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January 18, 2013

New things

Wai Lam and I decided we were stuck in a rut when it came to hanging out (which basically equates to dining out), because we always end up eating at the same places. I'll admit that it's doubly difficult to choose restaurants with me, because I'm a very picky eater. We decided that this summer would be the Summer of New Things, and scoured Urbanspoon for good places we haven't tried before. We now have a list that we're determined to tackle.

This is how we found ourselves at Lucetta last Saturday, an Italian restaurant in The Rocks. In the spirit of Trying New Things, I let Wai Lam order a pizza with prosciutto and potatoes on it (my standard is Margherita).

The pizza had to go on a stool because the table was too small. I can't say I really like prosciutto, though...

To burn off those carbs, we walked to Observatory Hill. I'd never actually been there before - second new experience of the day.

My tiny friend. The building is Sydney Observatory, where you can look at the stars through a telescope.

I happened to have my camera remote on me.

Our attempts at a levitation picture... obviously I'm very graceful and apparently WL can only jump so high.

We spotted the entrance to the stairs up to the Harbour Bridge nearby, and since neither of us have ever walked over it (although we've been Sydneysiders all our lives), we thought we'd do just that. Third new thing!

There are actually a couple of clusters of love locks. I like them, they should definitely become a thing on this bridge.

Okay, so we didn't end up walking over to the other side, because there was nothing over there we wanted to see. We hadn't even walked halfway before we decided to go back to The Rocks.

We ended up sharing a waffle sundae at Circular Quay. Afterwards, we felt so guilty that we walked back to Town Hall to catch the train.

If you didn't notice, the layout of the blog is a little different. I've become a bit attached to this sidebar image, so that's the same. I think the last layout was the longest one I've ever kept in all my years on the internet, but changing it yesterday reminded me how much I love playing with CSS, so further tweaks may come soon.


  1. Props on your CSS skills! :3
    Looks like you had a great day!
    I should do this with a friend too, we always eat at the sameplaces! XD Good food though, but always the same! ^^"

  2. I love trying out new restaurants...though I always feel broke after eating haha. And this is why we have restaurant week - so I can eat somewhere fancy without breaking my bank account xD

  3. Oh I love Urbanspoon! Best app that I have on my phone. Wai Lam's prosciutto and potato pizza looks absolutely amazing, I wish I could come over and hang out with you guys. I love both of your outfits and erm, that waffle sundae looks amazing. xx

  4. Ohh lovely! I love doing-new-things-days. And I'd love to visit Australia / Sydney some time. Everything looks so... so... I don't know. It looks really awesome (or maybe that's just your photography skillzzz) But seriously. That Opera House is just being a boss up there.

  5. The food looks great c;
    Love the gif. image haha!
    Lovely dress as well!
    The sundae looks delicious!


  6. Oh wow, I'm looking forward to your food adventures these holidays! I'm a picky eater too and I hate trying new things haha. And I can't believe you like playing with CSS, it gives me a headache because it's such a nightmare to tweak :((((

  7. Everything looks delicious

  8. That food looks SO good! Lovely photos too by the way, reminds me that I should really start exploring my own city...

  9. The pasta looks so delicious. You have gorgeous photos, Sydney is so amazing x

  10. Looks like so much fun! I love it "Summer of New Things". You have the perfect mind set :) I'm just like you, I'm not a picky either (even though I'm vegetarian) but people think it's hard to eat out with me. I always love the photos you take around Sydney, they are so beautiful! xx

  11. Delicious food and gorgeous photos! I really want to go to Australia ... maybe after graduation. I hope. Lots of love,

  12. first thing i noticed was the navigation was different, switched sides yes. pizza has its own stool, do they do that for everyone? if not they should really get better tables. shame it wasn't to your taste

  13. This looks/sounds fun, I love reading about foodie adventures! I'm not a huge fan of prosciutto either, but I do love potato on pizza (double carbs, best thing ever). Love seeing photos of Sydney as well, it's been so long since I've been there.


  14. Wow, the pizza looks really unique. Love the nighttime picture with the opera house!

  15. Yay for trying new things and new adventures! I seriously need to do more of that. As soon as the weather gets better at least. ;) looks like you had a great day! xo

  16. Hi, I'm an Sydney blogger too! I love exploring the city and the Observatory is so cool. I have never seen the love locks before on the bridge, it would be amazing if more people did that! I hope you will visit my blog...

  17. Australia at night is so pretty! Trying new food places is good, but usually pretty scary for me too since I like sticking to comfortable foods I know.


  18. I've never been to Australia but it looks soo nice. I really wish I could go sometime :) The UK is so plain compared to Australia haha ~ I like the graphic you created! So funny ^-^

  19. really great idea and i am glad that you guys were able to discover a new place! that food seriously looks so good!
    xx rae

  20. this looks like so much fun! :) i love the photos of and from the Harbour Bridge. sort of reminded me of the Brooklyn Bridge for a moment there. xxxx

  21. I love reading about your adventures! the gif is adorable <3 :)

  22. Loved the photos! I always wanted to visit Sydney, maybe one day i'll get there. Unlike you, I actually love prosciutto on my pizza (NOMNOMNOM).


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