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August 19, 2012


On Saturday, we risked the maniacal-as-of-late Sydney weather to have a picnic in the Botanical Gardens for Wai Lam's birthday. Luckily for us, the day turned out quite nicely, although a little chilly in the shade.

In a beret with baguettes - the beret was to stop my hair from getting too windswept, and I had no idea YY was bringing baguettes. But hey, when there's a coincidence like that you have to have a bit of a pose.

"Can we start drinking now?" - the question that sums upYY's life.

Profile-pic worthy.

Classy plastic cups. I'm not much of a drinker but the wine was quite nice!

Continuing with this series (it's a life ruiner. It ruins people's lives).

Stroll to the bathrooms. After this we just lay around for a while. Like well-fed cats.

And then it was golden hour and time to eat again. Behold Tina's amazing s'more pie: graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache filling, home-made marshmallow top. Honestly she should just drop out of life and open a bakery.

Here's Jenny ruining a perfectly good photo.

Oh god, it was so good. Profanity-inducing good.

Sunnies out.

Then Mel showed up, bearing the gift of a tub of mango sorbet. It was glorious. The wind had picked up at this point and my teeth were chattering a bit, but it was glorious all the same.

I can't wait for the next couple of months to whiz by (can I skip them? Please?) for exams to be over and summer to be here so I can just do this all day everyday. I can already smell spring in the air. In other news, I'm going through serious Olympics withdrawal right now.

August 10, 2012

You might remember me

Just poking my head in to say... hi. I've been completely stolen from the blogosphere by the Olympics, of all things. If I'm not watching it, I'm obsessively reading up on the latest news. My old sport swimming is always my favourite (my swimming career peaked at age 11 though), but it felt wrong that we didn't sweep up the gold medals in the pool this time! I also like diving and gymnastics, but whatever they're showing, I'll watch it. It's equal parts inspiring and depressing - here are people performing amazing physical feats while I'm on the couch eating chips and/or chocolate.

As a result of my Olympics obsession, I'm barely keeping on top of uni work, so I haven't got much time for the old blog or returning comments. I really need to turn that TV off and catch up.

Luckily I picked up a 3 pack of Buenos for $3 to help me get through this. I have already made my way through one pack, not that I have much to show for it. For an example of better productivity, check out my girl Wailam's copy of a Dali painting.