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February 11, 2012

Summer sum-up

This is a scheduled post (which Blogger is hopefully publishing at the right time). I'm currently gallivanting about Europe and posting about it occasionally on my tumblr.

No new pictures, but here are some of my favourites from earlier this summer. Click them to go to the original post.

I was also tagged by Katie for the versatile blogger award a couple of weeks ago. Thanks also to Tasha and Mollie for tagging me in theirs, ages ago. I did try to do Tasha's one but I just couldn't think of so many things to say about myself, and after Katie tagged me I couldn't put it off for any longer, haha. Anyway, I have to post 7 facts about myself (this was pretty hard).
  1. I'm planning on living and working overseas (anywhere!) for a period of my life.
  2. My favourite place in Sydney is probably The Rocks, I know it's a touristy area but I like how it's got lots of history and its nice atmosphere.
  3. I play guitar... Or rather, I played it for a while a few years back, lost interest, didn't play it all last year, and have recently pulled it out and begun re-learning the basics.
  4. I feel really self-conscious while driving.
  5. Massive Sherlock Holmes fan here, I've read all the books and short stories. I was a little disappointed with the new movie (the one with Robert Downey Jnr) - the only good things were the Sherlock/Watson moments and Stephen Fry as Mycroft. I did come home to a really good episode of BBC's Sherlock, though.
  6. I am one of those people who overplan things. I need to know the exact details of everything I'm going to be doing.
  7. I was sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore, but I think I'm pretty Ravenclaw as well.
I'm tagging these five bloggers: Niina, Jessica, Jess, Joy, and Mika. I can't swing by and drop them comments, since I'm computerless (which is why I scheduled this in the first place), so hopefully they see this.

When this publishes, I'll either be in Amsterdam or on my way to London!


  1. These are some pretty neat photographs. I totally tried to schedule a post, and it never posted. I felt so organised, and then I had to manually post it again. So yay for schedule posts that post on time!


  2. these photos are lovely! <3 hehe i'm quite a fan of Sherlock Holmes but have not read all the books. i quite enjoy watching the movies and the BBC series though. i got sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore! :D
    hope you're having the most wonderful time in Europe, Jane! stay safe and happy. xxx

  3. haha yes i do see this. glad that the schedule thing on blogger ACTUALLY works for a change, shocker i know. love love love the photos!

  4. I'm currently doing number 3, but with re-learning German, rather than the guitar (which I've never learned, boo). And exactly the same with 7! It's obviously a conspiracy.

  5. come to LA, it will be such an experience for you! i'm soo excited about your trip to Amsterdam and London- do go to Camden town, such a nice strip of crazy shops xx

  6. you are such a popular one! lol! well its a given because your blog is so lovely! I always enjoy looking at your photos! and I also nominated you for an award called the Liebster Award! you are one of my top 5 blog reads!! I hope you accept the award!

  7. i can relate with #'s 1,3, and 6! I feel like travelling is such a great way to learn about other cultures and at the same time, we as individuals grow too~ I'm hoping to study in Taiwan this coming fall. (i'm planning to do that).

    it's great you've picked up guitar again! I took piano as a kid and many years ago, picked it up of the best decisions i ever made!

    hahahah i am somewhat of a control freak.. i think planning is good .. better to know than to not of what's happening right? makes us more clean about things for people like us

    keep in touch <33


  8. Thanks Jane, I don't know how I will do this, since I already talk about myself all the time! Also, I can't believe how disciplined you are with your blog that you planned out all these scheduled posts, I'm not even on holidays and I don't post this regularly. :)

  9. That dress is so cute. and your shoes too. absolutely adorable. it reflects so much of your personality.

    found the route

  10. have fun, dear! hope you enjoy your trip! <3

  11. i hope you're having an amazing trip! :) & thanks for tagging me. i'm always really terrible with following up with things like that but i'll try and do it!

  12. once again, beautiful photos :) i know you may have probably answered this question many times but what camera/lens/any filters/editing program do you use to get such a nice look ? :)

    1. Thanks Kathleen. I use the Nikon D40 with a 50mm f/1.8 or the 18-55mm kit lens with a UV filter. I edit them in Photoshop.


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