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March 31, 2012

Monday to Friday

I think I've lost sight of why I started this blog. Not that I had any sort of grand vision for it, but it definitely wasn't for apologising about not doing anything worth posting about! So I took photos every day last week, and here's one for each:

I've always identified as a tea person but lately I've taken to coffee. Not the even good kind of coffee, but the instant stuff you get in packets. Gives me the the kick I need to stay awake after dinner.

Studying with the Eiffel Tower as my desktop.

I wore the watch in this photo and the next to Europe because I didn't like it much and wouldn't have minded if I lost it, but now I'm stupidly attached to it because it's my "Europe watch". I'm too sentimental for my own good.

Outfit of the moment take two.

Had a good hair day on Friday.

I've been sick lately, which is no good at all - I always seem to get sick this far into the term. Tonight is one of my favourite nights of the year because Daylight Saving ends and the clocks go back, which means an extra hour of sleep! Unfortunately, it means shorter days from now on, which is sad because I love the way it's light until 8pm in the summer.


  1. I looove the watch! I wish you'd lost it when you were in Europe .. and I'd found it ;) Love the pictures! And the cup!

  2. i love the coffee cup photo! :) hahaha, don't worry about it, i'm too sentimental for my own good too. i love your outfits, so simple and lovely + all that navy! get well soon, lovely xxxx

  3. Awww, your "Europe Watch"! That's adorable, and it's a nice watch! I've always been a coffee person, but I'm trying to become a tea person, because I imagine so much coffee so early in my life can't be healthy for me.

    I'm sorry you're in a rut-- I feel like that all the time! But I just thought-- do I want to delete my blog? Why not? What do I want to keep showcasing to a public? And once I found why I really wanted to keep my blog, I decided it was a good reason that could actually help in the future, and let me practice my writing.

    Your blog is fantastic, and your pictures are awesome! /sending vibes for you to be super inspired

  4. Omgsh the photo of the coffee makes me crave for some <3__<3 and I'm excited for daylight savings too hehe

  5. I really like watches like that, hopefully going to get myself one soon!
    Issy xox

  6. Funny, we had the reversed day (clock goes forth, days start to get longer again) just some days ago. Weird thing was that I came home at three in the morning, exactly when the time changed, looked at my clock and it suddenly was four in the morning and I was like "Am I too drunk or did the clock just jump an hour forward?" :D

    Hope you get well soon!

    I like those instant coffees, too (guilty pleasure). The cheap coffee machine we have in our shared appartment only makes bad tasting coffee, so I prefer the coffee packs! :)

  7. Instant coffee is always great for giving you a kick start for the day.
    Aw bless! The watch is so pretty! Gotta love the sentiment things carry haha.
    Hope you get well soon, Jane. Love it when the clocks change, especially when they go forward. Always confusing when they happen though.

  8. Thank you :) Your pictures a great! I love your desktop picture.
    I'm both a tea and a coffee person, I couldn't live without it.

  9. great watch, I'm not surprised you are attached!


  10. Love your photo's! Your macbook! OMG I want it!

    xoxo, Laura

  11. That coffee looks really good. (or maybe I just love your mug, the print is cute!) And your 'Europe Watch' is nice! I like how small and simple it looks.

    I hope you're feeling better soon!

  12. Call me weird, but I always thought instand coffee tastes better than the ones you buy from cafes :) And get well soon!

  13. Aw I love the watch!

  14. i know the feeling, i never update anywhere near as much as i'd like to and before i know it a month has passed and i've only updated twice. & i have to say i enjoyed my extra hour of sleep this morning but i hate that it was dark already by the time i left work at 5pm :( i wish it was always daylight savings.

  15. I hope you feel better soon! Make your coffee extra milky :)

  16. absolutely love striped tops and skater skirts

  17. I love the photo of your computer. Looks like you had a nice week!

  18. And we had to bring the clock one hour forward last weekend! One hour less of sleep! But the good thing is we get more daylight! We got daylight until 7:15 pm now (it was 3:30pm in January! Oh the joy!!!

  19. Ha! I'm going through my coffee stage at the moment too. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly, hope you're fully recovered by now!

    I love your Europe watch, by the way. x

  20. Nice post. I love your mug, with that little "Matrjosjka". I had to look that english/russian name up, in finnish those are maatuska. :)
    And your skirt is adorable..

    Thank you for the comment! Have a lovely day and feel free to visit me anytime again,

    x Satu
    - Indie by Heart

  21. I've been feeling exactly the same lately! I guess for me personally I sometimes feel guilty for blogging when I know I should be doing Uni work haha.

    Omg the Eiffel Tower! It's so pretty isn't it? I was stood speechless when I first saw it.


  22. I love the photos on your blog! Also yay for stripey shirts. Yay yay yay. Get well soon pleeeeeease :)

  23. your photography is amazing! i love your chic style. i'm following you now!

    xo jenny
    my blog // my facebook page // shop my closet

  24. Um, I'm addicted to that kind of coffee when I'm at home. So I'm with you there. :)
    Ronnie xo

  25. I looove your blog! Definitely following :) x

  26. Those skirts are divine! I really need to improve my skirt wardrobe. It's on my "to-do" list. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  27. I like your watch it look so simple and sweet <3

  28. that watch is soo sweet, happy you kept it in the end. sentimental little things are always nice to have xx


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