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July 28, 2012


Sometimes I want take a break from dressing like a little girl to dress like an old man. I picked up this men's cardigan from Jack & Jones in the ASOS sale. You can find some good stuff in the mens section, but I always forget to look! It's a size S and fits perfectly. It's cotton but nice and heavy and warm.

Jack & Jones cardigan via ASOS, Uniqlo shirt, Jeans West jeans, Wittner loafers.

Thinking of DIY-ing some elbow patches onto it. I don't want to risk ruining it, though!

Who's watching the Olympics? I love it. I dragged myself out of bed at 6am for the Opening Ceremony today. Since it's only on every 4 years, the Olympics (and the World Cup) always make me feel a little nostalgic - I can't believe it's been 12 years since Sydney 2000! To anyone who's there, how's the atmosphere in London?

July 21, 2012

T x 2

Some tea and a t-shirt from Topshop. I'm putting these unrelated things in a post together so I can attempt to be witty in the title.

This stack of tea from T2 is a very belated birthday present (my birthday was in April). I never buy fancy tea so this is something new. The three that make up the stack are English Breakfast, Sencha green tea and Lemongrass & Ginger. The first two are nice, but the last is a bit odd tasting (not my cup of tea, ha ha).

London map tee by Tee and Cake from Topshop. I love maps, and I loved London, so I chimed into a joint Topshop order to get a map of London on a t-shirt. It looks a bit weird on the hanger, but it fits well. Excited for the weather to warm up so I can wear this.

So that's my first week back to uni done. It hasn't been particularly taxing, but I've got a sleep debt to repay - the ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) books are ruining my life. I've gone through three and I'm going to take a break, because otherwise I'll just never get anything done.

July 15, 2012

Biennale: Cockatoo Island

(Blogger, stop screwing up!) Yesterday was a gorgeous winter day, perfect (if not a little too warm) for checking out the Biennale of Sydney with YY and Wailam. There are a couple of venues - Cockatoo Island, Pier 2/3, the MCA, and the Art Gallery of NSW. We thought we'd be able to see them all if we got an early start, but we only managed Cockatoo Island. It goes on for another two or so months, through my midsem break, so I'll probably be able to look in on the other venues before it ends.

Cockatoo Island. If you remember, Outpost was held here as well.

Silk sheets dyed in Fanta. I really regret using my 50mm lens, it was hard to capture the scale of some of the installations.

One of our favourites, click for fullsize. I wish my camera had a video option so you could see this properly. Loads and loads of clacking bamboo windchimes in a concrete enclosure - we couldn't see anything from the outside and had to stoop to get through a tiny door. The sunny day made it even better, because the windchimes cast hundreds of jellyfish-like shadows on the walls and ground.

Another cool one - water fog which was released every hour. It came right out at us and my hair was drenched.

Big foam sculpture WL was particularly enamoured with.

Yes, you are reading that right.

Afterwards, we took the ferry back to Circular Quay, feasted on McDonalds in the Botanical Gardens, and walked all the way back into the city, checking out the World Press Photo exhibition at the State Library along the way.

I'm back at uni for the new semester tomorrow, booo. I was quiet around here on purpose for the last week of the holidays, because I wanted to pull back on blogging a little. I still enjoy it, but I feel I've turned into an over-sharer, like one of those people who need to post about everything they do on Facebook. Not sure how this will go, though...

July 9, 2012


Here's the outfit I wore the last two (!!) days, because I am shameless. You know when you can repeat outfits in a row because you're not seeing the same people? Yeah.

Shirt from Uniqlo, skirt is Glassons, coat is very very old (just sayin') Valleygirl, shoes are Topshop and tights from ASOS.

My favourite nail colour at the moment, courtesy of Jenny. It's Mermaid's Tears by OPI (just what is that name). I hardly ever paint my nails myself but everytime I go to her place she does the whole base coat, top coat thing for me. When the first chip appears I will cry a little bit inside.

In other news - today has been a very good day. Our new internet service has been activated - faster and wireless, finally. A Clash of Kings (the book after A Game Of Thrones) finally came in the mail (you should have seen me run/stagger to the post office with the collection card), so after this I'm going to lie in bed and read till I fall asleep. I'm so mad that it took all of three weeks to get here. Next time I might just pay that extra $7 and buy the book here to save all that pain.

July 5, 2012

On Crown

Yesterday, Wailam and I went for a spot of eating and shopping in Surry Hills. We generally do these things in other areas so it's not our primary place of hanging out, but we thought we might change it up and explore this corner of Sydney a little more.

Pizza margherita is always the right choice. This was the nicest pizza I've had in a while, actually, it had a lovely crispy base. This was Mad Pizza on the end of Crown St, near Oxford St, and it lured us in with their lunch deal.

I have lots of difficulty when eating with lipstick on. Russian Red has amazing staying power, but I feel really self conscious about my lips anyway, so I contort them unnaturally and end up with lipstick on my nose.

For dessert - chocolate mousse with peanut butter gelato and caramel. Heck yes.

Surry Hills seems like the place to be for vintage shopping. I'm not sure about these vintage stores, because everything's quite expensive - I suppose you pay a premium for having all this nice stuff already found for you, rather than digging for hours in charity shops.

I didn't buy anything, but I had lots and lots of trouble walking away from a jacket which fit me perfectly. I keep thinking about it, so I might pop back sometime... though it might not be there.

Afterwards, we did a lot of walking around and checked out cool little shops. Then it started raining on us. Gosh, weather.

My hoarder self was vindicated after I dug these jeans out of the back of my closet... they were relegated a couple of years ago because they'd become too faded for my taste, but I wanted lighter wash jeans with the outfit (note the faded rectangles on the pockets - where I used to keep my phone!). The jumper and coat are my mum's (half the things I wear were scrounged from my mother's wardrobe - I should do a post), shirt is Zara, boots are Doc Martens.

I realise food has featured heavily in my last couple of posts... I'm not sorry!

// I almost forgot! Americans, hope you had a good 4th of July... guess what? I am probably going to inflict my presence on your country in January next year. I have relatives in the States and I'm long overdue for a visit. It's early days yet, so nothing's definite, but I'm already pretty excited!

July 2, 2012

Just dessert

I tried frozen yoghurt from one of those frozen yoghurt bars for the first time the other day, in a massive family size to share, and I will say that I'm a fan. There's something addictive about the sourness. I think my perfect combination would be strawberry yoghurt, with strawberries and mixed berries as well as chocolate sauce... yep, I'm planning my next fro-yo order.

Had Meet Fresh today, it's an Asian dessert place. I got the mango ice, everything else seems to contain taro and black bean which I don't really like. It was all right... it got a bit much, though, that was a lot of mango-flavoured ice.

I've been lying low these past few days... I've got two weeks of holidays to go but I'm already dreading going back to uni. Is this normal?