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February 27, 2012

Florence and Rome

Here are pictures from Florence and Rome. They're both pretty cities but I didn't feel any special connection to them. Apparently it's crazy that we saw snow in Rome - the most snow in 25 years, I think it was. It made it really hard to get around, because it all melted to slush and I was afraid I was going to fall on my face.

The Vatican was a definite highlight. All the artwork in there is amazing. E.g. in this one, it's actually a just a flat painting which has been made to look 3D. What??

It looked like the entire population of Rome was out and about checking out the snow.

Roman forum ruins covered in snow.

I'm back at uni now and I'm exhausted after just one day. I'm hoping I can get myself organised enough to keep posting regularly.


  1. Once again, looking at your pictures make my jaw drop through the floor. So beautiful! Your photos of your travels are making me wish I could magically teleport to Europe :(

  2. Wauw, great photos! I love the architecture and the art, I would love to visit Rome myself,


  3. Ohh, it's fun to see a city through someone else's lens. I've visited Rome a few months ago and thought is was gorgeous, just like Florence, but I too didn't really feel a real connection with Rome (Florence, yes).

    It's so different to see it with snow though!

    I thought the Vatican was amazing too, but I was a bit freaked out by all the old men + naked little boys/angels. Did you know a lot of the penises were chopped off the statues one day, and now they're all lying in drawers somewhere in a depot. At the time they were thought of 'indecent'. ...alright whatever.

    So soon back at uni! Good luck!! :)

    1. I knew about the penises being chopped off but I didn't realise they kept them! Haha that makes it a bit weirder.

  4. One word -- Whoa. These pictures are gorgeous and magical and all things beautiful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I have always love Europe, and your photos make me want to travel there even more <3 Thanks for the sharing anyway, so that I still could visit to these places without traveling, haha.

    And welcome back to studies! :P

  6. Beautiful pictures, I am so jealous!

  7. I love seeing these beautiful cities through your photographs! I'm speechless, these are great.

    It's always nice hearing from you. I must agree, I want to organize myself as well so I can post at least once a week. Have a good week :)

  8. Another round of gorgeous photos!

  9. that photo of the sculpture of perseus with medusa's head is amaaazing. AHAHHA i love how all the people have flocked out to see the snow. also, the vatican looks beautiful!

    1. Haha I totally forgot it was Perseus and Medusa... how did you even KNOW

  10. Stunning photos!

  11. Stunning photographs, you captured the city so beautifully!
    Thank you so much for your comment :)

  12. It feels weird to see Rome in snow!



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