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March 12, 2012

What's in my uni bag

Yes, now that I'm back at uni my life is as boring as this post. I can't believe I'm only two weeks in and already so jaded. I've been trying to get involved with more stuff at uni, since apparently you get back what you put in, but I just fall behind and get stressed out. All I want to do is stay at home and blog, okay? Wow, I need to sort my life out, haha.

After editing this picture, I realised that I'd forgotten a load of things. Like a bottle of water. And the earphones for my iPod. And an umbrella. And the actual bag itself (I alternate between a backpack, a satchel and a cavas tote depending on my outfit). Good thing is that I only need some of this stuff everyday, it depends on what classes I have. I don't wear my glasses with my labcoat, because I would look so nerdy it wouldn't even pass as ironically nerdy. In fact, I only wear the glasses when I really can't see the lecture screen, because I'm still in denial about having to wear them. The pen is also a lie; that one's run out, but it's so pretty I don't want to throw it away.

This is irrelevant, but this chocolate is seriously so good. Look how much I've eaten in 24 hours. That's okay, I bought two blocks because it was discounted (probably should've gone for four).

Hi and thanks to the new followers! Also, eek, I've been pretty bad at returning comments lately, sorry about that.


  1. ooh the hazelnut mousse is seriously yum too. I have so much junk in my bag that it'd be embarrassing to post (namely flyers and petitions that people shove in my face as I'm walking around uni campus haha). I like your notebook! What does it say on it?

    1. I change bags so often that I'm always cleaning out the junk; but when I had one bag there was a whole dumpster's worth of rubbish left in there haha. My notebook says "daydreaming" and "learning", I think. I got it from Typo last year.

  2. That chocolate looks so good! I know what I'm getting tomorrow..

  3. Fuck, if I did this there would be about 20 gum and chocolate wrappers and craploads of receipts. Also half completed crosswords. In fact, I think I will do my own version of this. It will be disgusting.

  4. Oh, I know exactly how you feel about uni and as for getting back what you put in... duh. No. Really not, half the time anyway.
    Lovely glasses!

  5. Sometimes you are allowed to edit your life to make it look better, like having that pen in the photograph! We all do it sometimes ;)

  6. This isn't a boring post, I love candid stuff like this :) I feel exactly the same about Uni, at the beginning of the year I was so eager to join loads of societies and sports clubs. I was a naive fresher haha. I need to try this chocolate! :o


  7. So pretty! Love those glasses!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Vantage Point Vintage on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  8. It's always so interesting to see what's in people's bags, haha. Oh, and I need to try the Cadbury Mousse Chocolate one day! I've heard so much about it :) Gah, I haven't had chocolate since last Christmas .. *cravings*

  9. hey, you seem to have a very neat and tidy handbag, with all the essentials- well done!


  11. haha i love how you are so witty and honest in your posts, i would have posted that pretty pen anyways and not have told anyone about it! x

    believe it or not, i missed your everyday posts too. it's good to see how you're getting back in the 'grind' and will be on to bigger and better things! lately i've been feeling that way too, just too busy/no time to blog and it sucks. but always good to catch up with your posts x

  12. in love with youre books design! And loving the whole picture, really.Nice inspo :)

  13. I adore your glasses, even if your in denial about wearing them, haha! I am like that too, I only wear my glasses indoors and always my contact lenses outside, ha! X

  14. I found this post is really interesting and I agree with keeping a beautiful pen even if it's cannot be used anymore. And we have the same mobile phone, but actually mine had been stolen months ago.

  15. One thing that's really bothering me: Cadbury isn't available in Germany.
    I'm going to London in a few months and I'll make sure to bring home a whole suitcase filled with Cadbury. (:

  16. I saw your post and immediately went downstairs to eat some chocolate. How bad is that!?
    Thanks for the glimpse into your bag!
    Ronnie xo


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