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June 23, 2012


I went to the city to try and see if I could get anything out of the stocktake sales (which are usually the best sales). I'd already had a peek on Thursday afternoon, but I had absolutely nothing planned or that urgently needed to be done (such bliss!), so I thought I'd go again.

I woke quite early but slipped in and out of sleep for a couple of hours. When I finally rolled out of bed it was almost noon, and the sun was already bright in the sky. The weather was lovely - cold and sunny.

I had my favourite breakfast (I don't care what anyone says, instant ramen is valid breakfast food, especially on cold mornings).

Put on some clothes.

Put on my face.

Two blocks of chocolate - my entire haul for the day. Shopping in Sydney always disappoints me, I saw nothing I wanted today. Everyone was walking around laden down with shopping bags and I was like but what are you even buying?. It was worth it, though. That caramel mousse? Already half gone.

My room is west-facing, so golden hour means rainbows on my walls from my sun-catcher.

I just spent about an hour sewing up holes in two of my cardigans and removing the pilling from my scarf with a little machine my mother acquired. Probably the saddest post-exam Saturday night ever; good practice for when I'm old and alone. While I'm enjoying the mind-numbing boredom in comparison to anxious cramming, I am hoping the rest of my break is slightly more eventful than today.

I almost forgot! I'm finally on Pinterest now. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, but my only two boards right now are "style" and "clothes", so maybe for more fashion related things. There's something really satisfying about seeing all the "pins" all together. Leave a link to yours, if you have one.


  1. The photo of the ramen looks so good, now I'm suddenly craving for some! I can't believe it's already winter in Australia, it's so damn cold! However, I am enjoying the sun. Finally! The weather was so annoying when it constantly rained for a week!

  2. Your outfits so cute! The weather here is hot and dry. Like extremely hot. I wish for rain, but that's only gonna make it hotter.

  3. Haha dont worry, i love ramen too <3
    Nice photos and i love your outfit, so stunning :)
    Im following you now, mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  4. Oh man, I'd do ramen for breakfast any day. Lovely snaps!

  5. You take lovely photos.

  6. that always seems to be the way when I'm shopping - when I've got something I need, or money to spend, there's never anything I want! but when I'm poor or know I shouldn't be splurging on clothes, they're everywhere! *sigh*
    congrats on the end of exams though :) nice feeling.

    my pinterest:

  7. Amazing photos!
    Hehehe ramen noodles are the best :)
    Loving your stripey top

  8. It sucks that you didn't buy anything. It really bothers me too, whenever I plan to buy stuff because I know there are sales but then end up with little to nothing. At least the chocolate was good though :P

  9. Your day sounds, even though your shopping spree wasn't reeeeally successful, really nice. Some time for yourself, and your beloved cardigans is necessary every once in a while... :p

    Yay, and I'm following in Pinterest now! (0023am, duh)

  10. wooow i love the ramen !! mind to follow each other? btw join my giveway on my blog its open for international . if you had a time please check my blog :) good luck :D

    join my second giveway for 5 winners

  11. Instant ramen is valid any-meal food when you're a student :P or actually, even when you're not if you're Asian! Those Dairy Milk Mousse chocolate blocks look so good, I haven't indulged in chocolate in absolutely ages and don't think we even have these in the UK ): hope you're well lovely, any update on your feature for Aesthetic? xx

    1. I'm almost done (I actually got carried away and wrote a little too much, ha), just straightening out the little things - I'll probably be sending it over in the next one or two days!

  12. Ah man, I know what you mean about the shopping. I just like to think that people are stupider than me and get sucked into the marketing around this time of the year and imagine that they're getting a bargain when they're really not.

    Pinterest is the besterest!

    I'm following you, now put more stuff up!


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