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April 29, 2012

Cafe de wheels

On Saturday afternoon, Janet (who's just started a film blog) and I went looking for adventure (and food. Mainly food). We decided to drive to Harry's Cafe de Wheels in Tempe, which I've been wanting to try for a while since I always pass it on the way to IKEA. It's sort of a roadside diner which sells pies and hot dogs (there are also branches in the city). We sat in a nearby park, by a river, to eat our pies.

We both got the "Tiger" one, which is a beef pie with mash and mushy peas and gravy on top. It might look a little gross here but it's amazing.

Kisses from yours truly.

This awesome tree with branches that go right down to the ground.

Yay for the ice cream man. I hadn't had icecream-van ice cream in years!

We're starting a new block at uni tomorrow, so it's back to the usual study-grind this week. I have a few posts with what I've been up to in the past couple of days lined up though!



  2. Replies
    1. Sure thang... if I'm not too busy

  3. That ice cream simply looks mouthwatering!

  4. Aww these photo's are lovely! I'm going to check out Janet's blog now! :)

    xoxo, Laura

  5. Awww! That tree looks absolutely beautiful! Seems straight out of a dream! Like the place I'd run off to to be alone. I'd sleep under there in summer days and take only people I truly liked climbing.

    And yay for ice cream van nostalgia!

  6. The tiger pie sounds so delicious!
    Good luck on your new uni block, Jane.

  7. I love these posts of yours Jane! Reading your blog makes me want to visit Aus so, so much! That ice-cream looks so good (: hope you're well lovely!

  8. Lovely photos! Beef pie sure does sound exotic but must have been good. :')
    Icecream-van ice cream is definitely the best omg. Need to buy some day!

  9. I love that you always blog about your (food) adventures! it makes me feel a little more normal when I get overly excited about eating food out and taking too many photos of it! that ice cream looks delicious :) thank you for following my new blog <3

  10. Lovely photographs! My family live in Tempe so I've been eating at Cafe De Wheels since I was a wee girl. They're hot dogs with mushy peas are also superb!

  11. I've yet to go to the new ikea in tempe. Didn't even know there was a harry's cafe de wheels there!

    You have such an awesome blog. Love it, can't wait for more posts from you.

  12. I love Cafe de wheels ! Their pies are so nice ! :) I havent been to ikea in ages !

  13. Lovely photos! You always post about food which makes me want to try everything, haha :)I haven't had ice-cream in so long! Sudden craving for it right now!

  14. Haha I've eaten from that exact Cafe de Wheels before and I've walked in that exact park before. Looking at your pictures is making me hungry for a hot dog, they're delicious there :)

  15. I am loving your blog! I am in Sydney too! you have such good pics! you have a new follower! x

  16. harry's cafe de wheels is so cute! :) looks like a fun day.

  17. It looks like a lovely day :) I especially like the ice-cream (I have a serious thing for ice-cream haha)

  18. I love Harry's, and now I really want a choc top.


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