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December 6, 2012

Summer so far

This is a scheduled post - right now, I should be on a plane halfway through a monster 15 hour flight (let's hope I have an aisle seat). I thought I'd do a roundup of what I've done so far these holidays.

Visited Hurricane's in Harbourside on Thursday. Why haven't I been here before? The ribs are amazing as long as you don't think about how much they look like human ribs.

Gelato Messina, almost killed me. I think I had a gelato hangover the next morning.

IKEA on a very hot Saturday in my favourite dress // Why we really go to IKEA.

A dip in Jenny's pool afterwards // Festive nails! Sadly, they're chipped now.

Pancakes on the Rocks on Monday.

Outfits on Monday and Tuesday.

Pizza on Bondi Beach on Tuesday.

Just chilling while my friends point out people's boob jobs // Beach hair (and a sunglasses tan, oops).

Haha, tricked you into a post of phone pictures! I have acquired an iPhone - meant to be my mum's but she's letting me take it overseas so I've been having lots of fun with the camera.

Hopefully everything is going to plan for future me (or present me when this is published...). I'll see you in New York!


  1. gorgeous pics!
    been lusting over an iphone myself :)
    so lucky for you to have one

    anyway, love your bathing suit and absolutely adore your loafers on Tuesday! so vintage..

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. Oh all of the food looks way too yummy. I seriously crave some ribs now! And I love your looks! Perfect for the beach weather :)

  3. The first two photos weren't iPhone right? Because the quality looks amazing. I hope you're having a fabulous time in NYC!

  4. All of this food in one post is causing a serious rift in my current "veggie and fruits with a side of fish" diet... ;) But have fun in the states, girl!

  5. Aw maaan! This post is brilliant: nice foods, lovely outfits, happy faces and the beach. I hope you had a safe flight.

  6. so many yummy food! I just ate dinner and now i'm hungry again. Also, it's winter in the US, and I am freezing in my two layer sweater now haha!

  7. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  8. Wonderful photos! I want some gelato and pizza right now haha. My friends and I have done the same thing on numerous occasions, point out peoples bad and obvious boob jobs for the heck of it!

  9. ikea on a hot saturday seems like a funny choice

  10. Ohh what a lovely summer so far! enjoy your trip and I love Ikea food too! x

  11. Those ribs! I've never seen such large ones!

  12. You just have 'ribs' stuck in my mind now..!

  13. Literally DROOLING at this post, omg that food looks so good (and they really do look like human ribs now that you say that oh god)
    Such a gorgeous dress too! xx

  14. Love your photos and love your bathing suit!
    I miss summer here :(

  15. ahh, i'm so jealous! have an amazing time on your trip!! and i love your swimming costume and messina gelato is THE BEST EVER!

  16. You just made me seriously hungry ! The ribs, pizza.. everything here really arouse my appetite :D Lovely photos, and looks too. ^^

    Indie by heart

  17. gosh. i'm green of envy. haha. looks like you're having such a great time!

    kissboombang, lilly.
    Bonnie + Kleid


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