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February 27, 2013


It's been quiet around here, so here are some pictures from my phone. I'm loving my new iPhone for photos when I don't happen to have my camera - I always have it on me, it's unobtrusive, and the quality's not too bad. I still think people's compulsion to take pictures of everything and show them to everyone via the internet is a bit unnatural, but hey, I'm the one with the blog, so I can't really talk.

Wearing some sensible clothes for a meeting. These boots are destroying my feet (I thought the leather would stretch but it never did) but I paid so much money for them, damn it.

Hot dogs for lunch at El Loco, and garlic/cheese/honey toast (genius!) from Tom n' Tom's.

Nachos on a rainy Saturday when I went into the city and ate Mad Mex by myself, and a frozen yoghurt run.

Fancy breakfast: Ham and cheese croissant and caramel mudcake.

Anish Kapoor exhibition at the MCA - really good, go see it if you're around. I'm not usually into sculptures but some of his are really interesting and fun to look at.

Sydney on a nice afternoon before a catchup over dinner.

Giant bucket of mini-chocolates after a night out, thanks to Jenny.

More froyo, while YY and Jenny did some sort of makeup swap.

This giant, evil-looking black bird (doesn't look that big in the picture) yesterday in The Domain - it wouldn't fly away and was still there after we came out of the art gallery. And also the haircut I'd got in the morning (will show better pictures with the fringe lying properly!).

For brunch this morning - nutella and banana on toast. I'm making the most of fancy breakfast opportunities; when class starts again next week it'll be back to hurriedly shovelling cornflakes for me.

It's back to uni for me on Monday. The last week of holidays is always stressful, because there's so much pressure to cram as much fun as possible into those couple of days that it's always a disappointment. I'll be trying not to fall into that hole.

February 19, 2013

Hamilton Island ii

Second set of photos from my Whitsundays holiday. See part i here.

Day 3

That day was a day-long excursion to (one part of) the Great Barrier Reef (Hardy Reef, I think it was). It was a bit of a gloomy day. When we took a bus down to the marina, it was pouring with rain, and the boat ride got pretty rocky.

The reef we snorkelled at. Right before we were about to get in, a turtle came up to the surface to say hi. I proceeded to squeal "is that real?", which got me a couple of weird looks. It just looked so perfect, like one from a cartoon (I feel like the only other thing which lives up to its cartoon form is the snowflake).

We didn't take any photos while snorkelling (because our waterproof cameras didn't come on time! Grr). But here's one I got with the underwater photographer (had to pay money for this, such a rip). Note Jaz lurking in the background. I actually didn't enjoy snorkelling as much as I expected to. It just felt unnatural to breathe with my face under the water, and my mask kept leaking. But it was fun seeing all the fish and coral, although I kept on accidentally kicking the reef with my flippers...

The above two pictures were taken on a boat with windows at the bottom, so you could see the reef.

Day 4

The next morning, we decided to go for some bushwalking (hiking, basically). Bushwalking conjures up some pretty traumatic memories of school excursions and a terrible Duke of Ed expedition in year 9, but the trail was marked as "easy" and a good view was promised.

It was. Not. Easy. I was wheezing really loudly and about 20 metres behind the others by the time we got to the top. But I was entertained on the way up by loads of tiny little frogs hopping around on the trail (about the size of large cockroaches). I was really afraid of stepping on one.

Untitled The view was not too shabby, I suppose. Going down was worse than going up, because it was all I could do from not slipping on the loose rock. We ended up taking the wrong path and emerged on the other side of the island - near a bus stop, so it was okay.

This is a picture of what I wore - my flimsy Topshop brogues, cause I hadn't brought sneakers. They came out without a scratch (just a bit of dirt), and I have a new respect for them.

After a bit of well-deserved recovery in the spa, we went down to Catseye Beach. We'd been keen for some kayaking, but it was low tide. Low tide on that beach is pretty awesome though (in a gross way). The tide goes out a lot, leaving behind all these rockpools and dead coral and piles of seaweed. These two pictures are my favourites, and I don't even remember taking them.

We spotted lots of little fish darting about and crabs which burrowed under the sand. Jaz disturbed some hermit crabs.

Day 5
No pictures, but we woke up to go kayaking early in the morning before catching our flight home. We weren't more than 100m away from the beach when what I thought was a large clump of seaweed stuck its head up out of the water - another turtle, this one quite big and very close to us. I shrieked again and we watched as it sank back down below the surface, and as we paddled back to shore, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was accidentally hitting other turtles with my paddle.

Overall, I had so much fun on this trip! And I'd never even thought of going there before YY suggested it. I think we spent the perfect amount of time there - relaxing, but our days were packed enough so that we were never bored. Definitely think about going there, especially if you live in Australia.

February 14, 2013

An unintentionally romantic picnic

I spent Valentine's Day having a picnic with the girls (I've only just been alerted to the term "Galentine's Day"). It wasn't really planned, we'd wanted a picnic and today just happened to be the day everyone was free. It did end up being a bit Valentine's themed.

Our feast for the day. Note the weird-ass frog on the doughnut bag Jenny brought. We also had macarons and cake after Mel and YY appeared.

Perfect picnic weather today. Sunny, but not too warm, and no wind to blow things away.

I hadn't realised how long my hair is now (hair appointment has been booked).

Really good spinach dip Wai Lam had made.

A grown-up spider - sparkling rosé and berry sorbet.

Happy Valentine's Day guys! If you really hate it... hope you had a good day anyway.

February 12, 2013

Hamilton Island i

And I'm back from the Whitsundays! I actually got back on Saturday but I felt nauseous everytime I sat down in front of the computer (maybe I was too relaxed?). I loved it, even though I hadn't considered myself a tropical island kind of person. When we weren't doing what's shown in these pictures, we were either hanging out in a pool or spa (daytime) or getting very emotionally involved in My Kitchen Rules (evening).

Day 1

It was a little gloomy when we touched down. It rained intermittently throughout our stay, because it's the rainy season there right now. This was the view from our balcony.

Lots of cockatoos around the marina. They're not afraid of humans at all, and will actively try to take your food off you.

Catseye Beach, which was literally about 50 metres away from our accommodation.

Say hi to my buddies YY and Jaz. The water temperature is so warm - think around 27C.

What I didn't really like about this beach was all the pebbles, it hurt to get in and out of the water. Definitely was not conducive to exits.

Day 2

The next morning dawned bright and sunny, perfect for our morning trip to Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island.

On the boat ride there. The Whitsundays are made of so many little islands, it feels more like being on a landlocked lake than the sea.

The famous white sands of Whitehaven Beach. Might have been even better if we'd gone at low tide. Whitsunday Island is actually a National Park, so it's protected and there aren't any resorts on it. You could camp there if you wanted to though.


Look how clear the water is. I just lay down like a beached whale and let the waves break over me for a while.

The tour we came with recommended stinger suits, because it's jellyfish season. The lady I asked to take this picture also took about 20 others - she told us to "move!" and snapped loads of candid shots (as candid as you can be in front of a stranger taking photos of you).

YY and Jaz took their suits off because they wanted to exfoliate their skin with the sand.... which is amazingly fine. Even when wet, it slips through your fingers.

After going on a poolcrawl (there are a number of pools on the island and a lot of them are open to the public), we went for cocktails on One Tree Hill and watched the sun set.

YY and Jaz.

We ended up hurrying back before dark because I really, really needed the toilet...

An example of what we had for dinner most nights. Snce it's an island, everything (eating out, groceries) is really expensive. Luckily the others had brought some pasta. I think we did quite well. I'm addicted to instant mashed potato now, but I think I can go without pasta for a while.

Part ii coming up... it was my intention to put all the photos in one post but I just couldn't choose!