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April 13, 2012

Dinner x 3

Three dinners from the past week. Considering that amount of studying I should be doing, I've been going/eating out a lot more than I should be. But it is my midsem break, after all!

Jamie's Italian on Monday night with Jenny, Alice, Carrie and Mel. The lighting is so low in there, I actually had to use the candle on the table to read the menu (I'm pretty sure that's not what it's for!). So my shaky camera hands didn't stand a chance, and you get blurry pictures.

More Italian on Tuesday, after seeing 21 Jump St (which is ridiculous, by the way). I love bruschetta bread so, so much (even if half the topping ends up dropping off - is there some secret nifty way to eat it?). Finished off with a good gossip in Starbucks (we considered gelato but it was freezing).

My favourite food court fare in Westfield Sydney on Thursday, with WL. I think parmesan and truffle oil chips is one of the best inventions ever. Then Starbucks at the end of the night (we sat there while they tried to to close up around us), to congratulate ourselves for a very successful shopping night (we met both our "shopping aims" - to buy a friend's birthday present and find a pair of red jeans for me).

After this weekend it's back to uni for me. I haven't done nearly as much uni work as I meant to do...


  1. Nothing better than having a natter with friends, or successful shopping trips! :)
    There is something really nice about the 'blurriness' to the first set of photos!
    Issy xo

  2. YUM! Such delicious meals, I believe? I've been eating in this whole time, how jealous..

    xo Joana

  3. All of this food looks amazing! I literally have not been out for a meal in weeks - so unusual for me!

  4. Thank you. The pizza looks delicious. And I'm a Lush addict ;)

  5. awesome food porn. everything looks so delicious!

  6. Yummy! This food looks so good. I'm the same, I have three assignments due in the next week and a half, but somehow I've been out every night last week, and next week is looking like it's going to go the same way... whoops.

    Good luck with the uni work!


  7. the gelato looks mouthwatering and so so does the bruschetta! ooh I've yet to try the sausages at snag stand but your photos make it look so yummy and gourmet x misstea & co.

  8. the food looks delicious! xx

  9. That sorbet looks amazing, as do those fries!!!
    Ah yes, uni work during the holidays. You can never, ever get 'enough' done. Those were the days... :)
    Ronnie xo

  10. Aw, but there's always time to go out to eat! ;) These images are all making me very hungry, haha! Those chips sound so interesting and I always get the bread basket thingy from Jamie's Italian too :) Major nom! x x

  11. Yummy! that food looks delicious!

    xoxo, Laura

  12. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering, that looks delicious!


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