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January 20, 2013

Tacos, pizza, frozen margaritas

The title sums up my Thursday evening. The original plan was just tacos with Wai Lam and Tina, but we collected more people (and the rest of the food) along the way.

El Loco has a popup place going on at the Opera House until the end of January. The space is Mexican themed and seems to be pretty cool. I say "seems to be" because it was really crowded, so I couldn't get a feel for the place.

It was full of old people business people in thank-god-it's-almost-Friday mode (being on holidays, the day of the week doesn't really matter to me right now). The sun was searing but at least the pictures turned out nicely.

The tacos turned out to be quite tiny. This is WL's seafood one, which she wasn't much impressed with. I got the beef, which I liked. Because we were still hungry and didn't want to continue standing around in the sun, Alice (who we'd bumped into on the way from the station) suggested a place for pizza and drinks.

Frankie's Pizza is a pizza joint/dive bar near Wynyard. It's at basement level and doesn't look like much from the outside. The pizza there is really good, but we had to eat it standing up because the place was packed as well. We'd moved onto frozen margaritas when Jenny and YY joined us (and had the pizza above).


Unfocused, but the only picture of the place I have. After Alice left us, we all ended up at McDonalds for dessert/further food (hands up longtime readers who saw that coming!). Hey, at least there was lots of seating there. Moral of the story: don't go anywhere nice on a Thursday night if you like to sit down.

Last Friday was the hottest Sydney day on record at 46C (115F). I just stayed at home and shuddered/laughed at the thought of people at Big Day Out (or out at all, really). I'd rather have -20C and snow over that anyday!


  1. the pizza and tacos looks good! but of course food always looks good in pictures. it's funny, i've been caving for pizza for days now! ah the skies are so blue in Sydney! xxx

  2. wow, so jealous you are out and about in the warm weather. we are stuck in the freezing cold, but these pics made me smile a bit (:

  3. Looks like a great evening! :3

    It freezes here, so if you want cold you can come here XD

  4. Oh my, 115F?! That sounds absolutely dreadful. No wonder you stayed inside! I love the menu style of "El Loco." I like your description of "thank-god-it's-almost-Friday mode" too -- it's so true! There seems to be this palpable aura of end-of-the-week excitement, especially on campus. I hope the temperatures don't continue to skyrocket for you...I wouldn't be able to stand it!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! Late night snacks are necessary. 115 F is insane...this summer I was complaining about 103 F weather hahaha. Not sure if I prefer freezing cold or burning hot...neither are fantastic.

  6. ahh that pizza looks so freakin good. &I love your friend's nailpolish- great colors!

  7. Ooo, the food looks so good! And this definitely looks like a fun place to spend time with friends :)

  8. Lovely photos, the food looks great x

  9. Well, here it's snowing day and night and I need to get some sun!

  10. Great photos, and delicious food as always! Nothing better than some delicious food and margaritas! :) xx

  11. such beautiful pictures. I always wanted to see Australia :D. Visit me sometime :D

  12. Sounds like my kind of night - food, food and more food. The pizza looks great, and so does the taco. Shame it wasn't too impressive :(

    46 degrees is ridiculous!! It's so muggy and hot up here as well but definitely not that hot. Whew!


  13. it looks very delicious
    I want to try that pizza
    haha great McDonald for dessert
    the best thing i have ever read ! LOL

  14. heeey these burgers looks amazing, and the pizza!!!! I miss McDonalds. Here in England, people seem to be very AGAINST McDonalds. I don't see why. I love having an occational Happy Meal and don't think it's worse than any other Fast Food people eat every day!

    Yes, we have a small town movie theatre a few miles away where you only pay 2,50£. It's amazing - but it's free seat choice, so if you're late you might have to sit away from your friends. Still, we go to see movies a lot because it's so cheap!

    Lots of love!

  15. El Loco is the best, I'm going to miss it so much! It was so awesome having trendy PYT's coming in to the Opera House for once. Love their jalapeno margaritas, did you try one?

    1. Jalapeno margaritas sound interestingly weird but no we didn't! It was packed and there were too many people in the drinks line so we decided to go somewhere else instead.


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