


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