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June 27, 2012

The Rocks

Yesterday started with Wailam in Newtown. I'd wanted to visit the button store they had there, as I'm looking to switch the buttons on my coat (I'm sick of them). That one didn't have what I was looking for, so we headed to another one in The Rocks (I didn't find anything there either). Although, funnily, one of the buttons on the very coat popped off in the afternoon. Maybe it was trying to escape because it felt unloved? I feel kind of bad now.

The Pie Tin in Newtown. This dessert slice was glorious - chocolate ganache and caramel. Holy crap, it was like eating icing off a cake (the best part). I'm glad I shared it with Wailam because it was so rich. We had savoury pie before this, of course. I thought I'd try the steak and kidney pie. I'm a very picky eater, and I baulked at "kidney", but WL convinced me I should try something different. It was going all right, until I came across a large bit of what was very distinctly kidney. Then I started, and couldn't stop, thinking about the cadavers we work with in anatomy. I only nibbled at the crust after that.


I love the Rocks, even if it is filled with souvenir shops for tourists. It's got an old-timey feel to it. The weather was quite dreary, so there was a lack of people around.


We decided to pop into the MCA for a visit. I haven't been there since it was renovated, and I think it's been improved - it feels more like a proper gallery now. WL is the art nerd (I have way too many art nerd friends), and I kind of trailed behind her, with the occasional confused whisper of but what does it mean as she hopped around enthusiastically. I enjoyed it, nevertheless.

Afterwards, we walked all the way to Pitt St mall, to punish ourselves for our sins that day (see first photo). I had to have a bit of a pick-me-up after that. I'm afraid I'm turning into a bit of a caffeine addict.

Is it only Wednesday? Not even a week after I finished exams, but I'm exhausted from going out everyday. I took today off to recuperate, and went on a nice walk. I don't think I've had an aimless wander around the neighbourhood in years, it's suprisingly relaxing.

June 25, 2012

Food run

Wow, I'm on a posting roll. Today (well, technically, yesterday, as it's 1 am), I hung out with my girls YY and Jenny. YY and I had wanted to go on a "pie run" a while back, and we finally went to Harry's today (also to fulfil that pie craving I've had for a couple of weeks).

And what did we do afterwards? Drive to McDonalds, like normal people would... right?

We then drove to YY's place where she was kind enough to snap these photos for me during golden hour... look at me werqin' it.

Still not sick of loafers. I think I want an all black, non-patent pair, but I have more shoes than I need right now.

The only time I have nice nails is when either Jenny or YY do them for me.

We then watched Bridget Jones until it was time to leave.

This is terrible, I've been staying up and waking up so late these past few days. I'm hoping I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning for a long overdue session at the pool, to burn off that pie and those fries and the ice cream... my exercise to food ratio is so low it's disturbing.

June 23, 2012


I went to the city to try and see if I could get anything out of the stocktake sales (which are usually the best sales). I'd already had a peek on Thursday afternoon, but I had absolutely nothing planned or that urgently needed to be done (such bliss!), so I thought I'd go again.

I woke quite early but slipped in and out of sleep for a couple of hours. When I finally rolled out of bed it was almost noon, and the sun was already bright in the sky. The weather was lovely - cold and sunny.

I had my favourite breakfast (I don't care what anyone says, instant ramen is valid breakfast food, especially on cold mornings).

Put on some clothes.

Put on my face.

Two blocks of chocolate - my entire haul for the day. Shopping in Sydney always disappoints me, I saw nothing I wanted today. Everyone was walking around laden down with shopping bags and I was like but what are you even buying?. It was worth it, though. That caramel mousse? Already half gone.

My room is west-facing, so golden hour means rainbows on my walls from my sun-catcher.

I just spent about an hour sewing up holes in two of my cardigans and removing the pilling from my scarf with a little machine my mother acquired. Probably the saddest post-exam Saturday night ever; good practice for when I'm old and alone. While I'm enjoying the mind-numbing boredom in comparison to anxious cramming, I am hoping the rest of my break is slightly more eventful than today.

I almost forgot! I'm finally on Pinterest now. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, but my only two boards right now are "style" and "clothes", so maybe for more fashion related things. There's something really satisfying about seeing all the "pins" all together. Leave a link to yours, if you have one.

June 20, 2012

Black on black

... on black on black. My favourite colour combination at the moment is navy and red, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of (or a lot of) black.

So this is my Wednesday Addams dress in action. This coat and I go way back... 6 years, to be exact (I don't think I'd still fit in anything from before that). It's from Valleygirl (ha, used to be my favourite store). I'm very attached to it - I especially love the hood, because wearing it up makes me feel like a gangsta elf.

Dress by Alice in the Eve from General Pants, boots from Wittner. I would have gone for bare legs and flats, but it was cold and rainy in the morning. I actually wore a thermal under the dress as well...

My last exam is tomorrow, and I'm about to go to bed. In about 15 hours, I will be free (well, relatively) for three weeks, which I will definitely take advantage of. I daresay my friends and I will do the usual holiday thing and eat our way around the city. Bring on the winter lovehandles! Who am I kidding, they're already here (I just wikipedia-d "lovehandles" out of curiousity and it told me to go to "abdominal obesity". Way harsh). Better not get too excited though, still gotta get through a three hour prac exam in the morning.

June 16, 2012

As of late

Here's what's been happening in my life lately. Nothing major, I'm bunkering down for exams! Some photos are ones which didn't make it into the post they were intended for, or didn't warrant a post of their own.

I finished Rebecca in about three days; it was really good. The narrator did get a little irritating, and the ending was a bit too open-ended for my liking, though.

A Vivid installation, you shouted in something at the bottom and the squares flapped depending on how loud you were.

I had a pie craving, but I didn't have time to go somewhere nice. Luckily, there seems to be a Pie Face everywhere, and the steak pie was adequate. I also picked up this mini chocolate pie, which was cute but not amazing. I'm certainly taking myself to the Pie Tin or Harry's after exams.

Keeping warm.

Rainy Sunday.

Of course I gifed it.

We had a couple of days of terrible weather.

Wearing my torn favourite tights.

I made myself the best lunch the other day. It's been total chips-and-gravy weather and I've had massive cravings, so I bought gravy mix (just add water!), baked some potatoes, and added cheese for good measure. It was amazing. I'm going to add gravy to everything now.

The copy of A Game of Thrones I ordered came too early, and now I'm going to fail my exams because I can't stop reading it.

So I'm currently tied up with studying. I think my brain is about to explode. It's been one looong semester, I am so ready for Winter break!

June 9, 2012


So much for getting these up over last weekend, right? I went to see Vivid Sydney 2012 with Wailam not last Tuesday, but the one before (so these are more than a week late, oops). If you don't know, Vivid is a festival which mainly involves light installations around Circular Quay and the Rocks. I really liked it this year, especially all the interactive ones. It's over on Monday, so be quick if you want to check it out!

Someone's cute kid in front of a Pacman installation.

Pretty colours... drew me in like a moth (as in, like I was the moth... I'm not drawn to moths, I hate them).

I do love my gifs. Maybe I should try and gif all of them next year, ha.

"Is that girl... feeling up the Opera House?"

I didn't really get the Opera House one this year, to be honest... but it was cool.


The Customs House one was probably the best. It was a sequence of animated scenes, almost like a short film of sorts.

I went on a bit of an unplanned break from blogging there... I was unwell last week (again, I know) and I couldn't stay sitting up (let alone look at a computer screen) for too long without getting really dizzy. My friend diagnosed me with an ear infection (who needs the family doctor when you're a med student), but I'm all better now and I'm going to spend what remains of this Saturday night to catch up on your blogs!