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November 8, 2012

That time of the year

Well this "Create post" page is looking more and more unfamiliar. I am currently in exam hell, due to get out in the last week of November - if I survive that long.

Comfy top and jeans for my first exam on Monday, but I think I need to wear a t-shirt for my next one. I always get really flustered when doing exams. You know when you can't answer a question and you can feel that redness creeping up your neck?

I got these freshly-baked Mars Bars cookies from Coles - they're ama-zing. I'm convinced my dad has been eating them (even though he denies it) because I don't want to face up to the idea that I had so many myself.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I read more during exams, because reading before bed helps me unwind after studying. I came across this one in Rooth's books set in London post - I love books set in London. This one was great, it was fun recognising all those places (especially now I've visited a lot of them), and it's reignited my love for urban fantasy.

Summer is so close! I might get a post in here or there in the next few weeks, but if not, see you on the other side!


  1. Eh, don't feel too bad about the cookies. Eight cookies in a single pack isn't nearly enough to satisfy me for two days!

    Good luck on your exams!

  2. Oh hooray, you're alive! And hang in there, I just need to finish one last exam before I can start again monday (DOES IT EVER STOP!?)

    Good luck! And lucky lucky you for getting warmer weather!!

  3. hey! try The Graveyard book by neil gaiman...! really good!

  4. Good luck with your exams (:
    At my school we only start exams in 9th grade so I'm pretty nervous considering my first ones are coming up in April :/
    book looks great, i'll make sure to read it (:

  5. Good luck with exams. I completely understand the craziness you are going through right now. As a senior in college, my motivation is shot to hell and I've been flying everywhere for interviews and when I'm not interviewing - it's just exams. Can't wait for it all to be over!

  6. Awww I definitely know the feeling. I feel like I never post anything anymore. If you've not been posting much it must mean you've been working hard! You will be fine in the exams. Nice choice of cookies too. I love Rolo cookies so will have to try and find something similar to these :D


  7. thats weird, i could never read during exams, i always had to chill out the most stupid ways like staring at the walls or watching reality tv (one is more damaging than the other...).
    you remind me that i really need to read gaiman one day!
    good luck with your exams! xxmoira

  8. Your exam outfit is stylin', I can't find a good not-tight stripey top, but yours, I want. My exam outfits usually consisted of dirty old hoodies and tights-as-pants. In fact, this one time one of my workmates asked me what was wrong because I was dressed in my exam outfit, she thought I was sick or dying or some such.

  9. Good luck with the exams! I'm so happy that I don't have any at the moment - not until the 29th I guess. The cookies must be delicious and 8 cookies is not that much to be honest, I might have eaten twice the amount during an evening once or twice... And enjoy the warm weather - it was -5 celsius when i woke up today haha.

  10. A striped top and a jeans is my perfect outfit for ultimate comfort - high five there! Any cookies are good in my books. When we get those multipacks I end up eating the whole pack, I just can't help it! They are delicious with a hot drink

  11. sounds like a good book, will pop it on my list.

  12. Good luck with the exams! Neil Gaiman is a genius, I love his work! xo

  13. I hope you survive exam hell and good luck with everything! I really need to pick up Neverwhere soon! I hope you're having a nice weekend! //Niina

  14. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that Mars bars made cookies!! They sound so devilishly good!

  15. You can do it, I know you can! :)
    You deserve to eat all the cookies you want! My friend is going through a bad break up and I keep reminding her, eat sweets and chocolates! Exams calls for sweets! :)

  16. Oh I get so flustered when taking exams! You're definitely not alone on that one. Hope you're getting by without too much anxiety! I've found reading before bed certainly helps :)

  17. Wow, I've never seen those cookies in my life but I'm definitely going to look for them! Good luck with your exams, by the way :)

  18. good luck on your exams! i definitely agree, you must dress comfortably during exams! AHHHH COOKIES! people call me a cookie monster because i just can't...stop...eating...cookies.! i've never seen that cookie bag before...not sure if they sell it here! though i'll keep a mental note just in case!

    alex @

  19. good luck with all your exams!! i've never actually read any neil gaiman but once of my best friends says he's amazing so i bought american gods on his recommendation. possibly a bit of an overzealous move though, as it's over 500 pages, which is a lot to commit to when i don't know if i like the author just yet, haha. but i'll start it one day!

    little henry lee

  20. OOH I love Neil Gaiman! :) Have you read any of his other books? I've got couple.

    Indie by heart

  21. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  22. .... Hi dear...look like an interesting book...I want read it...
    what do you think to follow each other? I'll wait for you on my blog...
    kiss and have an happy start of week

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  23. Yikes, same here! I'm slowly forgetting how to blog...

    Oh no! You'll be fine, Jane. Only 11 days until November is over. You can do this and then it'll all be over.

    A comfy top and jeans is always a great combo in my books.

    Hahah, aw bless! I've never had Mars Bars cookies. They sound really yummy though.

    So jealous that you can read during exam times. I have to go on a reading ban, otherwise I'll read more instead of revising. Oooh, I love books set in London too.

  24. Ooo a sydney blog! Gd luck with your exams. My siblings have just finished theirs so I extremely jealous of their long summer breaks. I didn't see any Mars Bars cookie from Coles - how could I possibly miss it?

  25. + 1 with reading before bed helps me unwind after studying!


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